It’s A Party And I’m Staying

Now who amongst us of the group is still going to be around for many more years, riding and will be available to ride. It’s a party and I’m staying.

If it’s the kind of road, and we know where one can be found, you’re ever enduring and stretched out, long enough to put as many smiles on their faces as possible just like when you first meet new people the ones who you really admire. Let us begin. How do you like my new motorcycle Road? Im talking about the roads that are part of my journey. The Road Is My Friend.

It has taken me 25 years or about that to put that many smiles on my face-miles, now 190,000 or so on all my rides. More years you may ask? May you be blessed clearly with more years.

What happens now to the mind and the body when our physical bodies get tried and we wish to go home yet we’ve come into a situation that will involve us being away at night and out of our house of an evening. What happens when our thirsts and our hunger for a moment become evident and our hunger and thirst overwhelms us. Whenever we gather for dinner at home our wine glasses are full, we have fed ourselves well with good food and we have ate our fill now we’re full and we know it, we’re done!

The front of the house faces to the east and the sun sets in the rear of the house to the southwest and that’s just how it is. Yes, our kitchen faces south too, it’s towards the back of the house and inside our windows have strong sunlight coming through, a very bright radiant sunlight shines through especially of an evening where it has begun to warm up inside even while the air conditioner is running it still makes it warmer inside if the blinds or left open all day. The rear windows are facing the southwest towards the setting sun.

I would have been riding all day, I would have stayed out until 9 P.M. But as you may have guessed it, I got tried and hot and was completely exhausted. So I returned home at a good time, it was happy hour. Sometimes I think for what? I usually take a shower when I get back home. I will cool off and drink something refreshing.

I remembered at youth camp we would go from that last thrown pitch of the ball, when the baseball game had finished to standing in line for supper at the cafeteria. This was at youth camp. There wouldn’t be anytime to go freshen up, the showers were closed off at that time and you couldn’t even stop to rest or take a nap.

You know you will want to handle those night time festivities and be awake. You’ll be up past midnight.

It’s nothing but a thing,

What happens to the mind and the body when you decide to stay out and not come home until past midnight. That morning you were up since 4 A.M. You have decided to stay so you could attend a rock concert. Oh, it will be outside at night and be informal.

What if there was a real good suckling pig, some pork barbeque to eat for supper there at the fair grounds. And too, with all the usual side dishes; coleslaw, pork-n-beans and potatoes. It will all taste real good right about then in the cool shade inside a hospitality tent and with some cooling system in place. I told her it’s the way they wore their elegant attire, “I don’t know, mine are the clothes I still have on, no more than these motorcycle clothes I’m wearing.” I certainly had them on all day. I wasn’t going home to take a shower and cool off just to have supper. No, I was there already and because I lived over a hundred miles away I will be staying. The concert will be starting in three hours.


Lets see, when it rains and in the summertime and if I’m at home I will need a nap:

1. I need a nap during the day so I can recoup from the sleep I miss. I’ll roll over to wake up eventually and at a good time however but not before it gets dark outside because you know, that’s when I will go to bed.

2. I need to wake up in the Czech Republic or in Prague but perhaps and more likely in the North of Italy. And yes, I’ll need a drink as an appetizer because it’s near dinner time. Okay, I do like the places of Northern Italy and I want some of their wines. So yes, I’ll have a glass of wine.

3. The weather well, it would need then to have rained during my slumbering, where I slept so soundly during my nap and it did that and I never heard a thing. The rooms you know are so sound, the windows and tapperella’s are shtick (shut). The rain has been gently pitter patterning down upon the roof all afternoon. The roof is deadening the sounds, it’s on the clay tile roofs the way they are made over in that part of the world. I will have slept soundly in fact and I usually do whenever there are these siestas.

4. I will be awaken by then, after having drank my wine, a sufficient enough wine, add the sugar levels as this helps to make me wake-up promptly.

5. Now that I am awake after my much needed nap this has been during the day and in the afternoon while it has been raining. Now I will want something to eat. I wish to smell those fragrances of food as they are being cooked as this fills the air. I much more prefer to recognize the smells of oils as they heat up to fry the skillet fish or the fresh produce as it is made into a salad or the fruits. I want them to be my favorite dishes.

6. Later, I am taking a walk outside and down to the little village bar and that’s in order to eat our ice cream and meet our friends and acquaintances, to touch base so to speak. I’m thinking I’ll be there until midnight forcibly so because I am now well rested because of my nap.

7. This is just what we did, sometimes and most all of the times. The plates we ate out of, we never spit in them. We love our little place in the world. This was our pattern of life. We fell into that pattern of life, over a period time and this was out of love. This is simply what the good people of the world do.

I’ve told myself and I’m thinking we all started riding motorcycles long ago on much smaller bikes. You’ve had a comfortable life and we never get to see these concerts here at this place you always come here during the day to the fair grounds. Your seats are on the front row and as for them, they are in the comfort of their own homes that’s where they feel safe. It’s as if they’re staying put because of their own fate, of the course they’re on, their pattern of life, out of time timed out. We’ll, I’m staying for the concert!



