Quitting At An Early Age


We arrive early and stay late. Some showing up fashionably late. There were violins heard, a nice place a low roar. This was down on Las Olas Boulevard.

We gather more frequently where we each enjoy another’s company, conversations, those who love these incidental contacts. We’re at a park, and these are the intimate moments that we often share together. These incremental moments are not anyone’s fault, we have to do it, we just love to. We’ve had our picnic, had a few drinks and then all of a sudden when we all get up to leave, I accidentally fell down on top of my friend, she was nice to me. We laughed.

Usually I get tired, so I go to bed rather early. I live nearby the park. After a good night’s rest, I get up and will be outside of first light. It’s been warm and the weather has been hot and sultry. There is a park nearby and in the mornings I like going for my walks in the park.

There’s a place where the locals like to go, many of my neighborhood, we like sharing the sidewalks via the neighborhood streets. We make our way to the park and here there is a soccer field, a running track and places for a picnic. There are many places where to shop along the streets close to the park.

Nearby are the expressway projects, the infrastructures, they are under construction.

The boulevard that runs nearby the park is very busy, it’s a popular park, there are shopping malls, restaurants, diners and coffee shops, all are along this busy boulevard. This road accesses the traffic into the park. Next to the park are the residential areas. 

There are bus stops along the way located on this boulevard.

Sometimes there exists a terrible smell, I can smell it, it’s a strong odor, there must be pollution in the big city nearby.

There standing out there in the fields, of a reserved plantation nearby, I can see they’ve got beehives all around and that’s all I know. It looks like they’ve got new help, new hired hands and they’re just standing around. Here looms trouble, I think so, no doubt. There’s more to be reckoned with or learned other than to be just standing around yet still, they’ll never know, they’re too young.

Now here’s an instance of caring, as definitively as one could, also as determined. I have come here this morning to this job site to ask the up and coming, the one who works with the bees, I’m concerned about her because I should be and we eventually all will want to help people in need.

I ask her, “Where is your house sitter, also what is this Buzzfeed? Did you know this person, his name was Thinning d’Ous De Beer, he was a cool hipster dude back in the day? Take care of yourself my Darling!” There was small talk. She’s rather young.

Where will I find the strength and fortitude to forgive her mother, also to love this person I see working diligently, to live and let live, after all these years? You love the ones and hate the others, those you love will turn against you, those you hate will forgive you. I forgive you, now all I ask is will you forgive me? It’s amazing that I want this young girl to succeed.

I spoke to her mother summarily,

“Thank you for your clemency and for forgiving me. I get the all clear to speak to our daughter and you’re not delineating astuteness of my ways. We are strengthened by forgiving others, for this I thank you!”

I knew her mother, we grew up together, this was in the same neighborhood where we both lived. There were many of us younger people.

We rode our bicycles everywhere, riding them on the streets, going over to our friends house, up to the little town, to school and back, going through our neighbor’s yard on to their lawns.

It was here in this community where we attended the same schools and many of the churchiness functions together. I knew her mother well, I liked her and I was quite attracted to her. I would see her in the group hanging out with the others, many who were our friends. We were all about the same age.

I probably never really got over her, after we broke up and I never knew her well enough or as well afterwards as such, not after those earlier years that we had spent together. But as time goes by we change, we were all growing up, of course we were, at home, obviously together with our families, this was our families who have protected us.

Now because of those years, I don’t remember too much. Well, maybe I do remember the part about my best friends and the times we spent together, yet I was never held accountable for anything, especially anything to do with her child, not like an adult. I would have been a no show every now and then.

Spartans sports and the extracurricular activities like we had after school, the track teams, the girls and of course, the intramural sports games. Maybe for me as with her, it was all a cat and mouse game, although flirting with her when her boyfriend wasn’t around, and I have to tell you, that showing off in front of her like this was very intoxicating. Now there’s formal dating.

Back then if I had seen anyone of my friends or her, I would run towards them, as if something exciting was going to happen. And then on other occasions, if I had seen them another time, I’d run away from them for a little while. Later, I didn’t know that I would drift away from my friends for good. And dating was just a stupid game of ‘Acceptance’.

Young as we were, and quitting at an early age. We needed guidance from the adults.

Now this one is for her daughter. This one’s for you my Sweet Darling!




Where have they gone, I wish to find their whereabouts.  I knew them long ago.  Now only the wind whispers their names, never to be heard or seen again. I look for reason.


Attitude Is Everything


She’s toning it down one level at a time.  Attitude is everything.

Micki says she probably should get a seasonal job or something as mundane.

“How about the shoe department, will this work out for you? You’ll work nights?”

“Whew, I don’t know,” Micki replies, “that’s tight!”


