I have use of the word ‘Setting’ as in place setting.

“They’re just sitting there.” Awhile, and people who do ‘Sit Down’, as in the case of them ‘Sitting Down’ being the captive audience.


It’s alluring because I think they’re captivated or ‘Tuned-In’ while their backs have never even touched the backs of their chairs.

To whomever so often is not present, maybe that of our son, he will be slacking and tired and letting his posture slump way down low, deep into that chair.

And then why when he is working, that you do pick the one, to pique quibbling stares of lust.

This is an affair for one, having fun with another, and then another when perhaps you are never returning there to him when he is present and at home.

It’s because my ‘Darling’ that he does not ‘Dive’ into his own personal things and into himself, not like ‘Pretty’ does.


A Letter To A Friend

Did you know this person, his name was Thinning d’Ous De Beer. He was a cool hipster dude back in the day.

I met in growing up, and he was I think, living in the same neighborhood where I lived, we were kids together and we all attended the same schools as well. Eventually we attended high school together and I would see him in a hippy group hanging out with the other five hippies of my class. We were all about the same age.

I probably never really knew him that well, as such, just seeing him at school as with the other participants / students. But far as things go, we were all growing up at home and well, I don’t remember too much.

It was after school hours and the Spartans sports and the extracurricular activities we participated in, you know, after school, the track teams, the girls and of course the games. His game maybe; Cat and Mouse, Dog and Pony and Formal Dating. My how that we were little squirts.


And if I had seen you, I would run towards you as if something exciting was going on. And then again, if I saw you another time, I’d run away from you a little while. Later, I didn’t know that I would possibly drift away from you for good. And dating was just a stupid game of ‘Acceptance’.

Squirts we were, yes, quitting girls and giving up on them at an early age. We needed guidance from the adults.

How that we did all those senseless things back then, like crank up the school’s stereo in the band room after school. I happened to pass right by there and I started to leave but that’s when I learned there was a party going on just right outside the band room. I met a girl there, her name was Jenny. Thinning was there as well. Well, then we all went back inside the band room where the music was blasting out through the big speakers. Smoking pot and listening to rock and roll music being played on the reel to reel tape player. This was after school, wow, how cool was that, damn it was!


This has occurred to me that I still like beer. Do you like beer?

I will do some research into locating and finding Ole Thinning d’Ous De Beer. I’m going to ask around, we have to recover from all of those years lost you know. He was our friend, and he’s cool. You knew him right? If I remembered correctly, because of all the things I’ve missed, he is the one dude to fall back on. Heck, when I find him we are all going to have to have that beer together you know, a great chance to talk, having more beers, more than just one beer, two beers, heck several beers. Recovering all those years lost my friend, that’s the ticket.

And I would ask Ole Thinning, after so many years apart, “So what do you do now for a living, are you a Beach Bum, a Stickler, a Disciplinarian, an Enforcer, a Fanatic, a Nitpicker, a Taskmaster, a Butler, a Lord, a Bread Winner-that’s right, shall I just call you My Lord.” Did I leave anything out.


Almost Daily

This is how he lives, this is his home.


If she sees one man, how that he lives, maybe she is unabashed, diving into his things. She goes inside his home, where she pauses, she stands up to wish him well, only to her full essentials.

Having not taken into account his words, she doesn’t hear his words, but of a life she lives, a life she remembers, she doesn’t know words.

I’ll tell ya one thing though. That she lives up there in the sticks and there’s not one damn thing anybody can do about it.


He sees her coffeemaker was different than his, this after he pays her a visit. He usually does, he visits her in the early A.M. His coffee pot wasn’t the same as hers, like the one person’s whose life he shares, the one he had at his home where him and his wife lives.

“I like you, your preying eyes and mind and your preying hands!” She texts him in a message. This was almost daily.

“Are you pretty today,” he texts her too, as these were his brief messages. These messages almost always were never answered, each having their own terse meaning.




What do you do when you realize you have no other choice but to address something head on. Young people are always busy. They are of the adventurous types also and when they are amongst their friends, they’re moving about freely as if carefree. They don’t care too much because it’s the attraction of a friend, of young friends, a particular person of interest, it’s that way, they’re unmovable.

