The Watch Tower


The curious ones are interested to know me, to know who I am. Okay, I’ve just been seen and because to say by seeing me, by spotting me, someone has interviewed me, has already identified me, of course by looking at my online profile. There’s a computer up there in that watch tower, this then will sell my story and my passage. Okay, isn’t it fitting for a stranger to come waltzing right through? No, apparently not! Well, it’s kind of like the case for them as journalists -as castle guards, to forward on this information, onto the public, by exploitation, by asking, “Hey, does anybody know this person?” I will still need someone’s approval though, either yes or no. Yes, certainly I have to be identified.

I haven’t been introduced, not properly enough, this is what the person who stands watch says, who stands guard, it is what they say, they say I haven’t been interviewed, not properly identified. I guess up to this point, her friends, her family (her fantasy -really!), the general public and on television, he or she may have seen me before, and now he or she is writing something down already and has already, probably and without a doubt, written a book about me!

Yes, you’ll then know or kind of know, if a book is that good and this book was spotlighted on television then yes, it would be worth the money to purchase the book about me, it’s like saying you kind of know it is probably best you let this person pass through.

All through out my life, now that I have come this far, I have conclusions about certain things, about life, about things in general and that’s just the way it is. Now, I’m thinking that all though your life you will experience to have either been smiled at with approval by some people, and on the flip side, not have been properly exalted and frowned upon by the others.


Spring Cleaning


A smoky remnant still remains from the burning embers left of the autumnal leaves and downed branches. The winds are prevalent and balmy. The winds are calm and a draft helps alleviate them from the heat. The balmy winds have alighted their wonder, are there any.

To feel the sun and the warmth of the fire, this helps invigorate the couple. The sun is high and this is a bright day. The smoke and ashes are smoldering emitting a fragrance, a natural smell of the Earth, the fallen autumnal leaves and downed branches are burning and the warm spring air all have alighted their wonder. This was their home. A homeowner needs to do his chores.

The reachable branches with her help are possible.


“Yes Darling, what is it, ” Doreen ask him.

“Will you sit on my shoulders this morning,” he asks her. “Yes love, I’ll sit on your shoulders,” was Doreen’s reply.

Close to nature, the way things happen sheltering their own two feet. Olive trees were their best choices for a fun turn around. Shaking the olive branches where she could reach them. She’s now standing up there on his shoulders, he looks up.

We Fell Into a Pattern of Life, She Wore Her Pants Tight.


Masquerade Party



I walk straight in under the veil of secrecy wearing a mask, that’s when I return there, I mean these people have to pair off eventually, it’s couples night right, being invited back to their cordial invites. “Why is this one clinging on to me?”

I will have to ask who she is. She is clinging on to me but what does this mean and also, what does want. I must be polite. Oh I do admire this one.

I will have to ask, was this her last vestige of hope, as if herself a rose, the parts of a rose I must learn, the petals have all fallen off.

If a rose has lost all of its relevance, the petals have all fallen off.

I stop to look at her, it’s a look of vulgarity, something is amiss. I continue to stare at her, it’s the look. There is  shyness I can see but a slight politeness of course, one of happiness. On the other hand, someone was talking.

There was a discussion which followed, a decision to hasten I might add. The dinner was a conference made for the invited guests, all who were present. Here a man was constantly declining my approval of my submissions, this was my politeness. Her husband who was our host, which I understood, although I added my full compliment of my attention to that of our other host, his wife. She was our host and our welcome retreat.

This was our habit, one of maturity of course, of the places we assemble, where our swinger episodes took place, up there in that mountainous retreat.

Since when must I learn all the parts of a rose, their technical names, also a flower, but go on please, and neither am I a Botanist but if I may, why is this one clinging on to me the way petals cling on to their part in the center of a rose?

Here I must learn something else before going on and that is to learn more about a rose, all of their technical names and then proceed to call her out, oh this will sounds so precious. “You are so Sweet My Darling.” She smells nice too! A woman who is probably worn from all her years of a rugged life. Well, she’s just as charming. “I’ve got to keep my eye on you Honey. I like you!”



