I’ve been out riding my motorcycle, now I’m on my way to arrive at my favorite diner for lunch, it’s where I like to go. Afterwards I’ll have dessert somewhere, maybe some ice cream. I have just passed an abandoned old school building. I get a fleeting glance. Oh wow, this looks so spooky, as with everything though, one glance paints a thousand images to one’s imagination. There are numerous horror stories just waiting to be written here.

What do you see riding along these byways, of the many rural roads you take, places you pass riding along the vast countryside on a motorcycle?

There are many sights, all full of things. I noticed this abandoned school, a sign that reads,

‘Private Property Keep Out’. It gave me chills and in broad daylight!

Amid the delight, learning as children do, playing in the school yard, my imaginations say something terrible has happened here. And this is why it is now abandoned.

Maybe there is a horror story here, like the two students who attended school, they threw eggs at the local skating rink of the time era. This school looked to be active in the 1940’s now it’s abandoned.

I remember the story: A man took his gun and shot at the two fleeing pranksters, who after throwing eggs were trying to make a clean getaway. One was shot dead by the man. The man went to prison where he eventually hung himself. True story!

Going up, I stopped along the way for a break. I was trying to think of how that my dad had once said, “You won’t get vittles this good anywhere.” Maybe he was content with the occasion. I think this had been a family reunion. He was foot soldier in a war I’ll never have to experience. Why would he tell me, a child this story about food there at this place and only to me?

He had said it this way because he would never speak of the atrocities of man or what he had witnessed, ever!

I was quickly brought back to the present when I heard a woman crying out, she was hurrying to leave, she had shouted, “Baby, Baby!”

Had her child been kidnapped? It was the anxiety in her voice, like a scene in a horror story. Yes, this was so scary and too, in broad daylight. This horror story or ‘would be horror story’ played out in my mind.

What would one do if they had witnessed a kidnapping?

Do we have days when we get ran over by nightmarish and hellish thoughts, and why this happens is anyone’s guess.

“Good Afternoon. l will have my dessert now, a Pecan Pie, and this will be out from one of those cellophane packets you know, the ones you buy at the convenience stores. I’ll get mine from a gas station, eating it while standing up beside my motorcycle parked outside. Thank you.”


A Seasonal Job


Micki says she probably should get a seasonal job or something as mundane.

“How about the shoe department, will this work out for you? You’ll work nights?”

“Whew, I don’t know,” Micki replies, “That’s tight!”

She’s toning it down one level at a time. Attitude is everything.


Third Person


“It’s a sin if you think I’m speaking about you this way.”..

It’s such a beautiful day, and you, he, she, we had, they, them, this young couple, including me, apparently we all went out and about, but not all together, yet we all had a wonderful time, seemly, even though, you are not like me and we are all not alike, of course not. I’ve just migrated here, just like a snow bird, because I’ve just came here to this place, I’m an outsider.

I like the sequences of events, these episodes, each person and I think it’s fitting how that I like to put you, if you can believe that.

Well, with these happenings, about our little outings, I’ve decided to invite you all over, you, them, her, him and his mother over for pizza.

Now, to make my pizza, I have used coconut as mozzarella, because I don’t have shredded mozzarella. I have used ketchup as tomato paste, because I don’t have tomato paste. I do have flour and salt.  I hope everyone will understand, you know, you, them, her, him and his mother too.

I wasn’t talking about you..silly!




First, my intentions were good, they were correct, no harm no foul, however this interaction with her daughter led me towards someone else, by intervention, she became our host, she was her mother.

One night I let myself slip into a dream, it was right grim but I allowed this to happen, it felt so real as she pulled on my arm and my eyes, her mother knows of my heart’s intent, knows of my imaginations, she’s obviously had a few herself and I’m sure there were quite a few, perhaps many.

I’m attracted to her daughter, she is good to me, she has great talent. She is this young thing, a pretty young woman. She has a very nice fresco or an etching outside on her patio wall, she is the artist type.

Her door leads to a patio outside, looking from where she sat inside of her kitchen, she could view her own artwork, she displays this proudly.

I have viewed some of her work, as she posts them online. She has some amazing talent, an ability to paint some of the wildest things, stimulating to look upon.

Her artwork just behooves something to absorb, and while taking this all in, I gaze upon this artwork and wonder. It’s an erotic painting, so one would wonder perhaps. I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s the beginning of the day. This work of hers has all been done by herself, it’s probably the rhapsody inside of her head, her thoughts are raging, it is completely etched out. She’s having her morning coffee.

