You Are A Bitch

There’s something about you a sign of harshness as shown on your face and itself is a reality. I’m thinking of you and that mood of yours but whatever it was, I never did feel the misery you’ve manifested.

Nevertheless you gave this face to me as if I had done something wrong to you. I don’t like seeing you this way. And to think that for me having seen you like this after such a long period of absence. The sun had just started to set after I had met you but really, this makes me wonder about you.

I was thinking you were in such a bad mood with that face of yours, that you were going to come over and start pointing your fingers at me. Maybe it was because you accidentally ran across me in town in that restaurant.
I thought you were perhaps mad at me. And for what! What’s up with your date?


Dear, we don’t live in an environment with such harshness like this and your disciplined reality as such. You are a wicked and hateful person and this face of yours has shown that to me. When you suddenly noticed me the darker side of you began to surface. It has shown on that face yours the one you put on the one you wore. Lighten up please!

It’s obvious that your lying to yourself. You make believe that you’re happy where you put a rubber stamp on life and nod at all the other things and to all the other constituents.


Your obstacles are fretted and they are like in your past in the ebb tide of your thoughts and into plurality that’s how they grow. They grew and they grew hate. Those were not too good people that pained you of your youth. 

That spinster sister of yours especially her that she’s bit down hard but please try to get the facts straight okay?


Dear, get it straight, your sister knows no better way of what she’s saying amid what has already been said, the unjust ignorance of all these years. She’s a total ruin for you.

Sometimes in your life it takes a little bit of sadness to learn to appreciate happiness and then noise to appreciate silence, absenteeism to value someone’s long over due presence.


If you could see the hatefulness and be joined by this hate and no doubt you probably do and are. If you could hear rhetoric hate, feel it and then one day with all of your strengths forgive this hate all at once. That’s what we do. Can uou do this?

Haven’t We Gone Far Enough. Yes, there’s plenty to see, screw the haters!


Don’t we just want to grab their heads if there’s a litheness’ to yank it down there. Tell me your story I can hardly wait to hear.

Tell me why you are a Bitch.


Groups and Road Signage

Heeeyy How are yooouu! What’s up!
What’s new for you?

Whatever is that FB groups about that you moderate? The one in particular you have put me in.

You are a charming person and of such charitable character but you use strong words. Do you wish myself and all others to hear you those within ear shot, mind you customers are nearby, also the drinks are waiting here and there’s the group in attendance, please keep in mind these people will heed your words. We had our scheduled meeting, don’t you remember.

Yes, I wanted to tell you, I have the propensity to put some of my blogs on your Facebook groups whatever, I realize that I’m the type of user that post shared web site links outside of Facebook.

Other users those of my friends and group members alike may not like my weirdness. They won’t like to click away from Facebook and onto my links because this will cause them to go outside of the site and away from their friends and Facebook, which they won’t know what to do and they don’t want to do that. Groups is the same way. However on the Facebook Groups I’m liable to say anything.


I like to create my own posts with my own photos, using my own words. I mean you live your life but never really respectively giving your detailed experiences. So I created fictionalized stories based on real life experiences. Some names however I have changed because these people’s names must be kept in privacy to protect them from outside sources. Although, I did on one occasion use this one person’s real name. I did it to prove a point, a message in fact that I wanted to produce, these were the actual facts a true story.

Do you create your own stories. I like to create my own blogs and I like to share them online in different places where I use social media. 

And I Don’t Mind Telling You This

. ..I mean you live your life but not really respectively giving your detailed information to people. Your life experiences are your expressed stories as they are based on real life experiences…. you have stories to tell yourself, we all do as we get older..

I Keep Telling My Angel,

“I don’t dislike you but I don’t love you and yet, I don’t hate you either. I would like to see you, please don’t hate me”…

Yeah, I have the propensity to put some of my blogs on Facebook however I realize that users those of my friends don’t like to click away from Facebook and onto my links because this will cause them to go outside and away from Facebook and away from their friends and they don’t want to do that. Groups is the same way. However on the Facebook Groups I’m liable to say anything.


Yes, all good answers here. Here are some tips of my own, these are of my own suggestions. 

