High Rise


Low rise no risk no remorse.
High-rise high risk much is
at stake.


The Lost and Found


This happened the other day and I’m not one to offer up comment, whether it be between the lines, because this would be too narrow a judgement. I’ll leave it to one’s imagination.

Anyway, did you ever get to a place and it’s crowded, well, that would be those angels encamped around you. I’m not a shy person or anything like that, maybe a little reserved for the invitation to speak to you..don’t you know!

I lost my airport parking ticket. This was in a crowded place and truth be known, I was a little nervous. Are we siding with people? I mean, you’re likely to get acquainted with someone, a person whom you can identify with, this is human nature.

Now to do this is a little bit beyond our reach and beyond our control because people are everywhere and all over the place.

*Please note that people are our key elements of motivation.

I mean, I’m just a tourist here. I thought of a human settlement and where it began. It began only with one artist adrift, how others followed him into this place and so on, now it has multiplied into a Hippie Commune. Scratch that!

Occasionally as this happens, in a crowded place, I’ve reared into them, people, they are strangers, their bitterness a story. Oh, there were cordial apologies, having ran into them, obviously, or should be apologies. Of course, we know things are interpreted differently with different people and there’s this fright and flight scenario that follows. “Hey, Hello there! Goodbye!”

Yes, while it is those strangers who welcome you, but in their abort departure, upon your parting ways, they are blaming you for their grim circumstances, in theory, those particularly of the free world. “Get Out Of My Way!” You’re at the airport.

I did tell one concerned citizen about losing my airport parking ticket. Okay, but I listed it as my contract, is what I told the lost and found.

The Lost and Found told me, ”Forget it and Live!”




Just Pastime


It’s the pastimes of our lives and how we wish to hear them. There were village festivities, I remember them well. You were attending them and for sure, singing out quite loudly. I bet you were so funny, always being the life of the party.

Well, it’s supposed to fling your bell. Mind you what else would we be presiding over, of our youthful lives, of the many games in our young lives, in the quaint little villages where we once lived, this as a forest setting.

“Be flexible,” I remember saying to myself.  I do remember. I’m asking, “Do you?”

Recently, I have on occasion tried to talk, it’s where I’ve attended the many churchiness functions. I’m thinking you may know where we always liked to go, on the many occasions when in the privacy of our lives, also while out and about and in public, also my favorite places, of where I always liked to have a caffè or a drink. I’m thinking, “hey, are you up for something,” not sure how to ask, you’re probably not sure either. Why don’t we just come out with it.

Yes, my age affixes me to do certain things, doing them more precisely, better and more wisely.  I do things more wisely than before, more orderly yet what I do and what my friend does are two opposite things. Would you believe he explains ever so proudly how he’s able to do many diverse things, sometimes and on occasion calling them out like this, “This is why a person does the informal things, the odd things, it’s because they are single.” Although he is not married (or always single), dating on occasion, he’s a party hound.

It’s a hobby and I try to stay friendly, strangers are welcome too.


Getting There

California - 30

What does one do getting there?  I need to take the public transportation system, a bus southbound to get into the city, it’s not an easy task you know, because there are transfer stations and time constraints, dilemmas and tasks, location spots, drop off spots, waiting periods and just people all around you, people everywhere and they’re not listening to you and not listening to anyone, the traffic and the noise, it’s loud, it’s all here right here, but what do you make of this place, just in order to get there, to tell someone, to see someone?


The Brew Master


I’m Johonas Component. I’m in the process of starting my own brewery. I’m searching for select choice ingredients to brew my own special beer.

I will have to try out the many different types of beers, because my research includes learning and tasting all the best beers, the many different kinds of pale ales, pilsners and lagers and learning as much as I can of their ingredients, and how each are made of the different methods during the brewing process.

I will go far reaching to create my own fabricated recipes for beers of the varying degrees of course, with herbs and spices, all of my choosing because this is what I do.

I must find and allocate the resources for such manufacturing and the brewing of beer, where to find and locate supply and support of the barley, hops and rice and other source ingredients. Eventually I may wish to continue to procure from these suppliers on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m using local farmers in order to obtain my ingredients, other times traveling to different parts unknown where those ingredients typically are not found around locally.

“When you think of me, think of brewing hops and barley, the smell you pick up while visiting a brewery.”

-Johonas Component



You’re A Player Aren’t You


What a fleeting thought. It’s a vicious cycle, it’s okay though because we need to be informed. But still.

Hang on, we’re caught in the middle of advancements made in the electronic industry. All too often people are still leery of the internet.

Advancements are being made in the developing and the design of social media, selling merchandise through advertising. Hey, there’s a name brand I like on a hat.

Solicitation is made through the frivolities we use, of the web sites, through the startups, blogging websites. Each so called blog has an advert ‘clickbait’. Yes, we may have our own domain website, all for free, paid for from advertisers, the electronic players, cafeterias, pubs, McDonald’s even, any place where there’s free Wi-Fi. Advertisers are having their pyramid schemes done for them so easy.

The so called ‘Generation Passé’ on to the other, of a life of liberty the full pursuit of happiness, fully charged, the richest young lives ever, having never started at the shattered base upon on a mixer of bad decisions and poor circumstances.

Don’t you remember the Internet Cafes where upon we try and connect, where we try and come together, actually we’re learning acronyms.

Now seriously taking into account the costs. That’s the real reason to disconnect!