Helping Others

There was a US Armed Forces Veteran I met once while stopping to refill my motorcycle with gasoline. We had exchanged a few friendly words because I guess we were both on the two wheels I spoke to him first, “I have been riding all day.”

I usually ride somewhere on the weekends so riding long distances was not out of the question by any means. This day I was making one big loop and taking big portions of the map circling back making a big loop, still abiding by my time and my distances covered and this involved taking short cuts too so I could return home of the evening before dark.

Actually this guy was traveling by bicycle pulling a trailer with his bicycle. I have never seen anything quite like this, it weighed alot and it was heavy, too heavy for me and heavier than the bicycle itself. This may have been all his personal belongings and this bicycle was his only means of transportation.

The next day he had made his way to a point along the road where I met him. Let’s just say that I used my hunches to follow him from his projected route of traveling south.

It was on this day that I decided to use my vehicle and go after him to go pick him up and to load up all of his gear in the back of my pickup truck. So on the morning of that Sunday morning I returned to pick him up to give him a ride to where he was going. And I did.

He was going to Tucson, AZ. He was coming from Prescott, AZ. I didn’t know anything about him other than the fact that he was homeless. This was obvious.

I would never ride a bicycle to such great distances especially towing a heavy bicycle trailer. All of his personal belongings were in that trailer. We met at a convinience store the day before. This was at a cross roads intersection south of Phoenix, AZ.

He says he was a disabled Vietnam Service member. He had suffered a head injury somewhere somehow. He claimed a disability from the VA. He states he has an income. He has no home he lives in one large tent.

What do you do!

“That a person whom I don’t know who has a wig on and she’s sitting on the back row or near there. I meant to take the train. I think to ask her now this women for a urinal bottle. It would be my most accomplished task to date.”

Her reply was,”The look on your face says you’re carrying a bladder full of urine. Yes, I do have one and there’s the toilet back there.”

“Ah, that’s the correct answer.”

And that’s what made this a special ride, special for me anyway.

Always, I love this route that I take. It shows stamina and strength, all of my stamina hanging in there in the balance, this is my training and what I have learned is that, “This is why I ride a bicycle.” This is my self talk and my discipline, to get in shape!

..”I personally would like a Peach Cobbler and a Shrimp Ettouffee warm and steaming all right in front of me. Because I will want my snacks, this gives me energy.”..

What if you were trying out for a triathlon event or an Iron Man contest. However you will train this will be easy enough.

Because you will be pampered and fed. You won’t miss any of your meals or any of the bottled waters given you, now about those spas, the way they touch you, relaxing you. You will sleep in a bed in a climate controlled bedroom and you will always be in an environment where the best-known athletes have trained.



Would you risk sleeping on the ground beside of the road as my new friend had. He’s sleeping on the ground out in the field beside of the road perhaps with no food and no water in an environment of unknown inhabitants where wild animals roam?

So what’s the risk of helping others?



This is Lucy’s Bar

Then this is where you and I once met.  You and I both came here, then we noticed a vacant table so we sat down together. We started talking and when we introduced ourselves you became awkward and you became shy, you clammed up. It was the bitterness as we drank our teas as we drank our first beers, the bitterness of our first steps on our first date of our sacrificial beers. But we met here. This was in the summertime. The was doing things in a hot and spicy way and being busy. Yes, busy!

We were having hors d’oeuvres, anchovies and those bruschetta and while we were both talking and shouting, our voices could hardly be heard.

We spoke well. I have spoken to her ‘Very Good’ I thought. And we are dreaming, in fact this is the appointed time of happy hour and this is a happening place. I spoke to her, “I’ll forever be here for you Darling, so let’s remember this and those outbursts, I will so forever love to hear them, even all the more. So let us begin.”

He could hardly ever remember loving her, it’s just that he does remember her, being described as ‘Friends’ and feeling alive.

That’s when he began to imagine how one could begin to physically describe the words like Grandeur or Inflamed? And then proceed to give their imaginative efforts, those effects describe by using your own hands?

He needed to be assertive, entertain her and for her to be his captivated audience.

Well, I was a nerd and out of it came my improprieties, all my conscience and cumulative desires and with that, some things don’t add up…she has the slightest smile across her face.

This place is called Lucy’s Bar.


This particular place was where I first saw you. Then after a few drinks, glances and stares we met. Do you remember we first met on that level of ours, when we came into this folly. Of course, we’re playing our parts where we picked one another apart, our voices riding an octave higher and apart, syncopating in the harmony. The sounds of the music and the entertainment were echoing loudly. We were both talking at once shouting our voices raised this was because of the music. But we hardly knew each other, so the music was a good thing.