1. Carry with you or buy there a reflective triangular hazard sign to place beside of the road if you stop with an emergency. 

2. Buy a new first-aid kit and carry with you at all times in your rental car.

3. Buy one of those parking signs you see over there in Europe that everyone has in their cars. This denotes the time you started your parking. Most places have limited time allotments. You therefore must indicate when you arrived. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

4. The paper you’re talking about is cash. You should always, always carry cash. And while your at it, collect those large monetary coins, high value euro coins, you can buy dinner for two using only these coins.

5. Study the Road Signs by using any method possible also the internet, print it out and refer back to it. Buy a book with the illustratrations and their translations. I like the one and I will always remember this:

“You have complete ride-of-way.”

Do you know what sign this is.

And the various signage may be different from country to country of each European country. Signs may vary but mostly they are standardized.


Be prepared because the locals they know what they’re doing. Because they do it all the time.

My suggestion is, in particular on the interstates the maximum speed limit is 130 kph. Be prepared though if you’re driving in the fast lanes on that interstate. Be prepared for example to drive 90 mph in the fast lanes and then always be looking for approaching vehicles to your rear from the rear view mirror. Trust me those fast vehicles will arrive before you know it.

They will pass you in your lane of travel ! Be prepared. Likewise taking the trains may be more relaxing.

IMO driving in Europe is not as relaxing as it is in the USA.



Email Me With Your Name And Address

Email me with your name and address that’s if you wish to. Do you have more than one source of communicating, thinking of the commotion of it all. This is the start of something new. You will get to know me better. Perhaps we will know each other better.

Its like, “Let’s steal away together away on a passage ship. Now you be strong because you are strong! You and I are strong enough for this and we will work to survive.”

 By the way this isn’t a plot or a dithering of something what we can do. Of course we have done this on our own before with others we, ‘Go Earnest’ for ourselves, don’t you recall doing this.  It is not too unworthy of a demand. But in our flightiness it will promote thyself oneself.

 Now can you go beyond your borders. Can you ask me some questions that you have. Ask me some questions of the sort of things you need to know and as you write to me start out by stating ‘You’. 

You may be viewing this of such detailed romance of such frivolities, that of taking the time to ponder your thoughts as you interact along beside of me. You’re okay then in doing this, going outside of your bounderies aren’t you. Okay, I hope you are and that you will write to me soon.


You still have to assume that people change and you will noticed your opponent has changed and he may seem awkward at times and out there and out of tune. Please ask me:

Do you wish to spend time with me? We could talk you know! I’m hungry. I wish to hear.

I wrote to her first:

You’re a people person aren’t you. And I read where you write these poems emerging precious effigies quite elegant in fact.


 If I may ask, either a charming person has captured you from their profiles and from their character and from their moods. I wonder if this makes you see a vision where words come to you.

I also do this but perhaps I differ from you in that I shall spot four trees at a growth rate of a certain height where this will make me do what you did and write poems or this may inspire me to write sentences. 

What makes you write your poems. What gave you insight and put you into the mood. Remembering now you’ve said the music, but who though. What’s her name or his name. My inspirations were four little trees along an embankment. 

She wrote me back:

Dear, I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote it, I felt the music move me, this is for the reader mainly whomever they may be. Everything in its season in its time. Thank you for the lovely comment.

I replied her first letter:

 Oh but Listen Love, I Didn’t! The music and the talent did. Your talents.

And then came her second letter:

Yes, but Love, The message you wrote to me was true! Yes, this is catching. Yes, I have discovered my own inspirations. I was inspired by the very thought of seeing myself through all of my turmoils, the happiest ones and of course, the sad ones down below in that gutter.

Yes, I am so glad you pointed that out to me. Thank you!  It is finally revealed. I feel so very awkward but, I’m so very very happy!

Sent by me. These are my memories of our first conversations. Help me to write this story.



The Emptiness and The Cry of Loneliness

I’m in France and the beers here seem to be made with a pickling juice a lemony flavor of citrus and with the sort of commotion it’s all like the moon is not really full, what was all that commotion.