And it’s in the suburbs the proper part of town where they’ll go and meet with their friends. Jessica has a few close friends, I knew all too well. This was usually to go to the local subway stations, the ones above ground. This is in Chicago. The station’s conveniences are providing a brief shelter a waiting area made available to the public. This is where they’ll get their tickets and decide which direction of travel they’re going. However most of them have a student pass of multiple uses.

They were these teenagers then, I’ll get run over I know I will but I felt so good for them, no, bad for them because they may know I’ll sleep in a fancy hotel. I always keep an eye out for Jessica though. She’s had a troubled childhood with her mother and father.

“It doesn’t matter, if I care it matters!”

She’s putting Jack into a position, his wife is, as if by choice and this has hurt him, although he has already stated that in his text, “Hurting me, hurting you!”

She corresponds with a raging text message all in caps. He reads it and says, “Maybe I’ll hold on to that thought for a moment.”

This was about Jessica. She needed the support of her family. There weren’t many to help her do this, but Jack and his wife Marilyn had a rather large home, it was nice. Jack was financially secure. Let’s just say that he was unlikely to starve to death.

He needs a break from his daily activities and Jessica does too, she was this type of person, easy going, she let her uncle Jack come up for the weekend. She had been hustling and dealing, although all that had suddenly stopped and so did the money. The house where Jessica had lived there was a never-ending saga of old friends, strangers coming in staying a while and passing through.

“What’s his game?” Jessica had open thoughts about her uncle Jack.

“Yeah Jessica, I want to get these groceries home so I can cook them, so ‘we’ can cook them. I want my belly full with beer, full with wine, a happy hour with hors d’oeuvres.”

The ones he likes also to have visitors, those of her friends. First, he wants to checkout, the cash register is slow he wants to get through these long lines at this supermarket. “Darling, this is very troubling, of course we don’t live here in this town, you know.”

He remembers Jessica and her tumultuous affairs with the wrong crowd, gangs. He’s been looking after her since her parents have died and at such an early age. Jack’s friend Sammie just lives around the corner. So he needs to go visit Ole Sammie, “I’m on a mission,” Jack says.

Sammie hangs out most of the time in his basement. He was a Machinist at the railroad shops. Sammie likes his whiskey.

Yeah, I thought to go by the old man’s house around lunch time today but when I do this I want to take his watered down version of his frivolities, not his bullshit, I mean put it aside. It’s just oh, what stories he can tell you. Yes, I get that, I really do!

There’s plenty to do down there below the surfaces, and with the old man, he’s just that kind of person. It’s just that he’s ‘The Man’ that’s it, the one person a fellow can talk to, About Anything!

He’s a dirty old man alright, Jack thought, and he likes to talk about stuff. It’s fantastic even, fully beneficial but still different strokes for different folks, and we know to learn from him, oh how we’re learning. Now, he’s a lonely old man and what the heck, it wouldn’t hurt a damn thing to go visit him.

“I like to put myself at risk and give him some of my own experiences and these are my little stories of what I did and shit. I’ll ask him what the hell he would have done, so that the next time I will remember.”

And what did I let fly. Shall we begin. I told this to the Old Man:

They were these hippies, this couple back in those days and this is just my opinion, and her hands, I’ve started running towards them because she is one of my friends online. She is, but he’s not. It’s a strange case you know, because there are still many who are leery of today’s technology and the internet.

I’ve noticed that in her posts she stays away from all of the stark realities, those posts when you see them, they are referred to as sarcasms which are along the lines of hate and disdain perhaps despair. I wonder if she represses these thoughts. You know everywhere you look there are these smudges of dirt in our daily lives, it’s just the way things are. And don’t get me started because I could forever dig up sarcasm, it’s scary and undisciplined, perhaps it’s where insanity begins.

IMO she’s adopted a more supple approach outwardly to her Facebook posts, no doubt she appears obviously to be filtered, finds herself to be very comfortable with her husband’s government job and with his salary even though he’s dying of the cause.

