Baby I Love You

“Baby I love you,” is what I told them. Who was I talking to. To whom was I referring this thought to. They eventually asked me and I answered them,  “To each one of you. We will have fun tonight!”


What had emboldened me so. I was the only male of the group, “I’m not sure,” I told myself. I told my side of the story, everything to the women present including my wife. They were nevertheless excited about my presence, eventually all were taken aback by what I had to say.

What did I let fly and why? I chose my words wisely. I uttered things mostly what labeled me as an animal. I am somewhat of an animal I didn’t care, I mean I’m a man, the only man out of a group of women, pretty women. They obviously knew that men were animals. I was giving a man’s view on certain matters, his concerns, about his views and desires of what men have. They knew this but now they’ve heard it from me. I truthfully confirmed it and was confronted by this. It was not surprising. Truth was I had a raging hard-on.

“Why does a person say this openly,” they ask. “Especially him, he has everything,” they thought.

Because it turns him on. He was attested he assumed or so he thought but he was wanting this. His confessions were letting it all out and not that he was turning away from those wrongs, they were not those kinds of confessions. Yes, they were in control of him, of his mind and of his body in a way, so much so. He admired the technical way they held him in their little group. He just thought he was heading out into the countryside for a leisurely stroll, along for a ride on the little roads by bicycle. A countryside somewhere where there is solitude.

He thought that he had spoken enough, now more action was required. He would have to let fly something else, something imaginable to their eyes, surely something they could see for reasons he knew of and he also knew what they expected of him. He knows women and he knows what women desire and these women are no different and because of this, he needed to display his manlihood simply because he was a man, a gentleman and a protectionist. He would take a shower in these woods. He was an avid outdoorsman, knowledgeable and experienced of all things outdoors and knowledgeable of women too. Not entirely though.

Where there was a spring, a ‘Natural Well’ he would find that body of water. He was one to detect it simply by using such crude devices. A pond if by floating still, a calm place where to bath, he would find it.  Of course, there were no bathrooms out here because this was in nature and the out of doors where things are this way in the outdoors. There were no places where to hide for your privacy, so much so, or where to change into your birthday suit so to speak. He would be seen by them, by all of the other women out here in his nakedness, proving to each of them his manliness.

He takes notice of the rural countryside, of the way they wore their elegant attire and the goings on in the small taverns, bars and restaurants. The village square and the town center, of the town and of the church most particular, this all seems so very charming to him.

“I can see where my shame has approached me.  May I share with you that there’s no comparison to this place when I go back to there and I have been coming here for many years returning year after year.  I cannot change an entire structure, it is that way, a home that has been built typically the way homes have been built for generations right here in this lovely place. I can see the roadside and the views. I take pictures on this related topic. I love their landscaping, all the beauty and the lovely scenery. What about their beautiful homes? Lovely and different, definitely a difference in cultures other than my own.”

He is in Europe exploring the countryside of Northern Italy. Today he is in the company of a group of women pretty women. He’s the only man present. They are all riding their bicycles during the day and it is time for lunch.

The general populous understands this type architecture.  They understand these types of meals, their long siestas especially at lunch. Their homes are built in ways all have understood and in general the way architectural structures were built and suited more specifically for their needs. These were masonry homes. They were structures where one woman and one man lived. They raised a family. There were farms also, and all of the buildings were built out of masonry. They would simply hold together certainly for many years.

Now after studying this type of geographical setting, having merely admired this, of these specific types of architectural buildings. This is a place. Truth is, it’s alluring, actually it’s eroticism or excuses thereof to be erotic amended truly by love at first sight, of all things. It’s whatever you call it, this helps to bind the two of them, a man and a woman together also through the difficult times. A work in progress. “This is it, this is the place,” he had said.  A place inviting to your senses where you visualize something, someone perhaps, her or she or them, “They’re all alike,” he told himself.

But the women, they know this setting and this place. Perhaps he does not. It’s a learning process but one he loves, he’s allured by it. This is his second home except for the labeling of it, this was a world apart from where he grew up and from what he knows. It was erotic, but not error and not wrong.

He thought it were for the former Kings and the Lords, of Castles who have ruled in regions where they created intentional strong holds, strong fortresses to prevent against attack. These strong holds or fortresses had gates and draw bridges, an entire city of a population where people dwelling within lived behind these structured walls.

…The sources of suppliers were truly the answer. But before I answer this, I’ve come to my own conclusions. That all those trees were cut down and the wood used in brick ovens to bake pizzas…

It didn’t matter about the doors or that a door was wider or that there were none perhaps just passageways, that ceilings were taller or that bedrooms had no closets. Now about the beds, where was their box springs? Where’s the front door, main entrance or the door to the rear of the place? This is a place you’ve checked into already but still, it seems like an institution.

