I Met These People They Are Adrift

I  met a girl in the park.

Well, not her but her shoes.  I found them. They were left behind by whomever’s feet were a size 6 A. Chances are she left them in a public place or had gotten rid of them. Who was this young girl. What kind of shoes were they. I didn’t ‘t know so I had to look them up on the internet. I had to search ‘woman shoes’ on the internet. They looked like dancers shoes. Maybe she …was a dancer or a painter or maybe she was on her way to Hollywood and she’s gonna make

a name for herself. I didn’t know but I had to admire her for being a dreamer. There are just not enough difters-like-dreamers. Well, I meant dreamers. I mean you don’t see these much anymore hippies, gypsies and hitchhikers. To see them destitute, they’re just humble human beings.  I mean it’s possible that they are homeless. If you don’t do anything to help the homeless shame on you.
The girl’s shoes in the Park maybe she was a Bum. Maybe she was throwing away some things that she brought along on her hobo trip. I don’t know.
You know a public park is a perfect place where a homeless person can go to and call it their home. It’s like their very own place of refuge.

Listen you must always be a hundred paces ahead of creepy bag people and hobos leaning up against the tree.

I met these two hitchikers.

If they were fed at the soup kitchen I don’t know. I don’t think they knew of one. I hope they get fed and get shelter for sure.

Apparently they were dropped off near the interstate. That’s where they were when I first saw them. I saw them near the on-ramp of the interstate. They were hitchhikers. They would go and ask for anything free like french fries at a nearby restaurant. I had seen them there as well.

If they were fed at a soup kitchen or even if they knew of one, I don’t even know. They were young, but for sure I hope that they get fed and get shelter. They can manage but they can’t always be fortunate.

Perhaps they hadn’t thought about all the hurdles of getting away and what being on their own would require.

They just wanted to get out from under the control of their parents, be on their own two feet to be free from their controlling parents to be torn free of societal rules.

And to that end, to be free from the inequality at home and the way their parents were sheltering their spoilt brothers or sisters but not them probably.

Okay, so they were dropped off near the interstate after one hitch from another. Please, If you see them treat them like you would want to be treated. Do more for them than they can ever do for you.

And there were meetings specifically about the two hitchikers at some place or another.

“Oh, is this how they connected the dots?

“Well, what’re they doing right now?”

“Well, ask a friend unless you know.”

“Did they know there are these fuddy duddies whose only adventures are to breeze by the local truck stops along the cross hairs near where these junk yard dogs call it their home?  These people are looking for runners or bait or decoys or whatever you want to call it, to help them perpetrate the sort of crimes that they’re doing.”

No, they hadn’t learned anything about ruffians and con-artist yet.

Later these young hitchhikers got what they needed but it wasn’t so nice.

“Listen Kids, no more for them than they can do for you. Equal for equal. Got it?”

“You’re gonna get help but first you gotta earn it. You got that!”

“You gotta help us first!”

And one of the hitchhikers says to the other,


“Do you think we’re looking at doing time in federal prison right along with these Spell Bounders if we get caught?”

“Yeah, and they’re compulsive liars too.”


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