Fragments and Reflections

How lovely being in love.

The imagination says it all, it captures something. Perhaps everyone’s are different. Our minds are spurred on by our own imagination (it’s okay), and we are encouraged by the things we see, something has captured our imagination, an advertisement perhaps.

Become a smart shopper, so you’ll know. Just to let you know, what you may consider as asking, making yourself vulnerable, is like risking something. Perhaps you’re rushing around grabbing something at the last minute.

You’re likely to have gone overboard, if by your otherwise own desires, just to let you know, you’re being seduced, the flesh will, and there’s better word, ‘coerced’. This is just a “lie” which means, this pertains to one’s vanity, they won’t admit it. We’re all dressed up for the onslaught, aren’t we, the viewing? It’s astonishing really, to witness someone doing things up close, seeing this.

It’s called Pro Series. Now you’re on to this. You want the best of the best. Who would have thought, everybody’s doing it. You’re at an outlet mall.
*off brands are the norm

I once thought that we would stay in one of those older apartments. They were lined with towering oak trees. The apartments overlooked a lake, situated in a city park. These city residents were in the downtown area of Orlando, Florida. I captured this view while walking around the grounds of Lake Eola Park in Orlando. I was a tourist there. We knew a friend whose home was situated near here.

It’s just a beautiful place and an ideal winters vacation place of residence for a few weeks. There are other nice areas where to stay, Winter Park, Florida is a very nice relaxing place to stay, if you like to live in a place where there is matured landscape around you.

I’ll take her with me; tomorrow even, there she will attended, saying she never has known, heard of but not before me, rather, I am the one who knew. Well, I’m much older, much more experienced.

I have been lodging around her home, edging her on a bit, with my own desires, as with my statement, admitting I won’t go there without her, having taken into an account of the tomorrows of which there will be plenty.

And anyone would have thought about this, how to make a word plural, stating ‘We’ and sounding of the words you spoke, taking into account, if it were her and yourself conversing, annotating the word(s) you now are installing.
“There’s only two of us Darling,” she would say.

“Yes, I’ve been to places where I could not sleep and it wasn’t without cause, maybe there was too much caffeine, too much buzzing around your home, too many people partying really, something or anxiety maybe, or someone just pissed me off.”

“If you can’t sleep, that’s fine go someplace else!”

Great going, you’ll just need a perfect place where to relax. A quiet neighborhood. I hope to find just the place.


That Barolo Italian Red Wine

I think if you’re going to evolve out from the bizarre that you were put into, up from a crowded house, you’ll need to burst out of that box with much ferocity and savagery and it must be immediate.

The look says diamonds and they’re sparkling, the creased over new 100 dollar bills, it’s extravaganza, really, then a Rolex watch, and if you set your glass of red wine on top of this, as a coaster, and you’ll just set the glassware there atop your new $100 dollar bills (there’s seven there), because you’re like ‘Hello’, you’re becoming a millionaire, oh I wouldn’t know. Oh, and what a life worth living, to set your fine china down here on top of seven new hundred dollars.

This pertains to the finer things in life, where we have learned of these things, perhaps in the magazines. Oh, but wouldn’t you like to have these things, you didn’t have this growing up. If you had, I wouldn’t know where to start.

Professing their imagination, making us listen, because we’re seeing a daily life. People It’s OUT there, though we’re perhaps all doubled up, because it’s not ours, but then, it never will be. We became captivated to this sort of thing though, like in the movies.

And they have taught us well. I’m amazed how that history professors could capture such a scenario (as it were), as students, if you did listen, then you were actually there attending whatever. These lessons they taught us in history class, it was way back then, one hundred years or whenever. Just my two cents worth.

*at this point you are perhaps grateful that our ancestors never did deplete the Earth’s most precious resources, of all its beautiful natural resources. These are the special things we own and we have to dig them out of the ground in order to make our little trinkets. You have trinkets don’t you?

Everything else gets old and tarnished and how they become so old and rusted and tarnished, anything would, like that of your once finer things, you know, even though that stuff gets old but, it’ll need new paint and you’ll need newer, better, much better things.

Attempting to, but many times if the truth be known, and as always the truth comes out, to discover something pretty much first hand, not to be disappointed but then. I need to eat.

To find that things will come and when they’re offered (that’ll be the day), and they may because, they’re going to be the goodbyes to the old and on with the new, it has to be that way and too, they will be so nice, to look upon (let’s allow the dust to settle upon our new things and then we’ll see how it all looks).

*even the loan application will cost you $50.

So for sure, they’ll give you the loan. How that history repeats itself. It’s an endless cycle my Darling, a viscous one and one you’ll never completely get out from under.

*Somebody says they’re on their way to pay bills, citing they hate vandals, but I heard, ‘You’ll Eat My Shorts’. This was so tight. I guess they stuff their mattresses with cash.

*Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.


Fragments & Reflections

I know it’s the pastime of our lives and how we wish to hear them. There are many places where we gathered and I remember them well.