We all laughed and we ate. And while we were eating a small feast I thought, “This is great,” I had a preconceived notion that I was feeding all these pretty lady friends of mine. These pretty ladies, how wonderful. People, friends dining, “Here Darling let me put this piece of meat in your mouth.”

So we did eat and eat. And we laughed. I had a good time laughing like I’m innocent to this.


My Teeth


The nicest person says to me and my friend, “I want you to show me yous teeth.” Oh, and he shows us his gritting teeth alright, he also coaches for the Powerball.


This comes with a reward. If a person begans to say outlandish things to you like that, that there will be rewards afterward, he is going to show you something or give you something later but not until you answer him. If you’re still around it probably means you are going to listen. It may be anything, regardless you have just volunteered yourself. In other words you’ve been set up.

So he teaches you how to play powerball and he’s somewhat concerned about your teeth?

“Hey Coach, if and when I ever move to Florida, after I win the powerball, if I live that long, I’ll have to have one of those miracle can openers. You got that?”

Oh, I’ve got the trend and traveling thing going on you know and with my fancy luggage. We’ll arrive somewhere after winning the lottery and be staying at the Ritzy-Spritzy.

I know of people that are now very wealthy and are in-the-know of these issues. These people came from families who lived in dreaded places, who didn’t have much, yet they are now millionaires. That Powerball coach too is a millionaire, after he helped all these people win it -if you can really believe that.

I think we’re all physiologically and genetically aligned through Adam and Eve though.

“I’m a damn charmer, ”  says the coach.

Our first fertile cities. The Garden of Eden was one of them. A habitat for health and for proper humanity.  Adam and Eve creating growth, Eve’s a bobcat, a cougar, a kitten and a lynx.  She’s toasted and spread, volunteering. What more can you say it’s only bread. You’re mind is reeling.

A soft spot or two, each having their own soft spot maybe one or more. Adam and Eve were like this.

This is one blog I’m sure that gets to people. But if anyone could have been made millionaires, Adam and Eve would have for creating growth.


Doing A Little Improvisation

That which has transpired has arrived.  Now editing her life and doing a little improvisation.

“I hate it when there is nothing to do and then then all a sudden the commitments are coming down upon me, being thrown at me in layers on the same day!”

“That’s because they are jealous.”

“Or perhaps you shall see young lady that they love you but not in a luscious way, but in the way of their hearts. They’re not mad at you. They love you and wish to spend time with you, taking the time to admire you.”


You as a couple will want to spend time together.

“I’m not going back there, are you,” she says.

And also she states:

“I’d rather stay here in this house, this is where I live now. I live with him. I guess this is his home and all, well, he’s older than me but still..”

 “I used to live in nightclubs -practically, where everyone you meet or everyone I ever met had the same level of energy as me.”

Night Clubs? Now she’s spilling her gut out.

“Yes, it only serves to make you realize how the commitments go, only after everyone else has made their comments that being on the same day, aaaaaaaah damn!”


I Want To Be Torn Free of Societal Rule

She was my girlfriend way back when.

Candy was her choice for lip gloss and it wasn’t that it was ever good or bad for you, it was because this was something I liked. I especially liked this taste. It was sweet. “You always want sweet, candy sweet lips,” she said
“It’s only natural, I love it,” I said, “They are natural.”

Not that plain lips produce no taste, plain lips were only as natural. They just tasted well, natural. I wanted sweet kisses candy kisses.


Perhaps the youth with their kisses, their lips and tongues, they be touching each other passionately and kissing one another deeply often. We’ve all done this you know.

She likes to be kissed. I don’t know why but so do I. I love passionately kissing her. We were always cresting on the moment waiting, wanting to give each other plane kisses. They’re plain. We talked and chatted on the phone often wanting to be with each other always. We were younger then. We loved each other’s passion, caressing and kissing.

The kisses she gave me tasted sweet, she had sweet lips, they were good for kissing. Sometimes these kisses were like candy. I’m eating her like she’s candy. Her mouth is like candy.

Plain lips and simple lips are more natural. When her lips parted our tongues and lips came together and we kissed. Sometimes she didn’t use lip gloss, our first-time deep kiss was a penetrating deep kiss. She liked this and she always wants to laugh, caressing and be kissed deeply passionately like those plain kisses.


I started to go backwards. 
I wanted to.
How could I, where would I go. 
How would that work?
“You mean go backwards?”
“You mean go backwards with her?”
“You have to find her.”

Oh, this could be a good challenge provided… you still both want to….
We were young teenagers.

The tide would swallow me up. I think
this annoys me but the current saved me.

