Walk in the Woods

A Walk in The Woods

They’ve gone for a walk in the woods.

A day much like any other of their day-to-day outings.

A hike sounds more youthful, more appropriate and sporting.

There are probably issues here.

“This is,”


he says.

“Look at me!”

“I think you made that clear already.”

“Learning aren’t you,” he says.

“What’s your point?”

“You’re an old person,” she says.

“Look here, it’s in your best interests to walk on alone.”

Old person? Much more is implied here.

“I’ll tell you what young lady, I’ll let your tree fall in the woods and then you tell me if you have heard any noises from your tree.”

Anatomical Abandonment

They’ve written their names in the guests registry. They have decided to schedule a day to be at The Ghedov’s Health Spa. This was in California where they were located. Here’s a place where they can workout and afterwards have a relaxing massage. They’ve decided to go at the last minute and had to act and act fast. But now they’re somewhere else, walking in the woods.

Parked on a dirt road

“Look, let’s go about our business but afterwards let’s tidy this up real fast,” he said.

“Look, you’re waaay too aggressive out here aren’t you,” she says as she cowardly cowls down slumping in her car seat.

But before he hears her say this he says, “And then on special days we’ll do a three-peat.”

“Okay.  Look, you’re so timid, you often shudder restlessly and you go sporadic when you’ve been brushed up against by whomever’s hands were there,” he says.

“Look, I can relate to your strengths, let’s switch places, even if figureitivly,” she says.

“No good,” he says.


“I’m spoiled.”

“But wait, I’d still like to still,” he says.

“And you must have forgotten. We’re out here in these places,” he says.

“And that’s your reason?”

“Reason?  No, I’m waiting on someone.”



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