I didn’t know…

It’s supposed to fling your bell sometimes, meeting in a forest setting. Often, I’m in the Mediterranean. I’m far away from my home and my country.

To be sure..

There have been occasions where I have incidentally ran into a friend, someone to talk to, places where we took walks together, I remember this too well.

But whose pictures are those…

I would like to know. I would like to have caffè or something, a beer. I’m thinking before I go, I should ask you, “Hey, are you up for something? Yes, we’ll find a place in town and we’ll talk!”

I’ll call you, but I’m not sure how to ask you though, you’re probably not sure either. Why don’t we just come out with it. I see that we’re struggling here.

And to find someone…

Someone has picked a water lily. They’re beautiful up close and have a pleasant odor. What a surprise for her. He gave this flower to his mother. He had heart, how wonderful.

What they’re called…

Nymphaea -Water Lily, a hardy and tender aquatic plant in the Nymphaeaceae water plant family. These alluring thoughts were inspired by the Greeks and Latin mythology. They’re depicted as women but you wouldn’t know that, most wouldn’t know a nymph as a water lily.

How lovely…

Is the imagination, is the diversity of the mind (perhaps it’s dirty). This is encouraged by what you see and to let you know, what you may consider as making yourself vulnerable. Perhaps it’s their otherwise desire and you’re being seduced, which to them means their vanity, they won’t admit it. It’s astonishing really, to witness them up close, seeing this. Who would have thought, everybody’s doing it. I like that, I mean having them around, they’re flirting with you that’s for sure. It’s quite fun, don’t you think.

Let’s go girl, to an Island..

It’s as mysterious today as it was then. It appears lonely and often, a loneliness sets in while you are there, because places are far away, as in the continent, but still, I think it is because of the effect an Island has on you.

What a lovely remembrance…

Well, this one particular thought is riding on the culmination of thoughts, of smells, smelling all the many potluck lunches we had as kids, the ones I’ve attended to as a kid in church. I’m sure you remember them as well, somewhere, but these are the ones I remember specifically growing up.

They served us kids…

Sandwiches on white bread; tuna, peanut butter and jelly. Pimento cheese sandwiches as well, all piled up high on a big platter, chips and soda beverages. Afterwards cookies. Yummy!

And I was too young for love!

What a beautiful day..

How could I allow myself to go home and take a nap? Not today.

We’re at a friends house and we’re having ‘Cotechino’ for lunch. Yes, usually she cooks this in tepid water, adding spices of cloves, shallots and celery.

She wraps this in oven wrap paper tied at both ends. It’s when you cook this thoroughly by soaking in water, the paper will protect the ‘Cotechino’ from falling apart.

We’re also having purée of mashed potatoes, bread and red wine. My Dear, what a delicious meal we’re having.

How I wish it were November now, because then we wouldn’t want to go outside, we wouldn’t need to, it would be too cold outside.

Perhaps then I could go to sleep, after our big noon time meal. I could sleep the afternoon away, you know, doing this after I have ate too much food during my lunchtime meal.

No, it isn’t November, not yet. Right now, there’s plenty of sunshine outside and warmth still.

Let’s not rush the seasons too soon my Darling.


An Island Of Smooth Joy


This is how it gets to you, her entire fabricated existence was based on a lie, so she didn’t mind being blunt with her words, no heartfelt sorrow came from her mouth. Still, it was I who blurted off my mouth. I kept her around so to speak. She became a writing prompt.

I think she had copied and pasted, what I gathered, were words and phrases, emails she had sent me, letting me know what was up through the internet. She had used my email address to start an account on another apps, I just know that was her. Yeah, toxic!

She didn’t know words, but she knew what happened when these words were spoken or written, she had spotted them online, exactly what she was looking for..

At that time she had texted me and said, “Mmmm,” and, “Sad.”

Sad you say, also deceptive don’t you think. And I am intrigued how you call this, how it is so apparent, that it’s so deceptive apparently and appealing, you are an attraction.

You see, your hard-ass attitude, as up close as yours is with me, it’s up front, you’ve relabeled it though, being nice along the way, like skipping rocks along the river, that you thought were relevant. It was all relevant, now I’m wanting more.

Now in the darkness we cannot see, how can we? We pride ourselves yielding at nothing. It seems we’re carrying on like crazy and we do this, “To do what my Dear. Your point is Dear?”

How that forgiveness is to deliver a reward, as sandwiches are to hunger, it is a delight. A pain a hurt so bad, it does fade away until, when all will be forgotten, that is, if the party delivers on her promise, of asking forgiveness over her phone actually. She never will!

And who am I to say, saying what you are or who you are. I have no idea actually who you are.

Accordingly, I must play along with your game. The photos?

Now here’s the underlying question; Can one forgive another if they never ask for forgiveness? Maybe she forgot to ask.

“We better get going Dear!”

“Yes, let’s go!”