Grandeur Inflamed


Then this is where you and I met once again, this time more formerly. You and I both came here, then we noticed a vacant table so we sat down together. We started talking and when we introduced ourselves you became awkward and you became shy, you clammed up. It was the bitterness as we drank our teas as we drank our first beers, the bitterness of our first steps on our first date of our sacrificial beers. But we met here. That’s when I began to imagine; How could one begin to physically describe words like Grandeur or Inflamed? And give her my imaginative efforts, those effects I describe by using my own hands? Well, I was a nerd and out of it came my improprieties, all my conscience and cumulative desires and with that, some things didn’t add up.


Nowhere Can We Go


“Well, she was definitely crying about something.”

And On That thought, Facebook is for the most part; Fun, Free and Easy and it was never meant for anyone to be accountable for anything. If it had been this way, it would be shut down right now.

Nowhere can we go. But you know the only thing that stands in the way, the ones who ‘Will’ shut Facebook down for you and here and much more to the point, are the prudish types;  The wives, the husbands, your preacher, your preacher’s wife, your girlfriends, your boyfriends, your family, hell, your life long friends, your relatives. They will shut Facebook down for you!


Dark Places


The dark places to hide are around this city, some are the surrounding areas and places from past employments, those job sites, he knows where the hiding places are. This city is where he once worked, he knows his way around, the routes, he knows the many buildings and the hiding places, the dark places in the parks and all throughout the city.  There are the city parking garages, then there are the nooks and crannies. Yes, he could imagine a homeless person lying around and hanging out for the moment in one of those places. There was a time he had lived and worked in this city by the bay.


Now that he has retired, working little, he’s planning a trip somewhere. He is talking about driving his vehicle, his pickup truck and going on a road trip. Here he has a conversation with a colleague and friend about a trip out west:

“Hey Paul would you want to go out West to San Francisco.”  He agreed that he would. So, with nothing else to do, Paul decided to go along for the ride.

Here’s a guy who lately has been really agitated. Ole Paul, “Hey Paul, let go of the reigns man.” I learned a lot from Ole Paul.

“Paul, I’ll take you out there, you can ride with me. I was going on a road trip out there anyway. I know the area, you’ll like it.”

Paul digs San Francisco, the city, the street scenes and especially the Union Square area and the Wild Parakeets.

“I saw him grinning from ear to ear and chatting with the street people on the scene. Soon though, Paul would be on his own and left on the streets and homeless.”

“Okay Paul, I’ll come back for you in a couple of months,” he told his friend.

“That’s alright, I’ll be alright here and on the streets and homeless,” he says.

I have visited San Francisco, CA. I wanted to explore the area, and view the sights, there are many people here. I wanted to get some real good pictures, develope my talents. Here I was outdoors and it was a beautiful day. If you have a talent for writing or with photography or both, this is the place were you’ll get many nice pictures and come up with some really good ideas.


Street photography that’s where it’s at. Oh, and girls, two girls camping and traveling. Oh yeah, whatever. And can’t we ever please them, to give her notice or something without her screaming, pouting and ever posing as a terrific mess?

Well, you’ll need to unravel that mess and where the girls are, there will be many people also. So take some pictures. Take your camera with you to the streets and captures those images. Become like they are, become a street person. Truth is, this will be a wonderful experience. But still know, that you will have a plan. Just give a friend a call to come pick you up when you’re ready to come back home.


This is the daily habit of commuting, working and going into the city, dating and being with friends, hanging out on the streets and seeing people everywhere. That’s what big cities are all about, having a good time and enjoying the sights and sounds. It’ll be around-the-clock and you’ll be moving around all the time, staying here staying there, seeing women, people, and the Christians who are the good Samaritans, but whatever your normal daily activities are, your habits, those that you know you have, can you try something different. Can you try to live on the streets, in those homeless shelters and be homeless for an extended period of time.



