Your Words

David in a sense, I knew or had known you were like this. Why then is this your message of sadness, I read your report. I understand these are bleak circumstances but of course so true, of everything about you, as everything unfolds about you, to include you! It was his teeth marks wasn’t it? A kiss being a grim reminder. He bit you and this was a devilish feel, it made you shudder, it made you flinch, his soft bite meant especially for you. David, surely this is a friendly reminder, a message to all, true and one of love. I’m sure this is about your coming out.


Rural Byways


There is a place where nobody goes and suddenly a thought occurrs to me, I should drive into this small town and find somewhere to have lunch. My choices were pretty clear, traffic or no traffic. I’m not wearing a necktie, I’m on my motorcycle.

I must decide to ride my motorcycle through a specific route traveling around the little town on the bypass, or to drive straight through the town and stop somewhere to have lunch. I know just the place. I see it while approaching this town, checking things out as the town gets closer, I can just as easily go straight through. I decided to drive into the center of town.

Usually when I get on the bypass to go around on the outskirts of town, I never see anything if I go around the town. It’s a faster pace but hey, who’s in a hurry around these parts? I sometimes get in a hurry. I feel like if I do these loops, to complete a circle on the map, it makes the ride more enjoyable and I can get through the hurdles rather quickly. There are plenty of miles to go. I’m putting many miles on my motorcycle. These miles mean wear and tear on my tires, also the maintenance intervals come due more frequently.

Here on this day I’m on this fast loop of a super four lane highway, I’m all over my lane of travel. I can’t hold a straight line, not like that. I won’t, it’s too slow it’s not how I ride. I’m always changing lane position. I meet corners at the apex of the curves leaning over and launch very quickly again into a straightaway from the curves. I’m clutching and switching gears while riding fast, okay yes, it’s a fast pace and I do love that feel riding motorcycles.

One of my favorite rides or routes is to arrive at a favorite destination, a family restaurant for lunch. This at a crossroads some 100 miles away from my home. Here you may have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The best meal is Sunday lunch or dinner, whatever you call it. It’s the noon meal after church services on Sunday. A diner that is near the cross roads of my ride through rural American, that’s unique. There is a major state highway that begins next to it. This highway begins the second leg of my circle. It has gentle rolling hills going thru farmlands. The restaurant is open all year around. This friendly diner sits a good distance away from anywhere in this part of the state of a rural area. Most of the townspeople eat here. If you come all the way here then you deserve to have yourself a meal because you have earned it.

This diner where I usually eat, is the only place to eat. I can get a decent meal here, unless I just want to get a snack across the street at the gas station next door. Usually the patrons there are sent outside to their cars. I however was riding my motorcycle.

On my first encounter coming to this diner I was fascinated by the way the waitress spoke to me with those big innocent eyes of hers, “Did you want something to eat?”

“Yes, quite frankly I do My Dear,” I said. My first thoughts were, “What the heck Ole Gal, ain’t it obvious?”

Now, I shouldn’t have been so hard to please, to answer her like that, angrily, actually I just needed something to eat because I was hungry. First, I needed to wash my hands, “Are you looking for the bathroom,” she says.

“Honey, can’t you be more discreet, it is my personal business what I do in the bathrooms,” but there I go again. I did not notice her properly enough when I walked inside. Hearing her speak to me twice before I sat down was when I almost got sarcastically right up in her face smiling from ear to ear, “Why Yes My Dear, Where Are Your Bathrooms.” You know.. linger a bit, affixing my stares at her, seconds would pass, me glaring at her. I’d be right up inside of her space and why not, she had already invaded my personal space, my business of using the bathrooms IS MY BUSINESS. I guess in her mind she wants to know and so do I Honey! “But….Honey, please, can you escort me to your bathrooms. Please and Thank You!”

The food was great. I like the sunshine and being outdoors, I’m the outdoorsy type. I have ridden my motorcycle there many times, put in many miles and rode to many places. It’s not a famous place -no way, it’s a step further. It’s in an area of the state where I can find rural farmlands, beautiful scenery and good roads along the way on the scenic byways of our State.


Take A Moment


Often there are instances where we have misunderstood things. Once we sit down and think this through we can begin to undo the instances where we have misunderstood those things. Maybe there is a beautiful spot in nature where we can sit down and relax.

Nothing is ever perfect, but I know we can find balance. I hope we can find balance. We avenge our thoughts. We want retribution. We want to escape. Something or someone has taken sides against us. We want revenge on a grand scale. Forget it and live. Interaction with the human race is full of misinformation.


Staring Wide The Clock



It seems a bit odd to be staring wide at the clock in the wee hours of the morning. The second hand seems to tick away, a sound that feels as though it continues on into infinity any number of times.

I think I will turn away from facing the clock and do something different. I will probably and no doubt, continue to hear those chimes go ringing every hour, banging all throughout my home sometimes clattering loudly.

