It’s Time To Make A Decision


My hands are working, I work and I’m smiling yet I’m thinking I need to make a decision. I must decide on a turning point in my life. I’ll be up until midnight forcibly by drinking black coffee late. I’ll be lying awake at night tossing and turning thinking trying to make a decision, it’s a decision I must make.

I’m working at nothing though. Oh sure, I have daily life cores and these are the sorts of activities anyone of us may have. What work is that? It is your very own work because you are the homeowner.

Do I laugh about these outbursts or whatever you call them, I like to call it that because why not, and sing a song about it, write a song maybe. You will shirk at it and I do but I’m free to confess it to you and then tell you about it. I think it’s a very good idea. Are these my choices to make and should I make them? Yes, I should make these decisions. I have to decide because for me I’m planning my time. I’m trying to decide and why not, what’s keeping me here.

I will always (or should) concern myself, wonder, if I should depart my company, another of my own impish little ways. First, I don’t ever say no to myself but that’s a little bit selfish isn’t it. No, it’s called freedom to do what you want. You must do it.

You see, I told my side of the story, everything. I seem to want something. I’m dreaming, but dreading the departure. That’s why I’ll need a side kick to come along, we all do.

What if I stayed home for a while longer and then sometime later at a determined time, then depart? I will be trying to coax my side kick to come along with me. Hey, that would be a great idea! And just thinking about this and planning our plot our little episode sounds fun. I think it’s time that we should celebrate. And now to accompany this we’ll need ourselves some drinks. We’ll have left that sad city behind and all those worries right along with them but we’ll need to be quick about this though, and that is to set our plans into actions. This is because we’ll need to be long gone by then traveling perhaps, maybe, by train somewhere.


We’ll be off to the South and we will be going by my own vehicle and will be traveling by way of the back roads. It’s going to be a week of traveling or maybe more, stopping along the way of various places. If I remember correctly this place where we’re going, it’s where we had gone when we were young, we had lots of good talks on those beaches watching the tides roll in feeling the sunshine and salt water on our body and listening to the sounds of the waves constantly crashing onto the shores. Yes, I’ll go there just to smell the ocean and smell the fish and to hear the sounds of the mighty rolling waters. I want to go there too because I like the sunshine. You can add more fun to your lists of things to do if you want, most vacationers do. There’s plenty to do down there. Oh, what a lovely play ground it is in that sunshine state.