The Girls who were hippies types back in the day, they have been high jinxing the very young, the gullible and getting something they want from them, this is something they took. One of these girls is her mother.

I keep telling myself that her mother is hot, but how can I tell if she’s interested in me? She’ll slaughter me with her laughter, laughing at both her daughter and me, and only one time will be enough and for good!

I’m not pretending, because with her mother I should use caution, when and if I hear her mother’s laughter, laughing at me, wanting me.

I’m likely to get mad, at both of them, her mother and her daughter. But I will most likely come back around for more, I know I will. I’m a seasoned sailor and I’ve been around the block more than a few times.

I genuinely like both of them, her mother though is one tough customer.

We arrived as the place began to get crowded.

“Join us, if you want,” I pointed this out as gently as I could to Angela.

Oh now look, her daughter is wailing, this is not good, it’s probably to get what she wants, yet still, we’re distracted and I’m just a little leery. What has gone wrong?

If I’m not happy, if I’m not satisfied, I can just get up and leave, it will be in a public place!

Then her daughter simply asks, “What remains?”

I led the conversation back to her mother.

“Ma’am, I know I’m prey to your flock.”

We soon all departed and went our separate ways. And wasn’t it for the better? Her daughter Angela, she is so young, she much prefers being with younger people of her own age.

The mother, from then on often invited me over for a visit. These were her plain kisses:

Now Her Plain Lips was where she parted her lips with my tongue and she kisses me deeply. Her plain lips didn’t have lip gloss on them, they were raw. We made out with our deep kisses. She likes for me to introduce this kissing and she kisses me ever so passionately. We made out like this when no one was around and when her daughter wasn’t home.

I loved her for the fear of it all, yes, perhaps, or it was otherwise lust, or just the excitement of getting caught!

The Bedroom and night-time were for Big Kisses, Teasing and Touching!

“What have I done,” she asks, and,
“What do I do?”
She sounds just like her daughter Angela.
“I dunno,” I say.
I felt her hand touch me. I waited.

I loved her out fear, just of her sheer innocence.

Lying back looking towards the stars,the ceiling as it were, lying awake at night, I waited.

She lifted me up where I lay.
Afterwards we drank and ate.


The Afternoons


Now let’s see, when it rains in the afternoon and if I’m at home, I will need a nap:

1. I will need a nap during the day so I can recoup from the sleep I have missed. I’ll roll over to wake up eventually and at a good time, before it gets dark outside, because you know, that’s when I will go to bed.

2. I need to wake up in the Czech Republic or in Prague but perhaps and more likely, as is the case, in the North of Italy. And yes, when I wake up, I’ll need a drink as an appetizer because it will be near dinner time, you know, after my nap. Okay, I do like being in the North of Italy and yes, I want some of their wines. So yes, I’ll have a glass of wine.

3. The weather, well okay, it would need then to have rained during my slumbering, where I have slept so soundly, and that’s during my nap and it did just that, and I never heard a thing. The rooms you know are so sound, the windows and the tapparella’s are shtick (shut) tight. The rain has been gently pitter pattering down upon the tiled roof all afternoon. The tiled roof is deadening the sound of the gently falling rain. It’s on those clay tile roofs, the way they are made over there in that part of the world, I will have slept soundly, in fact I usually do whenever there are these siestas.

4. I will then be awaken after having drank my wine, and this is after my nap, waking up after a sufficient enough wine, add the sugar levels as this helps to make me wake-up promptly.

5. Now that I am awake, after my much needed nap of my afternoon siesta, this being during the daytime and while there is still light outside and in the afternoons, while it has been raining and while the sidewalks have been rolled up. Now for dinner, I will want something to eat. I wish to smell those fragrances of food as they are being cooked, as this fills the air. I will much more prefer to recognize the smells of oils as they heat up to fry the skillet fish and the fresh produce as it is made into a salad or something, fried finocchio (fennel) and the fruits. I want them to be my favorite dishes.

6. Later, we’re taking our walks outside and down to the little village bar and that’s in order to eat our ice cream and meet our friends and acquaintances, to touch bases so to speak. I’m thinking I’ll be there until midnight, forcibly so, because now, I’m well rested because of my nap.

7. This is just what we do, sometimes and most all of the times. The plates we ate out of, we never spit in them. We love our little place in the world. This was our way and for us a pattern of life, yes, this is what we do and we do it out of love. It’s because, this is what the good people of the world do.