Check-In Check -Out


Somewhere there was an exciting fireworks display during the day. However, whomever let it play out. The explosions excited the dogs in nearby homes.

And…As if it were a celebration too, it’s what everyone thought, it was unannounced. Now, there were guest leaving and this couple, they were preparing to leave, to check-out due to the uncertainty of it all, as did the staff, everyone.

Perhaps the reason they were there, this was ever to do with their romanticism, it was the couple’s honeymoon. It was obvious now, they couldn’t concentrate on their love making.

“You were a wintery calm of warmth My Darling and refreshing too My Love!”

Day-in day-out, lovers always staying constantly intertwined, making love as this was their moment, their honeymoon.

“Figures, now I can’t concentrate in here in our hotel room My Darling, and with those soldiers outside our window, I hear munitions exploding outside.”

“No Honey, it’s a fireworks display, rather an explosion at the plant nearby us,” she states.

“Oh Really?” Now he has a worried look on his face.

“Please, look at the news coverage Darling,” she turns on their hotel room television to the local channel.


…The populace saluted the motorcade carrying the city officials as they drove by. The fire department, the policemen and all other city officials, them good ole boys, all who were presently attending, saluted the motorcade as they drove away, saluting each other and themselves as well…

“Bobby,” the newlywed explains, “These are fabrications and are real enough to mask something, it’s probably a monopoly. Them good ole boys, the homeboys, probably took control of all the cash coming in and out of the warehouse and all of the cash from the firework sales and the computers, ‘The Books’ they were cooked as well. One of the bugs they have to work out, ever to do with the purchase of fireworks and by law, anyone can see the bug in that.”

A much bigger fish remains at large.


This Song Has It’s Lovely Verses


This song you sing here has it’s lovely verses.

I live in a completely different world other than your own. These are the marvels of architectural design and with the advent of modern technology and modern design, the inventions of machinery, of Man and his Machine, I live in luxury.

Well, it’s the climate, it’s mild. I have twelve foot high ceilings with 5 foot tall windows that are three foot wide. This allows the air to come inside of my home. The place where I live, I can hear a rush of people running around in a hurry down on the streets below. I hear the commotion, people out and about and in the busy streets below, it’s those big-city buildings of shops and restaurants where people have caffélatte, cappuccinos and espresso, are scurrying along making due of the morning rush hour.

The city’s center, the big piazzas, the street markets, the vendors, also the enormous church cathedrals all are right here, and it’s busy. This is where I live. There are busy shops and fancy retail stores, all are high-end. They will close at noon time for siesta, that’s why everyone’s in a hurry.

The windows of my home draw in a noise of daily activities coming in from the streets below. I leave my windows wide open and this is why the curtains are flying around. I need the air circulation though.

There’s a pub downstairs on the street near where my home is located. I can go there via the stairs to join them, to join the crowd of beer drinkers if I want. I may have as many beers as I’d like, then afterwards, I can crawl back upstairs thereabouts and go to sleep.



Going Into The City

California - 20

It seems that we have these cheesy moments, we see them as we dive into our past, still our bad habits exist, of our pitiful song, because we’re social creatures and we have to be heard, we need to. Probably again, to gain attention, a mannerism, having done so myself. This has to do with a relationship with a friend..

“First, she was one opportunistic person whose smile seemed charming yet now her mannerism has left her. I’m glad to have stayed the hell away from her, she won’t be missed,” Lucas stated.

This is unlikely to be the case, it’s just that she just grew apart from him.

She argues:
“Oh, And Then One Time, He Took The Pleasurable Moment To Get The Hell Out,” [shouting] and, “He’s not a good golfer.” [less shouting]

His face was swollen due to the salty foods he eats.

The transportation to get down into the city is not an easy task. The bus depot is downtown, then there are the transfer stations and with time constraints, and with the various schedules, you have to be on time. Also there are things to do like shopping and the drop off locations. *beggars are at these location spots (his favorite).

He continues:
Now, I must wait for a second bus and with people all around me, they are talking, they are everywhere, they are talking but not to me.

If I could, I would talk to them and be heard, but they’re not listening to me, they’re not listening to anyone, they’re talking loudly and on their cell phones because this suddenly becomes their own space, but I’m right here with no place to go. That’s bullshit!

And then there’s the girl on the bus with me, why hasn’t she moved, locating herself to another seat? She’s been sitting next to me since we’ve got on together and she still is, we both got on together at the same time. It’s strange because all the other passengers have gotten off the bus already, I don’t know her, what’s she doing?

Also while riding the bus down to San Francisco, I found and noted a person of interest or I found her online through an apps on my phone called, ‘Crowd Fire’ of people nearby. I replied, intercepted one of her tweets and retweeted her. I also followed her, then she quickly blocks me. Such terse interaction, encrypting, reacting, it’s nothing. Twitter is something she’ll never understand, why does she use it?