They say the current will save you. It was at this spot pushing them directly across the embankment not yet starting out. Not yet. It was shallow there. But I touched her by accident because I was reaching for stability and my footing slipped. I have touched whatever was stable. I have groped her by accident. I felt her. I held her close.

I then fell down on top of her by accident. We laughed.

She knew me I knew her and of the finer things she afforded to herself. They were linen sheets and satin sheets.
Her thread count/cloths which rippled tightly because they were too numerous a count. Her pillows piled high and she loved her soft pillows. She likes her bed. She loved story telling before bedtime. She likes to be tucked into bed around her satin sheets.

We loved our night caps.

She wants kisses always at bedtime
deeper better. She always loves her sweet kiss in the mouth and on her lips. Her perfume, ‘Sheyenne’ love her, big kisses especially for her this spellbounds me this perfume.

I loved her for fear or otherwise.

The Bedroom at night-time was for big kisses. She teases with a touch,
“What have I done,” she says.

“What do I do.”
She sounds just like my neighbor friend.
“I dunno.”
I felt her hand touch me. I waited.
What could I do? What would I do?
I loved her out fear. Her sheer innocence.
Laying back looking towards the stars, laying awake at night I waited.

She lifted me up potentially where I lay and she made me start yelling, “I coming, I coming.”

They drank and ate.

“Pardon me, that’s nice tropical sunshine.”

Her curtains and windows are dashing.
She’s immovable she doesn’t move.
Who can blame her. Imma kiss it.
Who can blame me? She knows this is her spot.


When You

When You…

When you see someone who looks like you, ask them if they would like to share a fine cigar with you.

If you know a person and he looks like you. He out ranks you by one notch. He flys so high sometimes, but right then you think, “If they’d only lite.”  So when they lite you say,  “Let’s go have a smoke, have a talk and a drink something, whatever you’d like.”

“Tell me your scheme,” he may ask. The one who looks like you. You can start a conversation like this.

If he falls for your scheme that you have created, this tryst, then he expects you to deliver on something.

You then ask that person to play golf with you. You may be able to look upon your resources, ways in which to get a charitable golf tournament going. But you better have promulgated it already, started this golf thing into motion. You should ultimately have it scheduled and a done deal. It’s when you initiate such a fun turn around in the work place this is when you get his attention and this will get you raises and so forth.

So you present this to him the one who looks like you. Make this possible for everyone and all the departments allowing them to be spontaneous and let them have a vocal say about the charity event so it will became widely acceptable. He may accept your challenge.

This will resurrect you afterwards and reward you. It will help boost the moral of the company.

So, your weekend event starts off on a Friday. The charity golf tournament will begin on a Friday. Participants who have signed up to play golf will have that day off. The cost of paying for the green fees and with the total package contributes to the charity. So the golf club waivers the proceeds on the green fees and gives the proceeds to the charitable organization.

Sounds good.

Wanting someone to be estatic, overflowing with energy giving new insights only when the right person comes along waiting wanting.

When you see someone who looks like you, ask them to a have fine cigar with you.

I mean of the like mindedness.

Cut Your Hair. It’s Summertime. Get Out and Do Something. That’s a start.

No more than your hair weighs to have let it grown that long, the strands are like a sharp knife on your back. Hair being that long placed on an air bubble that pops that bubble…….life.

Like if when a dissension accords us to fall from within like an oppressive dystopia, it moves us backward without growth. Screw that!

Our generation have said that we were put there by force on the job and into our careers.  What if you had been coddled, nutured and handled without skirmish, with skirmish, spoiled like that.

Well, even if that were true thank you because in just a short time my moral standards would have improved like something coming down from the heavens above, but it never happened and it’s not going to happen not with this new generation of foofy couch potatoes.

Get outside and do something.  Summer is here.



My Friend Jacques Moved Away



My friend Jacques Leering has moved away and hasn’t been seen since. He moved out into the country I guess for the solitude. I wonder what he’s up to these days.

I have seen him in town once a couple of years ago but with many years of age. We had a howdy doody in the shopping mall parking lot.

Okay, he said he moved out into the country for the solitude, that he hasn’t seen anyone hardly at all.

We all knew Jacques from school growing up.

“What did he tell you,” a friend asks.

“That’s he’s out there in the country at his home and this is where he’s been ever since.”

“What does he do?”

“He’s working. He moved out there five years after school and right after college.”

“Has he no where else to go? Does he aspire to do anything, to do greater things?”

“I guess not.”

“Oh, for gosh sakes, that’s so sad! I guess he likes it out there?”

“You should contact him and ask him if there’s nothing better.”

“Jacques, is there really nothing better?”  I ask him.

“Nah, nothing,” he said.

“What’d he tell you?” A friend asks.

“Nah.. really nothing. Nothing at all!”