Please contain me here, perhaps she doesn’t know the facts or has out weighed the odds. Help! Who is to trust anymore. As for myself, I’d get the hell out of that situation so fast it’d make your head spin. He hazards himself knowingly, I know this because I know them personally and I’ve gone over to their home on several occasions. I’ve know him for what seems a lifetime.

It has to be the Church and the services they attend regularly which curtails our little friendship. I can’t seem to get him out of going to church not even for a day, for us to go ride our motorcycles somewhere it’s not happening. It seems weekends are perfect for riding and Sundays are no different. She would never let him forego their church services on a Sunday morning in order for us to go riding on Sundays.

She seeks closer friends of her liking, as she’s stated, “Sundays are for going to church and resting.” Well, that’s a bit old fashion isn’t it. The fact is I can’t stand to do such as that or to eat a big Sunday dinner and then read the newspapers and eventually take a nap afterwards, no way.

I can’t seem to get him to go the distances, between her and him there’s just no way. I remembered one year it was our last hurrah together, one last ride of the season where we waved goodbye on that last turn we made where we ended it on the fly. This was in October, shall we begin… Now in December of that same year we received a Christmas card from them, this was her doings. Oh, it was their usual Yuletide blessings. You can imagine, in her own writing she wrote, “See you all next Spring!” Hello, we just live across town from each other!

So in my opinion she goes to her church for various reasons but primarily I think because she has a crush on the pulpit minister. I have to believe that she sits close to the front row and towards the center aisle in order for him to have a better look at her and for him to notice her.

They live way out in the country. We spoke one time and I’ve talked to him about the idea of riding bicycles out near where they live. There is a rather large tributary out there near their home, it’s near the county line. This is the creek that I want to go exploring and getting there by bicycle is the way to do this and then park the bicycle and hike along the creek. I will be accessing the creek along the railroad tracks. On one occasion I helped carry a Jon boat out to the creek exploring the creek with a friend. We had used paddles to move along the creek. That was so cool back in the day.

So I have asked my friend Gary if it was alright to park my vehicle at his house and that I would bring my bicycle along with me and park my vehicle in his driveway. It was okay because he recognized that it would be dangerous to ride my bicycle all the way out there with little or no shoulder on the sides of the road.

They must have had deep aspirations when they were younger and then when they had married shortly after high school together they found some land and moved a little ways out into the countryside. Okay, this was their dream, to live five miles from the little community out on some curvy road, what the hell good is that?

So, I guess the food the locals grow is all good for them while they may know no otherwise. I mean there’s a big world out there in which we live. They on the other hand have lived here all of their lives. Oh, but someone’s brought the fear of God upon them that’s for sure.

I haven’t done this yet, to go ride my bicycle way out there but I still might. I’m thinking I’ll be going alone out to their home because he’ll be at work and we haven’t ridden our bicycles together since we were teenagers. And while she may either be there by herself or maybe not, either way if she engages herself to come along with me just her and I, what will I let fly. Oh, Plenty!

Now he confronts the ‘Old Man’ once more for some advice. He’s happy to tell his story, he’s told him this on his last visit, now he relives the same story once again. Sammie, the ‘Old Man’ gives the younger man, ‘Jack’ some much needed advice and some confidence too.

The truth was, this made the young man’s dick has hard as a rock talking about this stuff. This was his best friend’s wife Jack was talking about. This was seldom ever discussed amongst men or acquaintances, likely never.

There were however exceptions. Jessica perhaps, she could be let in on this little confidential meeting. Hell, she might learn something. She was young but not too young, although still younger than Jack by about 20 years.

Now, this wouldn’t be so likely, even among our most confident of friends, your co-workers, the people in general you talk to on a daily basis. But Ole Sammie, he was that kind of friend. The fact was, he was an old man and he didn’t care what anyone thought.

“You know Man, stranger things have happened, not out of doing this, but I know things have happened in the past, Man, I think she’s holding on to something.”

“Like what,” the young man responded.

“Well, who’s to say, she just might want to see how aggressive a man can be, and see if that man can perhaps watch her, to look upon her with lust in his eyes, to catch you eyeing her. You both will be out there in the woods and all alone somewhere and of course, riding your bicycles. And when it’s obviously hot outside, you and her will both be practically naked, laying around out there in the field some place.”