However the time it flies as you know, it waits for no one. What brings me here just to look at the clock? I’m impatient to say the least.

I’m waiting for my day to begin I guess, I have a lot on my mind, now only to find myself sitting idly by. I am waiting for something -time, for that moment the sun will appear. I should redefine my priorities. Where’s my thick wool sweater? I should rethink this. You’re always kinda curious you know?

Staring at the sky the sun has already come out. Okay, it’s noon now, I lost part of the day, still with no results. I often wonder if I’ve wasted my precious time? I know I have.

It’s winter and the streets are covered with snow and ice. The ground outside is covered completely in snow. I’m thinking somewhere there is warmth and sunshine but it’s not here and also, that someone could be staring wide the clock as I am in the dead of winter, it’s very cold outside. I think I’ll go back to bed now.


Are You Okay



As I depart company I can count on one hand who my closest friends are, would you like to know who’s on that list? I may depart company, later resurface but who knows what that could mean. It could mean my friends, they have all departed. I’ll do what I can to retrieve them back again and I have tried this before. I mean they’re real I think.

Your words are ablaze with richness. Please allow me to discover your words, them altogether by their meaning. I will start this alone. I will start with my thoughts obviously surrounded by your words. Your words are spoken well and have meaning. Please tell me more of them.

I’ve come here now sitting, waiting for the rest of my life to be over and why not, all the thrill has gone. I could forever dream about places wasting my time as I sit here, thinking about places similar to the same kinds of activities I once experienced when I experienced them, when I was a young man.

Now please, tender mark your words with your tongue. Touching your words with your tongue. Let me know when our two tongues are touching that through your words we touch, it’s message sending whatever, it is that what makes our two tongues touching.

I may write you letters and for what it’s worth, what my thoughts are, but they’re not supposed to express myself so ruefully.

I will write my memoirs and give them to my friends, those who I call my pen pals. If they knew, they probably wouldn’t write back.

And the whole world is waiting for their TV shows, their movies and their music.

I seems to be alright when I remember the weather, when it’s nice outside, because in my mind, this is what I prefer. Okay, I will then have the courage to do all those things. That is what’s behind all this, that’s why I’m sitting here writing you this letter.

It has been said that people are the key elements of motivation. People are our key motivators. If I may ask, what person has alighted your wonder that it has caused you to write these words. Remembering now that I’ve stated TV and have said the music, but what persons or person has either by her dilemma or his dilemma motivated you to write these words.

I believe this company suits me,  I believe it fits the bill. A company of friends who show kindness, who show genuine concern, this is a lovely place to start.



Small Town


This is a small town and the terrain nearby, a train station is there. The train tracks lead to a freight station. This freight station is nearby a main road. This is the CN Railroad Cargo & Freight Company’s rail station. It’s purpose is to haul and transport coal and other raw materials. There is a highway overpass and the traffic circles back to the freight station. This is not a passenger railroad facility, there are no passengers at this station. The passenger station is just a few miles north of town. The freight station lies near the cross hairs of a major highway, close by are homes of the townspeople and businesses. The town sleeps in a bygone era. Homes inhabiting the land have come into view here. This land divides the town into sections as creases to the township. A road leads towards a fiefdom out lining against farm fields.


Janice I’m a Salesman


Today we’re learning, we’re being trained by the experts. Heavily swayed by those who have made us what we are today.  Have we by our maddening desires, through this jublilee song along with counseling provided by the experts, by our counselors been sold all through a sells pitch? It is an effective way for us, the trainees to learn. This is our legitimacy, we must sell!

Even if I don’t own a vehicle (sometimes I wish I didn’t) I would rather be invited along in someones car. I have been hired to do a job. My desire is to be traveling sitting quitely in the back seat of their car, this in the back of my colleague’s car, their privately owned vehicle. I’m on it. I’m on the job.

On other occasions I simply wish to take the public transportation system, to be in perpetual motion, whether it be by golf cart playing golf somewhere or on a Greyhound bus or by Amtrak train or riding the riffs at an Imax theater. I can sell them. These are my clients and they may continue doing whatever it is they like to do and they deserve to. I may talk to them and I will. I can sell them.

It’s because I didn’t sleep last night, meaning me, and sleeping well is difficult, I haven’t been able to relax as I should. It’s because I have to get on them, get up close and personal to these people.

Now, to do this it’s beyond our reach and beyond our control, people are everywhere, they’re ll over the place and they’re constantly moving, coming over here going over there, to their homes, in and out. Sometimes I’m never really mentally present, physically maybe. But I want to spend time with them, one-on-one with them.

If on the day of, as I approach my clients if by me silencing them (them silencing me), of their insincere pettiness, what the hell, redirecting me, a rather delightful warm feeling of being rejected. I acknowledge though that my hands on training was done by the best experts, they are like none other, unlike much of what it is today. I must be persistent. I was trained by the best. I’m a salesman!