Now Her Plain Lips was where she parted her lips with his tongue and then she kisses him deeply. Her plain lips didn’t have lip gloss. They were first-time lovers and they made out with deep kisses. She likes for him to introduce this kissing and she kisses deeply and ever so passionately they made out when no one could see them and usually this was at her home when her family was gone. She invited him over for a visit. These were her plain kisses.

I started to go back. I wanted to. How would this work. Where would I go. How would that work even if I did? Would I receive rejection? You could do this, ‘Go Backwards’ if you lived in this small suburban town of rural Americana. And too if there were only you and your elderly mother and no one else.


“You mean go backwards?”  Yes, I began to gather aggressive thoughts thinking about her. But I’ll have to give her time. It all started at this church. Let me describe it to you in brief.

We were young and our families have always attended this same church together. This is a small community and there was a church whose services we did attended on a regular basis as this was fairly often for us. The church is still located in the spot where it has been for many years. Of course it has grown and expanded and a newer church is now established there since it was built in the 1970s. This is where we have attended church and have been for a long time. So I met her at this church and this is where we sometimes paired up together as young teenagers. 

I remember all of her family quite well, her mother and her dad and she also has a younger sister. They all sat together in one church pew. Both her sister and Terrie were quite attractive young ladies. Now, this was the only time I would ever see her. Church for me was very special because of this.

 I think I had a crush on her back then, in fact I know I did. I had fantasies about her about us being together but I think I was too shy to make any moves on her, especially since all our families were together at the church building where with the services you had to act reverent especially with her parents watching. I’m sure they were watching us. They knew I liked her.

Now something has excited this old flame. What has lain dormant all of these years has resurfaced. Because I have since learned that she has moved back into town and that she is single. 

Now I only have a thing for her if I ever see her at all. I had to search for her again on the Web.


Since after all this years have passed she has finally grown up becoming a very attractive woman. She has a pretty smile. I really do like her smile. It’s the one thing I really Do like…you could say, I’m very intrigued!

Well, recently I had a surprise and was taken aback. She sent me a friend’s request on Facebook.

“Well, what do you know.” And after all these years. What would I say to her or how would I react to her frivolities. How will I comment to her posts.
Let’s go slow at first.


So I was thinking, “Do I send a Direct Message?” Well, she wasn’t on Twitter. So, can I send her a Private Message on FB? Well Yes, I can.  You know, she ask me to be friends with her first. So I did.

My first message was, “Terrie,
I will be excited to hear from you! I’m on FB here. In fact I am on Facebook, FB Instant Messager, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress WhatsApp, Email; three accounts, Facebook Groups, Spotify.
If you wish to follow me on any of these places just give me a message. I don’t bite. Again looking forward to hearing from you.”


I did it. I proved it to myself that this is all a way in which to communicate. No, we won’t be picking up the land line and calling her family home phone and asking for her. However that would definitely give her a jolt and me as well.


I mean there has to be an avenue where you exchange ideas and where you express yourself to one another. She’s probably a grandmother who gets tried of watching her grandchildren do those crazy things that all children do. And all I’m saying is, “Hey, we’re all adults here.” Plausible but who really cares anymore!  
Yes, I have morals and I respect other people’s morals that’s for sure and she’ll have been glad to receive my private messages. 

“Hello Sir,” is the way I hope to get her speedy reply.

Following a thread is like having a bottle of real good wine with your friends:

You’re Sweet

You have changed, I like that!

You are Charming!

You’re sweet, can I give you a nickname.

You look Good.

I like your Smile.

Keep in Touch.


This Was Our Music

This was our music, the music we listened to. We bought those LP’s and we recorded the music on to cassette tapes. Then we played the music in our cars, playback with cassette tapes with our car tape players and sometimes we yanked our homemade car speakers out from our cars and put them onto the roof of our cars it was very loud. We were at the lake or on the beach or in a field, someone’s back yard where we would throw a gaint size party. Then maybe there were those select times that we spent at the homes of our friends and we listened to our favorite music on their loud home stereo system. They had a sound system you just had to listen to, you just had to hear it -had to, with an amp, a pre-amp, mixers and other components like a Beta Hi-Fi Tape player , VHF Hi-Fi Tape player and a cassette deck maybe two cassette decks.

Most all of these systems were called stackables. The old home stereos speakers had very large speakers with 10-12 maybe 14 inch sub-woofers and also tweeters for mid-range in real nice speaker cabinets usually homemade. These stereos where 2 channel systems. I can remember 4 channel systems. Those 4 channel systems where called Quads.

Quadraphonic music a sound system using 4 separate channels and 4 separate speakers was the earliest consumer product in surround sound and thousands of quadraphonic recordings were made during the 1970s.


And of course their was the feel good songs. These were some good times driving around, you were playing the radio playing those feel good songs. You must have been driving down to the beach or cruising the boulevard just driving around out in the suburbs or the countryside listening to the music on the radio. I remember driving out in the countryside playing those soft ballads.