“You mean, she’ll be wearing those tight riding gear bicycle short shorts?”

Sammie asks, “What the hell, if she does all that, then she does want you eyeing her, from the top to the bottom, I say she’s all yours at this point even if she is married!”

“Girls!” Sammie thought. When he was a younger man, people have done such as this, flirting with men, married or not. Younger, meaning, in his fifties.

Women, they want to be admired. Ole Sammie, he knew this.

.. “With neither seeking any sorrow, their love for one another hasn’t been shown, much of it was in private, apart and with a different lover.”..

..”And when you are married you’ll wash your underwear all together, his underwear, her undies, these little tight intimate things.”..

Later Jack arrives home to find his wife doing the household chores. Now he’s confronted with their argument.

..”Can’t we have fairness of life? Can anyone of us? How did we arrive here with such bickering, making things up, mixing it, an assortment of things, the bitterness so sorted out, the insistences upon us, by that natural feel, than by the devil himself?” ..

..”Jessica, it’s strange how that you’ve grown up to be such an attraction.”…

“Well, why don’t you go approach her and ask her to live with us, you know she needs us,” his wife tells him.

Now he’s thinking about her underwear.

She wears opaque stockings all the time, with her dresses, the hemlines, they are above her knees, on most days, “Atta Girl!” Jack gives his niece some credit, “She is a sweet girl!”

“What if, when she moves in with us Marilyn, that all of our clothes gets mixed up in the same dirty clothes hamper and in the washing machine together and in the dryer?”

“That’s a good point,” he has stated, “Because then I may see her bras and panties all laying around over the floor, in her room and in the bathroom and then I’ll have to pick them up. He’ll also have to clean her room from time to time. He’ll see where she’s left the intimate objects out and in the open, in her room or the laundry room.”

So she begins, “Whose things, Jessica’s, those of your niece’ or mine?” Now he thinking his wife just threw him a curveball. He can’t believe he’s having this conversation.

“Well, yours and Jessica’s,” he replies.

I think he’s reached a point in this conversation, that it is making his dick as hard as a Deacon’s dick at a double wedding.

“Jack, she’s like family, you’ve known her all her life, since she was a baby.”

“Well…Honey, no, she’s no longer a baby, she’s 28 years old for Christ’s sake!”

“Well, honey she needs us, and she’ll only be here for a little while,
I guess. We’ll support her.”

Now, Marilyn uses her leverage to get to Jack, she wants to see Jack like this, all torn up, she also wants to see Jessica seduce him, doing something nasty together. But there was no answer from his wife at the time.

“What for?” Jack wants to know why the Hell he’s the one who should be supporting Jessica.

Marilyn’s thinking, “I just hope he screws the hell out of her, that little Vixen. When she gets here, I’ll pretend I don’t know nothing, I’ll leave them alone at home together for as long as it takes and as much as I can. I’ll just go somewhere, I’ll let them get use to each other alone like that. Then they’ll see that I’m not here that much. Another time, I’ll watch it all on video.

She furthermore thinks, “I’ll get so turned on by this, watching them doing it doggy style on that video having sex.”

“I’ll have an expert security service come out and place some video cameras around the house, where they’ll each be concealed. Jack and Jessica, they will never know anything about this. And along with the cameras, I’ll place microphones too, inconspicuously, in areas around the house, they will be in concealed areas as well. I must have her, I may also want a piece of her for myself, I know I already do.”

That’s her, that’s Jessica, she’ll come and go as she pleases. Jack will have to ask her do the chores, around the house.

“This is good Jack, you show her, you stick close by her.”

..[”And ask that fucking girl to take a shower sometime and then when she takes a shower, go and immediately confront her to make sure she cleans up after herself, okay?”] ..she never says this.

She tries to steal Jessica’s phone for a chance to consult on her mobile phone, to see if she has many male friends and to get their phone numbers, Jessica’s boyfriend.

Marilyn will have to ask Jessica if she has a boyfriend or not. She will have to make excuses for her boyfriend by calling him. If she doesn’t, all the better, which means she’ll be at home with Jack on most nights.

