Mrs. Lowe

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“Please come sit next to me near the fire where you’ll get warm. It’s okay, come, come sit next to me, is anyone still out there?”

“Oh yes, that’s so much better, so tell me about her, what’s happening with you and her?”

“Well, Thank You Mrs. Lowe, this is so nice… Oh, she’s good. She’s around, she just travels all the time, my new wife with her new job, you know. Yes, she’ll steal your heart away really, but no, she’s away right now working.”

Mrs. Lowe explains, “Okay. Well, I sought you out after I found out about her devotion and her expertise, about what a wonderful personality she has. She has a great attitude. She’s a very devoted person.

She is the most wholesome and caring, loving young woman I know!”

“Oh, Thank You Mrs. Lowe.”

“Mrs. Lowe, I’ll go fetch some more firewood, where do you keep it?”

The small stacks of thick wood make for an excellent source of fuel for Mrs. Lowe, to quickly rekindle her flames. The small young wood is ready to burn and burn all night long.

“Do you go out somewhere to get your wood, I mean to bring it home Mrs. Lowe?”

“Oh yes, yes I did and I do and it’s all right here. It’s ready! And I so love real hardwood.”

This evening someone has alighted her wonder.


Florence of Flora


Once upon a time there was a young peasant girl who had attracted the Lord of Flora, this was his title, ‘Lord of Flora’. He was otherwise known as Sir Flora. Her name was Florence. She was a pretty young maid. She had great big eyes, her eye sockets were rather large and bigger than normal. This may have been because of a hard life and she looked very worried.

Those of her co-workers, those who worked with her, they were jealous. They definitely noticed her in the presence with Lord Flora, when he arrived at her factory, this was when they got caught up in her love affair to the Lord of Flora.

Her co-coworkers would go about working when they saw the two of them together, the workers were afraid that an encounter with her would prove to be shown as spiteful and show jealousy towards the Lord himself and to his Misses. They didn’t want to show disappointment or something else.

Now she has become ‘Florence di Flora’. In the days that followed, Florence had set aside a look-alike mistress to folly with the Lord Flora. This was to look after him, it was only due to her perpetual absenteeism brought on by her many wanderings, she stressed out so soon after their marriage because of the differences between her and that of the Lord’s. She was but a peasant girl.

So ‘Firenze di Florence’ had her mistress and this young woman’s name was Sonya. She lived in a home with Harry and depending upon how you look at it, Harry was the housekeeper and caretaker to the dependency to the Lord’s property. Sonya lived mostly in this house off by herself. The Lord would send Harry away to journey through the pastures to herd the Lord’s cattle.

Tonight though Florence is making this night special, “Oh yes, all you amazing lovelys!” She’s quite happy as she calls out to the many guests in attendance.

And in her speech she explains, “You are very special, all of you and since then, since my marriage to the Lord Flora, and there have been many many years yet still, I’m alive!” she laughs and the audience cheers!

She has turned into a terrifying creature of the night! What has happened to her, to the Florence di Flora, now that she has become the consort to the Lord of Flora?

So very sterile, so very clean as if she smells a clean fragrance, it is Sangue/ Blood. She capitalizes on this, at dusk she smells their blood, and the smell of it, drives her wild she, categorizes this as odd as she announces her entrance, it’s as strange for her, because of the different brands, the different types of blood, which are now ever present.

There she was going about her way thru the night, towards her audience, a strategy of hers, these were her quick bursts, ‘Quickies,’ energy for the hunt. She hurries along as if their blood, each one person’s calls out to her.

How they turn around so readily, they cannot communicate, not after seeing her, then and now, not thoroughly enough, the sight of her in her full height of glory as the night approaches, it was such a shock.

I cannot think straight. I smell you, it’s your blood!

You see my Darlings, all of you! You are like every mountain top, the same as before, but never reachable or doable, for you see, others have enjoyed these pleasures. Now you’re mine! Hahahaha!

She wants to suck their blood!

She has succumbed to all of this and turned herself into a pretty woman and has successfully shown to be worthy and wonderfully popular with the town’s people.