Hello Everyone

Hi, I’m John I live in Western Kentucky. I ride motorcycles and this blog is about riding motorcycles. My first bike was a 1971 HONDA SL175. It was a used bike when I acquired it. I think it was in 1974.  I was 17 yrs old. There are some good curvy roads around here in KY. I’m a long distance rider. It’s nothing for me to get up and ride north to St. Louis, MO in one day and back the same day. Sometimes I like going east staying in KY taking the back roads. I like Hwy 100 out of Russellville, KY to Franklin, KY. I’ll then loop around on the I-65 south towards Nashville, TN. Sometimes on a day’s ride I’ll tag/ride through 4 states; KY, TN, MO and IL. But I have done 5 states to include AR. I was in the US NAVY and I am now retired. I have ridden in the New England States and New York to include NYC. I have lived in AZ and once rode from Tucson, AZ through Los Angeles, CA stopping at Fresno, CA. I rode on further the next day to Sonoma County, CA. I then rode to Seattle, WA.

I also have ridden in Europe, mostly Italy, what has been some 30,000 miles and more. Once while there, once upon a time, I had taken a trip. I started out from Genoa, Italy going towards the Southern borders of France. Then I proceeded to cross the country of France, stopping in Paris, France for a weekend. The next thing I did was to take a ferry across and into the UK riding my motorcycle into London England. Then I departed UK going to Brussels, Belgium. I crossed into Germany from the Northern part of Germany riding South to Munich, Germany. I then passed through Innsbruck, Austria. It was all beautiful!


Now, and on a clear and sunny morning, in the month of February I can’t wait to get riding again. I’m making an adjustment for the haul in the back of my pickup truck with wood. How I love the smell of sawn lumber, that piney smell. Now, I remember or realize, that in the mornings I often think of things, like how, and you’ve heard some experienced person say, “Wood should be stored up there.” They meant, it should be stored up in a loft.

Oh, but I’ll never have time to do that chore, until I see the termites have evaded my garage, I’ll just leave it that way.

Okay, our neighbors are asking and saying, “What does he do all the time over there. Doesn’t he work somewhere or something?”

Quite possibly, more to the point, what does a person do with their time since they’ve retired? Okay, you work for quite a long time and then up and die. No, some do retire at an early age.

All I’m saying is, I couldn’t just hop onto the bike and take off. Oh, there are days that I will, all I’m saying here is, there needs to be some careful planning on my part. So, I’ll need some boards in the back of my pickup truck to section off my toys; golf clubs, suitcases, more luggage for riding gear, picnic chairs, coolers and other accommodating things.

Just ask yourself:  What Are Ten Great Things To Do Outside. The answer as shown is, whatever fits into the back of my pickup truck. And also what I’m hauling.

*now I’m thinking at looking for a couple of lawn chairs or One Kermit Chair to put back there.

Nowadays, I’m towing my motorcycle with my trailer, that was the ideal at least, that is to the left coast..

The ride of my life however has to be my return trip from Seattle, WA mentioned above. I departed Moscow, ID to Lewiston, ID which wasn’t but 15 miles or so. However that’s when the adventure all started. I took off from Lewiston, ID riding south to Mountain Home, ID.  That ride is still my most remembered and treacherous ride to date. This was in September when the weather changes. It was the most challenging and most exhilarating ride I’ve ever been on. It was raining sideways on that day and it was very windy. The next day I rode from Mountain Home, ID to Las Vegas, NV. This ride was a long stretch but a beautiful ride. The third day’s ride was Las Vegas to Tucson, AZ. And to my surprise I don’t remember too much of the third day’s ride, that humors me, I don’t know why, because I know the route, Tucson to Las Vegas, I drive it often enough with my truck.

It’s kind of ironic that I do remember riding through Surprise, AZ on that third leg of this trip. And I remember viewing all the roses in bloom. There were hugh crops of roses out lying in the fields. I’m sure you’ve seen this or should see it.

What’s the ideal retirement like? If I could, I would travel for three weeks out of the month. However, the more realistic way and more affordable way would be to take a couple of short trips a month. Ride safe!