Jack is somewhat concerned over Jessica’s recent past. Either way when she moves in she must accept their rules. Jack has begun to point out what he knows about Jessica to his wife Marilyn.

“Marilyn, there is that one person who never says anything and you’ve see them, they’ve never commented to whatever frivolities you’ve stated, out from that this makes me think. This makes sense to me because this person who never has said anything, never speaks, this person has said many things.”

He continues with the concerns he has, ”Then there are many who have spoken, who speak out, their posts, because of each item, that you must embrace yourself. But I truly feel this person has really said nothing. Really!”

..[“So, she’s grabs you as the mysterious pussy type that she is, and you want it?”]..Again, Marilyn never says this.

“Jack, I remember being sick and was unable to do anything about it. There was this isolationism, the fear of never being able to do anything again, never being able to do whatever it was that I was doing before. I am better now, but still, I want someone here to help out with the housework, you know, the cleaning, the cooking, including the laundry room, you’ll get along fine with her.”

“You know Marilyn, that fearsome bunch, that gang that always hung out in the streets, washed in it’s amber street lights, I’ve seen her there with those people.”

There’s no evidence that she was any hustling or dealing drugs or street walking, yet it’s so simple to figure out when there she was, so close to them, this gang. She’s gorgeous, yeah, make no doubt about that, but ain’t that a shame, that’s a rough bunch, but who has her, they’ve got her. It’s made me nervous.”

That’s right, they’ve heard her little outbursts, her little shouting:

“On The Presumption That You Think I’m Pretty, Mmm, I like that!”

“Ma’am, that’s, that’s very sassy,
don’t you think?”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty?…Well, we’ll see who gets what!” She rants and raves at others around her being in a crowd.

The women of the street gangs were really naughty and Jessica was one of them.

So tonight, from a fortnight’s camp pitched with gasoline, they ran, no alibi, evidence all set all on fire, no one was ever seen again. They surely hoodwinked her.

“Where y’all’s asses was at?” Jessica sounded off. She has begun to speak slang.

..”Washed in it’s amber street lights, fair winds blowing in, motors running’, a muffling noise, the sound.”…

A big deal is going down in another city nearby.

Jessica has begun to manage her time more wisely, after she was deserted, by her gang, washed in their amber street lights.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, it’s probably for the good.“ She remembers the store owner saying as he took out the trash, “OH, good riddance, those damn kids.”

Jessica goes to look for a job. “Are you twenty? Years old?”

“Well, thank you, my goodness, but I’m 28 years old.”

“It’s these online profiles, you see, I think they’re provided by the Churches around here. Your resume says you have experience working as a butcher?”

Of course, the photograph she submitted made her look younger, she was young and about twenty-six years old when her church profile was taken.

Jessica thinks now about what she wrote on her work application, that she has experience as a butcher. It was a lie.

“It took me by surprise for God’s sakes that I had on these Playtex gloves, wearing them in the kitchen and I had a butcher’s knife in my hand, it felt so light as if I could throw it, I could throw the knife with the accuracy, that I had so much dexterity by using these gloves I’m wearing.” They were to do the dishes.

“Of course, I wouldn’t cut up anything to pieces, although maybe something original, I don’t know something like a piece of meat, or what? Being a butcher there is so much blood and it is usually running down my hands and onto the clothes I’m wearing, oh, and I’m wearing an apron.”

“Now, imaging what if I ‘would’ become a butcher. It’s working so much easier now than I thought, I mean, who would have known, right? I mean it’s not like I would throw the knife at somebody. I can use the knife and wear the gloves. Yeah Jessica, you’ll be a good butcher.”

Randel McLantrenth was sitting across from her interviewing Jessica and he needed for her to be honest, the job was going to be of evenings and nights and part-time. “I certainly don’t know what they want as for compensation.” He’s certainly not the money man, that was for the bigger bosses to decide.

Randel ask her if she wanted something to drink.

They’ve gone to a bar across the street, so once inside they went over to an area off to themselves. “Are we having a drink,” she ask.