Yes, finally she has made the Lord of Flora a beautiful wife.


Street Musician



Here a street vendor musician an artist plays. She works as a musician for an orchestra normally, now a free standing street act, she plays outside here in this big city where many passerby’s gather, because in these days the Symphony Orchestra she plays for are in their off season.

Playing her flute into the wind, scattering a sound into the distance, a sound that ricochets off the walls, off the buildings, her music falls just short falling upon the surfaces not too far from where she stood.

It was her recital, her flute, along with her musical song that was played, producing a sound so expertly done I might add. The wind and the microphone pick up the rhythm of the sounds of the notes that she plays and carries this away.  While the music of her flute plays, the sound picked up by her microphone, and her tones, the lingering tones and the sound waves, the volume that her speakers produce, the musical notes seems to hang there and blend together.

A sound that carries into the distance, a high pitch sound, a reverberating sound, a sound that echos off the big buildings, off the tall thick walls, calling to the farthest listener’s ear. Suddenly everyone can hear.

Although it’s of my own interpretations and that’s okay because in music and in theater it is this way. There always needs to be an audience.


Grand Cathedrals


Monuments and frescos are adaptations they are relics, sculpted and painted from a few centuries ago. Of course, they are what we see and what we visualize, exactly when entering into a Grand Cathedral of such magnitude scale or one like it. It’s okay to identify with the place, of it’s relevance and the décor, the splendid fine artifacts help to aid in our release. To pray for our own peace. That inner and utmost peace, a relationship between you and that Divine Being.

Hands trembling and they must be because of the uproar outside. If you lust and have greed and are not contented, sin will have led you down a pathway to Hell. This is what we are told.

This Labyrinth journey represents a journey, our solvency which is crucial as we all know. We must allow ourselves to enter inside one of these Grand Cathedrals, even if to hear music playing. Yes, we must know and allow ourselves to enter inside or one like it, to affix our views up at the God Head, to gaze up at the painted figurines, their likeness to the Sanctity of God’s Holy Word, of it’s illustrations. To look upon the Angels and stand in their presence inside of the church. To stand in the presence with another and so on and so forth, to worship Him. “Do not be afraid, for you be calm, for I am with you even until the ends of the Earth.”


Music by a Russian Orthodox Choir.

*Here is one particular comment that I find very interesting at the tail end of a YouTube video, and this was one lovely piece, a YouTube video, music by a Russian Orthodox Church Choir. Here is one comment from one of the various posters.

“Gabriel, this music was not created in communist Russia, but prior to the advent of communism (arriving and being sponsored from foreign sources), when Russia was the most devout Christian society on earth. Russia began in the year 1,000 as a religious tribe called the ‘Russ’, in Kiev (land later stolen from Russia by Germany and given to the ‘Ukrainians’, an amalgam of peoples including Poles and Russians) and kept as a sort of colony that would produce agricultural products for the Germans. The Russ ‘founding myth’ was Christianity. The communists were not even Russian – the monster Stalin was not Russian, and anti-Russian in spirit and culture. Russian people suffered most from communism. Every Russian composer created religious music. Go to the album ‘Tranquility’ to hear more of the Russian soul. Also: ‘Russian Orthodox Singers’. Today Russians are recovering to their lost soul.”
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


The Watch Tower


The curious ones are interested to know me, to know who I am. Okay, because to say that by seeing me, that someone has interviewed me, has identified me, by looking at my online profile, there’s a computer up there in that tower, that this will sell my passage. Okay, it is befitting for a stranger to come waltzing right on through right? Well, it’s kind of like a case for them as journalists, as castle guards, to forward this information on to the public, by exploitation. I will still need their nod, yes or no of approval or disapproval . Yes, certainly I have to be identified.

I haven’t been introduced, not properly enough, this is what the person who stands watch says,  who stands guard up there in the Watch Tower, it’s what they say, they’re saying that I haven’t been interviewed, not properly identified enough. I guess up to this point, her friends, her family, her fantasy really, the general public, the television, they have seen me before and now he or she is writing something down about me already and has probably without a doubt, written a book about me!