The rooms are vacant and the shelves are empty. This is a rather large place and it’s empty. The railroad station and the town, they are nearby. There is a main road.  They are signs saying this is a Pension / Hotel. The door is wide open.


A passage of time that has stood still. A keepsafe for those who still dwell in the past?  I hear a raven’s cry outdoors.

There’s an emptiness here. I guess it once was a lively place. Shall I ask are there any vacancies here. I should like to stay here. Should I?  Well, I can see that nothing is happening here so I should just move on. There is no one here. I like this place, it is quite different.


So Go Ahead And Laugh

We know that whenever you want to you can laugh. “So laugh!”

I felt strange having these walls always being there, they are surrounding me and during my wanderings outside I have decided that such walls didn’t need to be there anymore. That staying within my bounderies around my immediate area this of my home, it is not so good anymore. This is a way to think, to go outside of your bounderies. Perhaps I should tell you to not come over here onto my boundaries. Oh, please no!


This is where I live so go ahead and laugh, we know that whenever you want to you can laugh, so laugh Dammit! That’s what I’ve miserably understood. So I keep telling everyone when I know what they’re thinking, “So go ahead and laugh Dammit!”


Your Words A Poem

Your words are ablaze with opulence. Please allow me to discover your words them altogether by their meaning. I will start this alone. I will start with my thoughts obviously surrounded by your words. Your words are spoken well and have meaning. Please tell me more of them.

Tender mark your words with your tongue. Touching your words with your tongue. Let me know when their two tongues are touching that through your words they are touched, it’s message sending and of what makes their two tongues touching.


And the whole world is waiting for their TV movies and their music. 

It has been said that people are the key elements of motivation. People are our key motivators. If I may ask, what person has alighted your wonder that it has caused you to write these words. Remembering now that I’ve stated TV and have said the music, but what persons or person has either by her dilemma or his dilemma motivated you to write these words.


This Is Jenny

The suckling pig is one of the most famous and popular of Food Specialties.

To prepare this pig it is necessary to have a rotating spit on a fire place and a real good suckling pig. Before cooking it is usually stuffed and covered with aromas, such as myrtle, thyme, bay leaf and fennel, began by flavoring a few hours in advance.

To be accompany absolutely with a very good red wine.


“I observed so much, the comings and the goings and those boys.”

This was Jenny’s account, his wife’s, the happier one of the two, the couple who has anonymous accounts. She had made this comment in one of her posts.

We fell into a pattern of life. She wore her pants tight. As I often do, I’m following her down into the basement area of the church.


“I’m sorry Larry, I still don’t get it. Give me some time to think about it ok? Is it Gerry or is it Joey, which is it?”

“You mean which of the boys will be cooking the Procceddu,” he asks.

They’re having a celebration and are having Procceddu. it’s roast pork. They’ve attended a church celebration and it is a rather large festival at the church. As a main course they’re having Procceddu, it is being cooked just outside of the church annex just outdoors in the church picnic area.

I can see that look of fantasy on her face of this woman. Jenny, seeing the young men, she’s intrigued and she watches them. She seems to know the two young men together will be attending the barbecue. She knew this mostly from her conversations on social media of her little chats online.

Here the young men are working as it seems so effortlessly with their bodies preparing the pork. Their younger bodies fitted well with the strengths and muscles a stamina of untold potenial, longlasting erect, wild and willing. It will be a wonderful place setting and as we are already sitting in our poistions watching them as they cook the Procceddu.

Jenny and I will have the lovely occasion to talk and listen to the guests as we share this celebration from our hearts. Mid-Summers Eve is such a lovely occasion, a time to be with our families, our friends and to visit with the townspeople of the community.

This is so useful a time spent to celebrate this particular festival on such an occasion, for all to come together and for all to be happy.


Enjoyed by all and for all to enjoy their start to the summer.

As for these younger men that she watches, I can see the angle now for when I was but a young cretinous boy yearning all there was to learn about her about these naturally pretty mature women. Jenny teases them with her glances and her eyes are staring wide, flirting with the young men as they prepare and serve our meal.

The Streets Are Where We Met.

We Fell Into A Pattern Of Life,
She Wore Her Pants Tight