Randel is now thinking, “I have seen her before and witnessed her near the hangouts, and on that side of town, it must be because of her and that look about her, it has locked onto me”


Bar in Milano

These were the prettiest properties. The owners lived upstairs and their businesses were downstairs below. Not all were, although some retail stores were like this. This particular place was a bar/gelateria, a place in a rather large city in Europe. A bar where you can get real Italian gelato, a caffè espresso or a cup of cappuccino. Maybe an appetizer, a beer, una birretta and or a glass of sparkling white wine, vino bianco frizzante with chips and olives.



I’m Just a Tourist Here

This takes me by surprise for Gosh’s sakes that she has on these playtex gloves, wearing them in the kitchen that she has a butcher’s knife in her hands. I bet she could have thrown that knife with the accuracy that she needs and also, with so much dexterity, it is the choice gloves she’s wearing, she was doing the dishes.

Of course she is cutting up meat, cutting it into pieces, she’s a cook’s helper. She was cutting up something original, like a piece of meat, or what? A butcher whose hands where covered in blood, because the blood would be all over her and go onto her clothes she was wearing. Oh, maybe not, then again, gosh no, she had on an apron for this.

Now I’m imaging, what would happen if she had thrown the knife back there in that kitchen. The customers would perhaps have seen this as you know. But anyway, it’s working so much easier now than I thought, I mean, who would have known, right? I hope they know what they’re doing back there in that room, in that kitchen. I’m just a tourist here. May the angels be encamped around me, to help me.


Then there was this shouting, an order given as if by force, and it went out beyond what normally was heard. There are heard melodies and rhythms of rhymes, this was through the store’s intercom speakers, a voice,  brief messages….who has quoted as saying, relayed messages at a retail anchor chain store.

The extremely egotistical and eccentric store director/manager had said, “Oh this, oh that, now you, turn this way. Now, DO IT! Stop That!”


Rich Text


Rich Text. It seems there are these cheesy moments. It’s presumed they rely on their own pitiful struggles to gain attention. Sadly as this is, it’s enough. She was one unopportunistic person whose sanity had left her. I’m glad to have stayed the hell away. She won’t be missed. She was heard shouting “Oh, And Then He Took The Pleasurable Moment To Get The Hell Out.  He’s Not A Good Golfer Either.”It seems there was a problem with him being away all too often playing golf.  I telephoned her, “Where are you at,” she answered me.  “I’m riding my bicycle in an attempt to reach you.” “Where are you, where you at?” Again she asks. I phoned her, “I read you like the little thing that you are,” I also said, “Thanks,” and then hung up. His face was all swollen up due to the alcohol he drinks and his salty food intakes. “Are these the kinds of responses I get for this? If someone loves you, and I do, they will feel it, and I do, I feel for you. The love I have for you is in my heart, I love you! How can you have misunderstood me?” I think I had a crush on her back then, in fact I know I did. I had fantasies about her, about us being together forever but I think I was too shy to make any moves on her. . You know, following that person and chasing that person, someone whom you love, it’s like having a bottle of real good wine with your friends. I would say to her, “You’re Sweet You have changed, I like that! “Hey, You are Charming! You’re Sweet, Can I Give You a Nickname?”

“Here I go, off to see another one, another of my lovelies.”

The transportation down to get into the city, it’s not an easy task and there are transfer stations and time constraints, dilemmas and tasks, location spots, drop off spots, waiting periods and there are people all around you, everywhere not listening to you and not listening to anyone, the traffic and the noise, it’s loud! It’s all there, what will you make of this place? He sought her out, he wanted to. He met her once at a public place, it was a park, actually where waves of people gather doing all sorts of crazy exercises. She’s fair game. He knows of her potential for business development. He has to motivate her (he thought), but he’s losing ground quickly. “Oh you, how could you having never felt love. You’re like an extremely beautiful glamour model, but you’ve never remembered feeling loved by anyone? Having felt loved, did you not know this person? Yes, perhaps you knew that person but you never knew of such dependency and depending on how much my mind reads this, how to treat them. So, I say treat them with kindness, they love you.” She explains to him as gentle as she could, “I don’t dislike you, but I don’t love you and yet, I don’t hate you either, so please don’t hate me!” And that’s where he’s at right now, stuck on this!