I like all the music and still do, all the older Rock N Roll music. I’m putting some of this music into perspectives like the music we listened to, loud rock n roll vs rock ballads, these ballads were easy to listen to which helped put you into a mood, a mood of our choosing. We were dreamers back then and perhaps we still are somewhat. And I’m thinking that if all the dreaming we’re still doing can still reflect back to the same feel good songs and legendary rock ballads we used to hear, it being played either on the radio or by our media player. In some ways this is the same dreaming we did when we were young.


Street Smart

This is something I think I would feel comfortable with doing and that is to douse myself with a splash of cologne and go on a trip that I would make and where I will ride that transportation system down to get into the city and just run around all over the place alone.



The transportation down to get into the city is not an easy task and there are transfer stations and time constraints, dilemmas and tasks, location spots, drop off spots, waiting periods and just people all around you everywhere not listening to you and not listening to anyone, the traffic and the noise. It’s all there, what will you make of this place?



No, I’m not going there just to run around all over the place and do this alone, they’re will come along a time, naturally occurring circumstances where you will meet people, and you know exactly who to talk to, you talk to people, you ask questions. Speaking to someone you don’t know isn’t hard. We know how to survive. Don’t you?

Who we are and who we become at this point we should become extroverts and be street wise and know how to survive in a big place in a big city that’s just how to tout this operation, do it wisely man!


Spring Cleaning

A smoky remnant still remains from the burning cinders left of the autumnal leaves and downed branches. The winds are prevalent and balmy. The winds are calm and balmy and a draft helps alleviate from the heat. The blamy winds have alighted their wonder. Isn’t there any. Yes, there are !


 I figured it was about time today to do my spring cleaning. You know that’s the time of year to clean everything. It was a wonderful day and getting warmer. It was late in the month of May hardly Spring, but still it’s been a cold and wet Spring. We should be having more summer like weather by now.

My lawn and garden, the trees and shrubs, the landscaping and all need cleaning and so we did this, we started to clean up the debris. I gathered up all the down branches, I raked the leaves picked up the stuff and put it all in a pile and started a roaring fire.

We Fell Into a Pattern of Life, She Wore Her Pants Tight.

We had ourselves a great little time and a great big fire. A Nice little niche too work together and I’m watching her.

I’m seeing her all like this, she’s having a measurable fun time, I like to observe her sporting such tasks where she’s actually enjoying her garden work. I love to watch her.

I felt the sun and the warmth of the fire. The Spring sun is upon us and it is a bright day. The smoke and ashes are emitting a fragrances, a natural smell from the Earth, from the fallen autumnal leaves and downed branches and the warm air yes, it all alighted to our wonder at home. A homeowner needs to do his chores. I’m here for about two weeks, so why not. Now was that time.


“Yes Darling, what is it, ” Doreen ask him.

“Will you shoulder me this morning,” he asks her. “I’ll sit on your shoulders,” was Doreen’s reply.

Close to nature, the way things happened sheltering their own two feet. Olive trees were their best choices for fun turn around. Shaking the olive branches where she could reach. She’s now standing up there on his shoulders.

..”We Fell Into A Pattern of Life,
She Wore Her Pants Tight”…


Prep Cook Prepare Cook

He wanted homemade biscuits made with love this morning. All he got was, “Jumping through hoops aren’t you my yummy bear?”


“Not good Azsuellen,” he said.

“Whatever!” Oh, she’s something else that Azsuellen.

“How could she show me..how could she be like..? Yeah, whatever!”

So there would come a day Carole that I would be a cook. That day has finally arrived.

I finally got a job as a chef or cook at a large place that cooks and prepares meals for it’s personnel.

I am getting up early to set out to work, up early mornings before dawn. You can see that the skies have lightness at this hour of morning.

When I start my skeleton shift though I’m perhaps persuaded by my coffee, this keeps me awake. Those mornings are always dark at this hour. I will start this particular shift in the wee hours at 2 A.M.  

I’m doing the brake-outs for the provisional rations for breakfast also lunches, luncheons and dinners. I’m one of the the prep cooks, I guess you could say I’m in training and I am. I rotate on that early morning shift. 

At night or early morning however you want to call it, the skeletal crew prepares the food for morning workers who actually cook the breakfast meals.

The prep cooks prepare the breakfast and get it organized. I dont cook eggs to order. This is a sizeable job just to coordinate the amount of food necessary to accommodate the personnel and the people who eat here as it must be ready as early as 6 A.M. The skeletons- that’s me, must be at work by 2 A.M.


When I am coming off that graveyard shift, as I’m leaving my job station I see the sun starting to shine. It’s off to the east and I see it through the large Oak trees. It is always 7 A. M. when I depart from that graveyard schedule. 