Okay, so they’ve written a book about me. Now you know or kinda know, if a book is that good and the book about me was spotlighted on television then yes, it would be worth the money to purchase the book about me, is like saying, you kinda know it’s probably best that you let me pass through inside.

All throughout my life, through all of my years, now that I have come this far, I have concluded certain things about life. Now I’m thinking that although your life, you will experience to have been smiled at with approval by some, and on the flip side, to not have been properly exalted and frowned upon by the others.


The Fashion Industry


Please allow me to further introduce myself. I work in the fashion industry, actually I work in the machinery and mechanical aspect of the textiles industries. Inside our company, I make purchases and buy materials for our designers, special materials for our clothing line, we use specific fabrics.

I also work in the procurements division or supply department of this company, these are materials such as cotton and wool, they are our biggest materials. These textiles are unlike none other. These products / garments are an ever changing style, designs implemented by our many fashion culture designers. Clothes which are in tremendous demand on such significance scale to the ever changing culture in the fashion clothing industry. Most all of our final end products go directly to New York , London and Milan.

I work directly with a woman whose name is Anna. I’m working closely with her, this happens to be a working relation. She is a lesbian.

Backstage at the Beadle’s Toast Café, on the fifth floor at the Rinascente, there are models all are wearing our elegant attire, all of the most irresistible clothing, the top of the line, this is to showcase them at the Beadle’s Posh Retail Café on the Catwalk.

I made connection with my friend Anna letting her be a part of this. I sought to throw away my shyness my fears. I went straight to her, looked at her in the her eyes and said, “You know, I love you Anna and will you be the Showcase Director?” I put my arms around her and we embraced. Before, this was all my pure fantasy. I was trying to be Showcase Director. I made myself do it, with all my strength and all of my courage. I began to feel my eyes watering and then I wept. I was so thankful to be relieved.

I was back stage seeing all the very pretty models, and some of the guys too, they are young and good looking. I was imagining them all like dolls in the nude magazines while I was masturbating backstage, getting myself off with my hands. I do this on occasion. I thought perhaps no one had seen me, but they knew yes, this was obvious, and to my surprise they didn’t even bother me, they let me do it. I would just be off in a corner partition somewhere. I have learned to set that distraction and nonsense aside and away somewhere else.

This is about a woman Anna with whom I am working alongside. Her and I work closely together. We also work closely with the others in the fashion industry and there are many of us in the same office. We work in the milling district, a known area near the downtown industrial area downtown by the river. There’s much work that goes into styling of a new design and this is just for one design, whether it be for a man’s outfit or for a woman’s dress, a new dress for example.

This woman whom I am working closely or to say, purportedly to have worked closely with is good working with people.

She is a fashion designer. She is Italian. I love her, Dear Anna. I’m so impressed by her work. She has an eye for the fashion industry, their hair, each model’s hairstyle, their costumes and their make-up and she is quick about it too.

Sometime I run by her home. I wonder, when I return there. I go by her girlfriend’s bedroom to say, “Hello, let’s talk. Then while there, I notice her, running around the house wearing those shorts. I wonder what would I say to her young friend? Yes, the little things I see watching her, these long lasting images, they belong to me.

The truth is, this breaks my heart. Anna is the person whom I love whether she is loving me in return or not or if she is perhaps using me, is miserable inside. I just can’t tell.

Well, to tell you the truth, I slept with another woman, I had an affair and for this there is no forgiveness. Now, I’ve learned that she’s with another woman herself. The truth is, it’s a one-sided love affair.

Now it’s on a Monday, and back to work again as usual and we must contain ourselves in the office. We’ve had our affairs and now we must move on!


I’m Putting You Into Position



He wrote her several messages. “It’s like I’m putting you into position,” and, “If your car is new or is it the old one?”

He’s never really formerly met her, but he comments in one message, “I’ve seen you in public today. I know our hands are tied but still again, it’s like I’m putting you into position.”

She corresponds back with a message, “Putting me in position for what, to do something.” Well, there was no denying that.