The traffic and the noise is bad, it’s picked up, it’s quite loud! It’s all here, what do I make of the place? I love it! The city is fun and exciting. Yes, here I come to see a person of interest, one of my lovelies. I’m going to visit San Francisco, traveling all the way from Sonoma Co. by way of public transportation, ‘The Transporter’. I’m carrying my bicycle along.

This person who I plan to meet, I have sought her out. I met her once before at the park, actually this is where waves of people are always gathered. I know she hangs out there. She’s fair game, I wish to point this out.

She is my first-time lover. I know of her potential, of our potential together.

Lucas phoned her:
“Where are you,”… and riding a bicycle, this was in an attempt to get there…to get to her. “Where are you, where are you located?” He continues talking, “I read you like the little thing that you are,” and then, “Thanks,” and she hangs up on him.

He phones her again:
“You want to meet me? Oh you, how could you, having never loved anyone, have you felt love? You’re like an extremely beautiful glamour model, did you ever remember feeling loved by anyone? Feeling loved, if you call it that, did you truly know this person? Trust them? Well, perhaps you knew that person, but you never knew of such dependency and depending on how much my mind reads this, how to treat them. So, I say to you, treat them with kindness, they love you!”

She explains to him as gentle as she could, “I don’t dislike you, but I don’t love you and yet, I don’t hate you either, so please don’t hate me!” And that’s where he’s at right now, stuck on this!

He continues his phone call:
“Are these the responses I get for this? If I love you, and I do, I will feel it, I feel for you. The love I have for you is in my heart, I love you! How can you have misunderstood me?”

He’s had a crush on her from way back when, in fact he talks about this:
“I had fantasies about her, about us being together, but I think I was too shy to make any moves on her, especially since our family was together at the same church, attending services together on Sunday mornings, but I had to act reverent, especially with her parents watching. I’m sure they were watching us. They knew I liked her.”

Lucas explains:
You know, following a thread, chasing your dreams, and what is your thread, who is your crush, are they somebody you want in your life, someone who you like very much like?

So this is like having a good bottle of wine, perhaps with friends.

I would say to her, “You’re sweet. You have changed, I like that! Hey, You are charming! You’re sweet, can I give you a nickname?”

There are moments when we want to call out to them, to the one, give them names we thrive to hear and we love to pronounce, but we know these are not their names or anyone’s name in particular, they’re just our sweet little thoughts of fantasy of praise.



Old Hippy

IMG_20170212_062059 (1)

I am an older man, a gentleman of course, but an older man, and I don’t care what anyone says about me or my snort.

I’m Playing this game of life, playing it legitimately as they say, playing the juju, (that’s the djinn). There’s a new endeavor, is skinny what you think?

Eventually taking her into my lap shouting incoherent sentences and for their namesake, words which I cannot pronounce but were the phonetic sounding of the words, shouting absurdities.

Now here I sit, I am legit. I’m reading a book, a hardback book. Yes, I bought this book in a book store, Books-A-Million. So yes, a published book, suffice to say, ‘refinement’ because it was edited and thus printed and distributed to the many people who would read it. What am I reading you may ask? Thanks.

I’m doing the many assorted tasks; listening to Ozzy Osbourne ‘Dreamer’ and checking out the weather on television, also on the TV, I’m waiting for my reoccurring recording to switch on, it’s live racing action in Europe.

So yes, I’m legit, watching television or glancing at the screen, a sports broadcast that programs live as it actually happens in ‘Real Time’. I don’t wish to read of the results while scrolling through my news feed.

That’s right, reading a book that was published, copyrighted material, there’s no infringements here or plagiarism. I’m sure the money I spent will go into the rightful hands.

Also, this is worth mentioning;  I’m in my own home. Sometimes I go outside for a walk and there’s a stench that I smell, it comes of the morning, I begin to smell this from the light of day when the sun begins to rise, a smell from the humidity in the air, the dampness, of the dank boiling air.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be reading this stuff in my study while sitting in my chair. It comes from those who welcome you across the internet, yet in our parting ways and for strange reasons, for blamed circumstances of theory, particularly those of the free world, myself could never figure out.

Yeah, and there’s the radio station I’m listening to.  A local female DJ is talking about maple glazed bacon donuts. She entices me to eat that pretty and tasty maple glazed donut. Yeah, I’d eat that. Her voice sounds so appealing and she can sell you and does!

First thing in the morning is my coffee, now later, I’ll want a Bloody Mary, bacon w/eggs yellow running, a newspaper and a cigar. Now Get The Hell Out Of Here!