Imagination To The Listener’s Ear

Imagination is the diversity of the mind. This is encouraged perhaps by atmospheric music. This exosphere music captures in essence, to the listener’s ear and to one’s imagination, places that are far away.

Time and distance even farther, true north literally, colder climates, although here it’s summer outside and it’s hot and sticky. It is cool inside, what a difference! Maybe wait for the seasons to change. But the stuff outside, the humidity, of the dark dance of mornings, again it’s the humidity, it’s not unusual, nor is the sun’s radiant heat of the afternoons, yet it’s very uncomfortable.

Oh, but it is! A sunlight so strong it feels oppressive. Maybe we’ll take heed and go to an indoor swimming pool, it being covered and of course, climate controlled. While our bodies love the warmth, there’s a small difference in varying degrees, how that temperatures affect your musculoskeletal system. A dry heat seems ideal.

This music takes you by aerial views, perhaps traveling by air over the snow capped mountains where you’ll arrive upon a cabin, to a very desolate place. There’s snow upon the ground here, it’s cold and it’s frigid outside. Burrr!

This outdoors area where you’ve landed, where you’ve arrived it’s all foreign to you and at best as you can imagine, a place of the northernmost part of the Earth and you’re also at higher elevation levels. So by now your imagination and your music have brought you to this place, now you are where no one can reach you.

Well, I prefer the warm weather, I prefer the summertime and I prefer the strong sunlight. I like to see the flowers in bloom and to smell their fragrances.



Are My Messages Getting Through


•I’m working hard trying to make a living, sweating and tolling very hard daily, as this is strenuous work. A labor I enjoy, also I’m using my talents and experiences to do this work and while I think I’m okay, still it’s painful, it is rewarding but it’s not easy.

•No, I didn’t hurt you for never having loved you, although I think you’re over this now. Don’t you see, It’s the other way around. If you loved me, you didn’t show your love to me, you didn’t prove this love to me. You were my first love, but then, even though you hurt me, I mean in a way, I have come back to you. You were my first!

•I wonder if this could be getting through to you to us!

•Now Your Plain Lips were soft when we did this. You parted your lips and with your tongue meeting mine, giving way to deep kisses.

•Your plain lips used not to have lip gloss on them, only when I first met you, not at the beginning. We were first-time lovers and we made out with deep kisses. You liked for me to introduce this kissing as you kissed me deeply and ever so passionately with your tongue, sometimes urgently.

•When we made out, there was no one looking at us. You would usually invite me over for a visit at your home. These were our plain kisses.

•I think I remember you driving a Ford as your family’s car. We had lovely conversations in that car and something else too.

What’s Up? Wanna go out?


Stereo Equipment

This was our music, the music we listened to. We bought those LP’s and we recorded the music on to cassette tapes. Then we played the music in our cars, playback with cassette tapes with our car tape players and sometimes we yanked our homemade car speakers out from our cars and put them onto the roofs of our cars, this was very loud. We were at the lake or on the beach or in a field, someone’s back yard where we would throw a gaint size party. Then maybe there were those select times that we spent at the homes of our friends and we listened to our favorite music on their loud home stereo system. They had a sound system you just had to listen to, you just had to hear it, had to, with an amp, a preamp, mixers and other components like a Beta Hi-Fi Tape player , VHF Hi-Fi Tape player and a cassette deck, reel to reel, maybe two cassette decks.

Most of these systems were called stackables. The old home stereos speakers had very large speakers with 10-12 maybe 14 inch subwoofers and also tweeters for mid-range and a real nice speaker cabinet usually homemade. These stereos where 2 channel systems. I can remember 4 channel systems. Those 4 channel systems where called Quads.

Quadraphonic music a sound system using 4 separate channels and 4 separate speakers was the earliest consumer product in surround sound and thousands of quadraphonic recordings were made during the 1970s.

Of course, there were the feel good songs. These songs were good times songs you heard driving around, while you were playing the radio, playing those feel good songs you perhaps recorded. You must have been driving down to the beach or cruising the boulevard, just driving around out in the suburbs or the countryside listening to the music on your radios or tape players. I too remember driving out in the countryside playing those soft ballads.

I like all music and still do, to include all of the older Rock N Roll music. I’m putting some of this music into perspectives here like the music we listened to, loud rock n roll vs rock ballads, these ballads were easy to listen to, which helped put you into the mood, a mood of our choosing. We were dreamers back then and perhaps we still are somewhat. And I’m thinking that if all the dreaming we’re still doing can still reflect back to the same feel good songs and legendary rock ballads we used to hear, it being played either on the radio or by our media players, in some ways this is the same dreaming we did when we were young.




Go ahead panic and if I tell ya, I’d say the guy eats matchsticks because of the smell, is attributed to his intake for minerals, sulfur and wood. Oh, it’s a great neighborhood. He lives there. Just your average ruffian.

No, but really wished he’d be there again, this genuine person, a man a woman ‘tis genuinely amazing, kind of revolutionary don’t you think.

Who would be like, mildly annoying at first, upon his approach to the ones who are calm, quiet and shy. But you’ll see.. how that he disrupts the common order of things. Then the mystic smile. Particularly the one smile the clown makes at you.


The Lost and Found


This happened the other day and I’m not one to offer up comment, whether it be between the lines, because this would be too narrow a judgement. I’ll leave it to one’s imagination.

Anyway, did you ever get to a place and it’s crowded, well, that would be those angels encamped around you. I’m not a shy person or anything like that, maybe a little reserved for the invitation to speak to you..don’t you know!

I lost my airport parking ticket. This was in a crowded place and truth be known, I was a little nervous. Are we siding with people? I mean, you’re likely to get acquainted with someone, a person whom you can identify with, this is human nature.

Now to do this is a little bit beyond our reach and beyond our control because people are everywhere and all over the place.

*Please note that people are our key elements of motivation.

I mean, I’m just a tourist here. I thought of a human settlement and where it began. It began only with one artist adrift, how others followed him into this place and so on, now it has multiplied into a Hippie Commune. Scratch that!

Occasionally as this happens, in a crowded place, I’ve reared into them, people, they are strangers, their bitterness a story. Oh, there were cordial apologies, having ran into them, obviously, or should be apologies. Of course, we know things are interpreted differently with different people and there’s this fright and flight scenario that follows. “Hey, Hello there! Goodbye!”

Yes, while it is those strangers who welcome you, but in their abort departure, upon your parting ways, they are blaming you for their grim circumstances, in theory, those particularly of the free world. “Get Out Of My Way!” You’re at the airport.

I did tell one concerned citizen about losing my airport parking ticket. Okay, but I listed it as my contract, is what I told the lost and found.

The Lost and Found told me, ”Forget it and Live!”