It’s as mysterious today as it was then, appearing lonely and often a loneliness sets in, and you were lonely, because places were far away as in ‘the continent’. It was because you were far away, but still I think it is the effect an Island has on you.

An Island Of Smooth Joy!

I didn’t care if I had been conned. I had been connected with a con artist.



She will never learn but for him, the one who cares, he makes a statement, having taken into an account of the tomorrows of which there were plenty, yet the silent ones because of a foothold of inconsistent services to another, matrimony, financial indebtedness because they’re more older and gentler enough, and as the night wears on he asks, “let me take you in,” he explains.

Because the silent ones are somewhat taken aback, by fond memories, they’re older now and who can’t go down that path twice. They cannot or will not talk, or explain willingly. Although he will!


Time Moves On

Now what he dreams about, still ever dreaming of episodes taking place, for the better or the worse, he wished they would, yet he doesn’t know of any such a course, they were all of his dreams.

He lives in a dreary place not particularly for him though, having been so sheepishly involved, hardly in it at all. Maybe whomever would bring a plate of food, whomever she was.

Although episodes such as these and the other episodes he has imagined, they were all his dreams and they weren’t likely to occur. They were just his thoughts. He had nothing but time.

He begun to worry about himself, about remaining here at this place, that clock would be running out soon, so to speak, about his activities, the things he loves to do, he stopped partaking in those activities, the ones he once held dear.

He has begun to worry about his family, but they weren’t around, not so much anymore, so he would wander around the little town, the places where he once lived and played. He was constantly walking around throughout the town, sometimes riding his bicycle, trying to get a grip, to get exercise, to get closure. He sits on his lawn chair he bring along or anything, to be in the public gathering areas, the parks, trying to be available to talk and have conversation. He watches other people, their activities, of their youthfulness. His spirits are high, yet he is confused, he had no life, no one.

Of all the old things around his place, the unkempt, the disarray left as it were. He sees where the landscape and the mechanical aspects if it all have been forgotten.

Once drinking beer because beer tasted good, of a once stable life, an occupation, but there’s no longer an occupation or circulatory motion, there hasn’t been for a while.

“It’s as if I’ve silenced her, by my own insincere pettiness, by my jealousy, because at the time she stood out as a very young and pretty woman.”

She eventually became his wife. This was a rather special, delightful and warm feeling. Although now he has no one. She has since gone on. He needs to move on.

He Truly Loved Her Yet There He Sat. His story:

So I truly believe, now since I have the time to take a certain path, plus I have a home and a place to fall back to, returning to my home whenever I want. I may move onward and go places, traveling, moving from place to place. In the beginning, as you know this will be uncertain, although it looks most appealing. Here, I will not say goodbye, not so much, because without a doubt I will return and be back soon, once again resuming my path, because I have nothing but time, so I shall be starting again at my original starting place. Although it is here that I wish to leave, wanting to get away from here rather badly.

What a nice day for challenging ourself ‘Myself’ to take a look around me.

…The landscape and the mechanical aspects of it all have been forgotten. Flowers fade as do dreams then one season the flowers, they suddenly reappear, yet he is ruined. The flowers are as beautiful as before, yet nothing awaits him because of a stillness…

…They were afraid yet they had alternatives plans throughout this whole ordeal, of her illness and this is how they felt about their impact on togetherness, their life together for many years…

“I had a dream come to me today and I wasn’t sleeping. I remembered where we were and what we did, we had a good talk, we always had good talks. What a way to start the day!”

“What I gave to you my dear can hardly be noticed now. What I did give to you, if anything, hopefully this gets noticed, if not technically because I was kind to you and also very generous.”

Yes, he hoped so. They lived their life that way, she however has gone on.


Morning Coffee


I’m going next door to borrow some coffee grounds from a real nice lady. This is what I told her. She is a nice friendly lady, a neighbor. I ask her and she said this would be okay and then when I saw her, I told her that I’ll be coming around early for morning coffee sometimes if that was okay. She said that would be nice. So, we’ll be having morning coffee together before daylight. I don’t see anything wrong or disgusting about this. I think this will be alright.

Yeah, and she’s not the typical adult person that’s for sure. She’s a classical romantic. It’s surprising and shocking really to see the many fine, abstract and erotic art paintings and pictures hanging on the walls around her home.

We’ll just be having morning coffee together, before daylight and that’s it! You know this gives me the greatest joy. It’s a stretch I know, but it’s her company I seek.

It’s when I knock on her door. Yeah, these are just silly nuances, varying widely, depending on how discreet one is, also depending on one’s imagination or something else, not that we would get anything going but really, we’re just neighbors and I really enjoy her conversations and company.

Okay well, with her it’s both love and lust. Hell, I know sometimes we can’t even remember what we had for supper the night before. So, I’m thinking we need to be reminded, thus the erotic artwork display around her home. Yes, she’s the eccentric type. I like that, she’s something else.