The mess cooks prepare for the breakfast and by the time the cafeteria opens the serving lines must be in perfect condition and you must be on time, including the bacon cooked, scrambled eggs and the sausages all must be cooked, hot and ready on the serving lines. Breakfast meals must be ready by 6 O’clock. This is an institutionalized place and it makes like clock work just like in the Army. Some 700 meals must be prepared for each meal.

Each morning getting off of work I look up at the tall trees and through them I see the bright sun. It is rising. I get a glimpse of those trees and the view and for me this is like being at the movies, I’m looking up at the big screen. This really becomes a picture, a picture worth taking. The sun wasn’t there too long before it moved on off.  I mean, after a while the sun reaches to the skies it has cleared the trees and has moved up to the sky that becomes brighter.


The sun is like an engine that connects us. The sun’s a bright star that’s giving us energy that we need, the heat, and some cases all the light we need. It’s all magnificent. I love the warm sun it is simply beautiful to view a sunrise of early morning. Also the beauty of a mountainside where the sun has shown it’s first light, so very pretty on a magnitudinous scale.

The sun has shown light upon the Earth everywhere, it’s colors the colors of the rocks and their formation. They are earthen colors of browns and of brunt oranges. And the greens, the sage bushes and creosote bushes having been emitting a fragrances by the sun’s heat. The sunshine radiates splendidly.

 The sun a symbol that represent Japan and that flag also represents Japanese Imperialism. It appears on various Japanese products and on military unit identification insignias sewn onto their uniforms. And it’s on various work branch identifiers.

Sunrise church services are too early, now why would they get up so early and go to church at the crack of dawn. And who eats food that early in the mornings unless they’re at a church camp.

Yes, they can get up and eat early morning breakfast and I can get a job as a cook too whereas this is the best way for job security.


For sure it will always be a tradition to eat a big breakfast when you’re traveling or when you’re camping, or wherever, or in a group moving around and that’s in order to make your vacation better. And you will need the energy plus the sun’s energy. What a way to start your day with sunshine and breakfast; scrambled eggs, buttered biscuits, toast, orange juice, country ham, grits and sorghum molasses.
Yum Yum!


You Only Make Me Wonder, A Cautionary Tale

“I come here to provide one wish for you.”

He sought her out, he wanted to. “She’s fair game.” His first-time lover. He knows of her potential for business development.

Off in the distance somewhere he senses a smell. He’s here but he’s not really here. He’s out there somewhere, from where he just came.


He approaches her, this is her appointment. He appraises her for being a dreamer, the formalities in front of her.  Her presences seems reasonable enough, add that she seems to desire or want again their relationship to be anew again. They’re young and just getting started out in life.

He addresses her with the utmost care, “You have but 17 minutes to state your wishes. Make me sparkle, fill my emptiness, fill the gaps please.”



And upon respectively hearing her initial responses or was this her arousals, he continues, “Honey, I’ve gone on into a reclusive setting, I really like it. I have some land and I’ve started the job my family gave to me. This is the tradition of wine making, it inhabits a substantial size farm that already exsists, there is enough land for me to grow grapes of the varities to produce wines. I’m building a home in the area too, really it’s just a place, though getting started again hasn’t been easy. It’s a little ways out in the countryside, for you see Darling without you there it isn’t much. And now I realize this. I only have a radio. I don’t have your comments or your messages or your voice and I miss all that. Make me dream, I have dreams you know. Come, come back with me to the place I love. Be with me !”


The Wedding

There is going to be two weddings.


She wishes to meet with The Deacon after the Church services down in the Church’s basement. This woman’s gestures were meaningful and although he never anticipated this he did however accept her offer that Sunday.

She suggested for him to meet with her down in the annex because it was unoccupied at the moment and it was all quiet down there. Previously she had already met with the Deacons of the Church’s inner circle pertaining to her plans for her wedding. Chris however was away at the moment his job requires him to travel frequently.

Although Carole knows she’s still in love with her first love. His name was Barry, she still loves him, but she was marring someone else, Chris. Carole still loves her first love all the more even on her wedding day, but he was not with her anymore. So she has decided to marry someone else and that was Ole Chris.

“Wherever are those ushers?” He asks.

“Do you see the young lady and those young men following her?
She is getting married today. They are the groomsmen.”

“Hello, I’m the Deacon. I’m so proud of you for getting married.”

She held out her hand, “You’re next Honey! I’ll see you downstairs in the basement annex in a few hours.” He was her Deacon.


While on that Sunday the Church crowd had thinned out, the Bride she was flying too high. “Wherever are her fears. I felt fearful of her requests. Yes, that’d be fun, but down here, this was not the place nor the time.” He was caught once before in the very act but he swore he would never again volunteer at these church weddings.

One time a Bridesmaid in atendence to a Church wedding at his Church had been the ring leader in an all out debauchery to the extent that it involved most of the groomsmen, the husband of the Bride, along with two of the Church’s Deacons. This Deacon had been one of those present who had participated in this fast living, an orgy in the Church’s basement.

The Deacon