The Brewery

Could one be like, irreverent, that they love physical contact, much more -physical touching, the improper moments, not of correctness, nor of being correct, not fitting of politeness, attributed to their style?

You should be and I see the impropriety especially since after showing off. I had to ask her to move albeit politely, or else I would have brushed up against her.

To think that a handsome man only shows off more so than to show up, mixing up others feelings. I’m sorry, it just so happens that I ran into her in the local grocery store, we were grabbing at food off the shelf.

I mean, what do you do, she had already invaded my space.

“I think you would love to have coffee with me and chat about this, that or the other,”  I told her.

“I’m not opposed to a place or a setting or a particular neighborhood, well, yes, I am, really actually, I would prefer an upscale place,” she replies.

Oh, it would be nothing of a ghetto place, but a simple place, a delightful place where we could communicate on neutral ground and be with ordinary people just like ourselves.

“OK-A-A-A-Y How About The Watch Tower,” she asked me.

“The watchtower..The Watchtower!”

“Okay, now the curious ones will be interested to know who I am right?”

“They’re up there watching?”

So we begin our journey to the WatchTower.

“Come on, come in please! So how about eating a piece of cheese then?”

“Okay,” we said.


Such rough ass talking that, I might add.

Now in the Watchtower nowhere can we go.

Having mentioned in his sermon, this person who stands guard in the Watchtower, his speech was about articles of clothing, he’s demonstrating and showing us without any remorseful sorrow rather out of pure meanness and wailing. This was about sexy attire, “Let’s don’t misappropriate articles of clothing,” clinching with his fist hand, “Was this the Renaissance Act with their makeup and fancy clothing?”

I think so.

So we went inside for a drink.



His Sexy Friend Caterina


His Sexy Friend

Tom’s Sexy Friend Gets Herself Engaged. She’s such a person, “Just like a breeze,” he thought. A particularly strong woman, strong in her ways.

Caterina goes around in this big city shopping for things for her wedding. This is her business her daily affairs where everyday she rides the subway train. She has always lived here, she has familiar insights on where she’s going, the routes she takes. Caterina is a charming young lady and she uses her time wisely these days, where she lives in this very large city, this is her daily life of commuting on that train in this very large city, this city is filled with many millions of people. She takes the subway citywide traveling to various parts of the city, places where she likes to stop.

Today she stops to meet and greet someone very special. On this morning and on this particular day, a Wednesday, she is preparing for her first stop. And if you could be her and you know you would want to be her, she’s pretty and she’s very well versed on her directions of travel, here in transit on this ‘Linea Gialla’ Yellow Line in a single direction. Although today as her schedule allows her, she’s in route to have coffee. Now she’s heading towards the coffee shop, her first stop of the day. Her soul mate should meet her there. He ‘should’ be there.

However they are called; soul mates or friends or acquaintances, she’s diving into a dream. This is the moment and the time is now that she thinks, because Caterina knows her soul mate should be out there for her, this person whom she is about to meet, hes8just her friend and that’s okay! There are several coffee shops nearby. He should be at one of them.

It’s neither an upscale place or a ghetto type of place, but a simple place and is just the right kind of place, a delightful place where she could communicate with ordinary people just like herself, original and not fake or not too poisoning.

“You’ll have more than one soul mate in life, for there are different ones for different things. There are musical soul mates, let’s-get-coffee-together-every-day soul mates, artists soul-mates, etc., etc. The romantic soul mate is only one aspect of this notion, never forget that.”

This was her way, a strategy of hers, these were quick, ‘Quickies’, energy for the hunt, to hurry along as if in a demand, as if they are calling out for her to do this.

Underground at the subway station and at the stop, she comes forth calling, emerging out from that train, when it finally does stop then she suddenly is rushing upstairs towards the streets, she’s obviously in a hurry to get to the coffee shop, to be on a schedule overran by her overwhelming urge to meet again and to have coffee with him and chat, to meet and greet her new Coffee Soul Mate.

“Mmm, maybe we’ll just have a quickie in-between shopping, I don’t care where!  He’ll decide where,” Catrina thinks.

“I held her undies in my hands so they wouldn’t fall down onto that dirty street below. Still, I wish she wouldn’t  go on like this,” Tom thinks.
Tom’s such a nice fellow.
First, she’ll need to appreciate his good deeds but her criticisms, this should be measured over a period of time. “I know it’s time-consuming but still, and quite often she comes over to where I live and comes inside of my home, where she pauses, she stands up to wish me well, only to her full essentials. I mean, I’m her soul mate or somewhat, what’s up with that? I’m human and I love her, but still, and she’s getting married soon. Does this make her have a wonderful orgasm separately? I don’t know.” She is one of those who is with you in thought, probably, probably not. She doesn’t say too very much, nevertheless because of this she has said many things. It’s in her silence, this speaks volumes. And then, you know, there are those who do speak, they gossip, yet with them, theirs is a never-ending saga, it means absolutely nothing.

Such was the experience of last time, so that’s when you return to their cordial invites. Once in a while and quite often they attend masquerade parties. Tom understands that Caterina is a strongly independent woman:

Tom walks straight in under the veil of secrecy wearing a mask, that’s when he returns there, these people have to pair off eventually, it’s couples night right, being invited back to their cordial invites, but then he asks, “Why is this one clinging on to me?”

Why is the one clinging on to me? I will have to ask her why she is clinging on to me and what does she want from me. I must be polite. Oh, and I do admire this one.

I’ve had to ask her why she was clinging on to me. What was this, her last vestiges of hope, as if a rose, the parts of a rose whose names I must learn, and the patels have fallen off of this part.

The Roses Have Lost All Of Their Relevance. Their Petals Have All Fallen Off.

Since when must I learn all the parts of a rose, their technical names, also of a flower, but go on please, and neither am I a Botanist but if I may, why is she clinging on to me? The way each petal clings on to the parts of the rose in the center, it’s like I’m that part, “The Stamen,” the center of her attention, hmmm, that’s the parts name!

Here I must learn something else before going on and that is to learn more of the parts of a rose, all of their technical names and then proceed to call out to her, oh it sounds so precious, “My Pistil,” and “You are Sweet My Darling.” She smells so nice!

Well, little does she know that this one rose, this woman who is worn, probably is worn down from all of her hard years of a failed and rugged life that she’s just as charming still, and that’s even with her working clothes on. “I’ve got to keep my eyes on you Caterina, obviously!”

Hair Long, Black And Falling On Her Shoulders, Her Black Skirt, Knee Length High, Her Lily White Skin.

There she was again Caterina. There were sources who let it known that someone has been increasingly making improper glances away, he has began to peek at this person, to peer at her. Each envision her desires, her thick and long dark hair, her wild animal like instincts, not everyone is perfect. So tell me who looks for skin at the bottom of clothing and briefly captures something down in those area? I wish for awhile they should speak about this.

“So, I’ll tell you. Okay, he dove into my things, oh, he dove in-there alright, right into my things.” Caterina tries to sort it out about Tom.

“What Honey?  He will not and does not dive into your things, not the way that you my ‘Pretty’ dives into her own things.” This is what those sources told her.

And then I saw without a doubt the Gallantry, the Parents the Pageantry of Warriors, one wearing her knee length black skirt, quite a unique uniform. She was made up with a dress, of a modest type and with her lily white skin, a mother. She had a full head of thick black hair falling on her shoulders. This was Caterina!


Close To Nature


Ablaze are the fires of the autumnal leaves and the scattered debris. Reminiscent of the fireside’s pre-dawn hours of early morning, the fires of last night are still smoldering. A smoky remnant still remains from the burning embers and downed branches.