Quitting At An Early Age


We arrived early and stayed late. Some showing up fashionably late. There were violins heard, a nice place a low roar. This was down on Las Olas Boulevard.

We gather more frequently where we enjoy each other’s conversation, those who love the incidental contact. This was at a park, and these were intimate moments we often share together. These incremental moments are not anyone’s fault, we have to do it, we just love to. We’ve had our picnic, had a few drinks and then all of a sudden when we all get up to leave, I have accidentally fell down on top of my friend, she’s nice to me. We laughed.

Usually I get tired, so I go to bed rather early. I live nearby the park. After a good night’s rest, I get up and will be outside of first light. It’s been warm and the weather has been hot and sultry. There is a park nearby and in the mornings I like going for my walks.

There’s a place where the locals like to go, many of my neighborhood, we like sharing the sidewalks via the neighborhood streets. We make our way to the park and here there is a soccer field, a running track and places for a picnic. There are many places where to shop along the streets close to the park. Nearby are the expressway projects, they are under construction, also the highways and infrastructures. The boulevard nearby is busy, there are shopping malls, restaurants, diners and coffee shops, all are along this busy boulevard. This road accesses the traffic into the park. Next to the park are the residential areas. There are bus stops along this boulevard. Sometimes there exists a terrible smell, I can smell it’s strong odor, this must be the pollution of the big city.

There standing out there in the fields, of a reserved plantation nearby I can see they’ve got beehives all around and that’s all I know. It looks like they’ve got new help, new hired hands and they’re just standing around. Here looms trouble, I think so, no doubt. There’s more to be reckoned with or learned other than to be just standing around yet still, they’ll never know, they’re too young.

Now here’s an instance of caring, as definitively as one could, also as determined. I have come here this morning to this job site to ask the up and coming, the one who works with the bees, I’m concerned about her because I should be and we eventually all will want to help people in need.

I ask her, “Where is your house sitter, also what is this Buzzfeed? Did you know this person, his name was Thinning d’Ous De Beer, he was a cool hipster dude back in the day? Take care of yourself my Darling!” There was small talk. She’s rather young.

Where will I find the strength and fortitude to forgive her mother, also to love this person I see working diligently, to live and let live after all these years? You love the ones and hate the others, those you love will turn against you, those you hate will forgive you. I forgive you, now all I ask is will you forgive me? It’s amazing that I want this young girl to succeed.

I spoke to her mother summarily,

“Thank you for your clemency and for forgiving me. I get the all clear to speak to our daughter and you’re not delineating astuteness of my ways. We are strengthened by forgiving others, for this I thank you!”

I knew her mother, we grew up together, this was in the same neighborhood where we both lived. There were many of us younger people. We rode our bicycles everywhere, riding them on the streets, going over to our friends house, up to the little town, to school and back, going through our neighbor’s yard on to their lawns. It was here in this community where we attended the same schools and many of the churchiness functions together. I knew her, I liked her and I was quite attracted to her. I would see her in the group hanging out with the others, many who were our friends. We were all about the same age.

I probably never really got over her, after we broke up and I never knew her well enough or as well afterwards as such, not after those years that we spent together. But as time goes by we change, we were all growing up, of course at home, obviously together with our families, this was our families who have protected us. Now because of those years, I don’t remember too much. Well, maybe I do remember the part about my best friends and the times we spent together, yet I was never held accountable for anything, anything to do with her child not like an adult. I would have been a no show every now and then.

Spartans sports and the extracurricular activities like we had after school, the track teams, the girls and of course, the intramural sports games. Maybe for me as with her, it was all a cat and mouse game, although flirting with her when her boyfriend wasn’t around, and I have to tell you, that showing off in front of her like this was very intoxicating. Now there’s formal dating.

Back then if I had seen anyone of my friends or her, I would run towards them, as if something exciting was going to happen. And then on other occasions, if I had seen them another time, I’d run away from them for a little while. Later, I didn’t know that I would drift away from my friends for good. And dating was just a stupid game of ‘Acceptance’.

Young as we were, and quitting at an early age. We needed guidance from the adults.

Now this one is for her daughter. This one’s for you my Sweet Darling!




Where have they gone, I wish to find their whereabouts.  I knew them long ago.  Now only the wind whispers their names, never to be heard or seen again. I look for reason.