Alien Space Chick

The quantities of food in bulk get torn apart and redistributed back to the multitudes via the black market. Earth’s global expansion is staggering and prices on food are ever increasing because more and more of Earth’s precious food is being consumed in compelling numbers.

Crop production is down globally which is at its lowest in decades.
The total world population is now 7.2 billion people. These are alarming numbers and disturbing facts yet these are the facts.


There are substantial outages of food in many parts of the world.

Laura reassuringly is a pretty woman. Laura is an astronaut who explores space and space traveling. She’s a knowledgeable aerospace engineer and holds a position on NASA’s Base Interplanetary / Interstellar Flight Space Travel Exploration-Committee. These are spacecraft platforms.
She also pilots auxiliary components of such vehicular transports within planetary operations. Her engineeering degree and her position as a astrophysicists including primary astronomical engineer for the studies in reactionary measures of specific propulsion methods based upon speculative physics which provides fuels for flights into outer space. She is in training as engineer for Xterm Space Travels, interstellar travel to the star Tau Ceti. This star is some 11 light years distance from our Earth.

One aspect about Laura is that she is well built physically.

You Have Meat On Your Bones

“You have meat on your bones.”

“Yes, I’m an Earthling, what I eat comes from the Earth.”

“That’s so sexy.”

“So what you eat comes from the Earth?”

“Well yes, I guess.”

“You do have very good meat
on your bones you know?”

“Yes, I’m an Earthling, what I eat comes from the Earth.”

“That’s so sexy.”

“So you eat what comes from the Earth?”

“Well yes, I guess.”

The Earth crowds of over population. These factors are contributing to the people starving to death.  More advancements are needed to help grow food in habitual climates around the globe.  Developers of the aerospace industry are seeking to launch
‘Explorer Action’ where they will go to a solar system quite like the Earth for guidance and the possibility to help determine other products and other edible food sources for our Earth and it’s inhabitants.


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