That one person, I can’t budge her. I think she has fallen off the face of the Earth or has became seriously ill as in, not well meaning nothing unless…perhaps I haven’t learned about her, I’ve been ill-advised.

But you know I would rather have been kicked out of the place or asked to leave for all the commotion I stirred, and also to have been booted off her friends list and even blocked out, but never stuck there considered as being a wallflower, those who take up space.

Now, I’ve taken it upon myself to go to Lucy’s Bar, so quite often I frequent the place, in fact, I have noticed another one and she’s the shy party. I do this partly because I love those faces, those who show up, they radiate what love is all about and as always their faces beg my for attention. They’re attractive, they look at you.

Oh, last night I went out and one lovely lady was sitting there and I talked to her, “Listen do you live in a beautiful town?  Oh, it’s all good.” You never seem to realize the look of responses they give, that when you exploit their person on a more personal level.

Yes, Lucy’s Bar it’s all good!


Two Different Riders Two Different Ideas

I’m here to manage my time more precisely. I’m trying to muster up enough courage with my new ambitions all of them and bring them into fruition. Well, that’s the plan. Maybe just to decide part of them just some of my plans. I hope to garner up enough courage to do this. I think those things I have are good ideas. I’m good at ideas and for the running order of the day, truth is I don’t know if this is too smart of an idea.
 I wanted to do this and my wish list is welcoming these ideas. This is where you will rein in all of your thoughts of the moment for what you’re doing and what you’re going to do and which ones are more important to you and more meaningful to you. You may go about this sometimes but you just can’t sit on your plans and you really don’t know how this will work out or what you’re inputs should be. What do you have to offer for this? It needs to be planned out carefully.

No, there are there fewer things which I think have alighted their wonder like getting ready for role-playing, it’s a hat trick. 

It is important to me to do this and the sooner I mention this the better. Whose to say where this may lead.
They eventually asked me and I answered them, “Maybe they are whimsical in their young lives.”  These young people hey, they didn’t want to work very hard  and in fact they have wanted to play. Meaning they didn’t want to work at all!  Okay, how were these young people going to support themselves. Well, they have eventually gone off to work somewhere.  I too have habits unlikely to be understood. Now, I fall into that category although I however qualify for my ramblings, I am retired. 
We arrived here by the riverside near Smithland, KY.  You have to go out and find your ride. Get out there on the day of and begin your day’s ride, a route of your choosing. Some riders may come along with you but most never will.
Well, we sort of taking this day’s ride on the spur of the moment. My friend calls me up and asks me if I wanted to go on a ride and will I be ready in an hour. 
Oh so like, “Yeah, I’ll go!”
We never know where we’re going yet we make our voices heard.
So we began our ride but this all changes quickly to a completely different direction and a different route.  And I know of a place that has picnic tables and is a perfect place where we could stop and have lunch. This spot is in another state and we could grab some lunch at a fruit stand that is near by these picnic tables.
All I am saying is you wouldn’t do this if you were taking your car. Well, maybe you would if you had a comfortable cabriolet and on a good day.
Getting back to the ride and for sure planning your ride is of big importance.
I’m the type of long distance rider who gets up early and likes to ride for hundreds of miles during the day.
I usually do this by going alone. It’s okay, I’ve been doing this forever. My usual riding Buddy for reason I don’t why, he doesn’t ride to such great distances. I don’t know why but perhaps yes, I do know why.  This isn’t my problem but either way it is what it is. I just know you increase with your experiences and you change and you morph into greater things and you will ride farther and as you except these challenges etc.  you eventually will go for it, he however hasn’t done this.
Our ride here today isn’t one of my favorite rides. This is not one my choices or places to ride to but nonetheless I have enjoyed the company of another rider coming along with me.
If I could technically adjust this ride where we would have taken hwy 60 from Ledbetter all the way through Marion, KY and then on to Sturgis, KY. We would have then crossed the Ohio River near Smoking Joes Convenience Store and which is located along beside the road that leads across the river. We would cross the river there and be in Old Shawnetown, Illinois. And then continue riding in Southern Illinois.
He wanted to ride the little River roads in Kentucky and run around on these back roads. I feel that this area leads to nowhere. Perhaps if we were on smaller bikes where we could flick the bikes around the curves real fast as before in our younger days. Yes, we’ve been riding a long time and that’s what makes this ride special. But as I’ve said and look, these are cruiser motorcycles and are heavier meant for long distances where one should have morphed into something bigger where you ride farther and go greater distances. 
I have met an individual of interest one day. He was from Wisconsin and he was on a smaller motorcycle with only himself. He was touring the river roads that run along side the Mississippi River. The history of those places goes way back and so it was of interest to him. Although he may do exactly what he says by touring the byways, and there are motorcyclist who will find this interesting. I however may enjoy the roads along the Coasts or riding along the Long Island Sound which I have done.
I’m thinking I’ll be taking another ride out to the Western US. 
You see here are two-different riders-two-different ideas.
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