Later he writes her in postscript:

p.s. If you wish to communicate on a more professional level, a better way, a more formal way, please send me your email address in your message otherwise leave it the way it is.

She sends her speedy reply soon enough, she’s so surprised or rather disappointed that he may discontinue sending text messages and being the persistent person as he is. She quickly makes her decision: “No, It’s okay I would rather get your quick nasty spurts, your messages that you’re already sending, it’s okay!”

Later and another subsequent message by him. Here is his message, it is done rather quickly: “Oh you’re fucking pretty, pretty indeed!”

What does he write about. How can they continue to be interested in one another. The fallout is there, meaning he can see through her many different disguises, he thinks she’s not real, he does this, but why we don’t know. He knew of her from church long time ago growing up. He had a crush on her back then. The fallout due partly because the crush he’s had for so long is very real to him, yet it is worthless nonsense, yet nonetheless, very real at least, as real as you can get, also unhealthy.

Where is this Tuscany Boutique she likes to shop, where the girls there, like her shop too. The girls who work at the Tuscany Boutique are furious of her good looks, they are jealous. She buys very expensive clothing, very special attire that makes her look  interesting. She comes in quite often to this fashion boutique and orders very special costumes, expensive clothing, those that make her look captivating and that capture the attention of men of all walks of life.

  • How the frick does she seem to live in a very nice house, very nice indeed.
  • Who is she really.
  • What dark secrets does she carry.
  • Did he hear about her online, which was an easier way to find her since he has narrowed down her whereabouts, the place where she’s from.

“I’m Putting You Into Position” a text to her in a message. “It’s like I’m putting you into position” he texts her… “Hey, is that your new car, is that new or do you still have the old car?” He knows what kind of automobile she drives. “I think I saw you in public today but our hands were tied.” Yes, his hands are sure as hell tied alright. He texts her frequently, “Are you pretty?”

Although she rarely answers him, he continues to write her messages, he tried his luck so many times, he would write about her on the various media outlets:

There was always a fancy menace to her eyes, it was that way the whole time I have ever known her. It was so slight and obliging of whatever. There is kindness in her actions and, she invites you in, as these were her frivolities, her gestures. I guess a way to express herself, she’s an erotic woman, and this was her way of showing herself to others no doubt.

The first thing she always does in the mornings is to go outside to her balcony to get a view of her immediate surroundings, the full ensemble of noise, the ratcheting of hammers and the voices heard where people, the crew, men at work are making a bunch of noise.

Yes, it was for that reason that she was awake of early mornings. But for some reason she is interested to know about all this construction, all because she’s on center stage.

She replies to him this time, “Who is putting me into position. Are you putting me into position, Ha Ha Ha You Are?”

Now with the message he receives, and there are not very many, he crawls back into his daily activities of messaging her again. He wrote her several messages. These were some of his messages: “It’s like I’m putting you into position,” he says to her, and, “If your car is new or is it the old one?” He’s never formerly met her since they both have become adults, but now he comments on one of his messages, “I have seen you in public today. I know our hands are tied but still, again, it’s like I’m putting you into position.”

She corresponds with a message back saying, “Putting me in position for what, to do something?” There was no denying that.

There was a small community where they grew up together. The fallout due partly because this was unreal and unhealthy. He knew her as a young teenager, they attended the same school and the many chruchiness’ functions together. And as it turns out there was an entire social functionality within themselves, amongst the young people of the church, within their community, the schools they attended and the whole family in general and their friends.

From what he read, it paints this woman as a young badass type. She seems out of his league but he doesn’t care, he wants her, he will not walk away from her. She’s gorgeous!

Maybe there is a dark secret that should be revealed, there is something about her… walking down a street and being on the streets late at night.

A woman who is financially secure and whom is very successful, but with a job like that, she’s selling herself on the streets at night. She chooses to entertain.

She owns a construction company, where there are enormous engagements goings on. But he doesn’t know this or that she is a very wealthy woman! Will he be surprised to find out?

It’s curious to know why she likes his quick and terse nasty little messages and why she wants them to continue, she’s a big business tycoon, always sending relevant emails. Why the aside to this and with him?

Yes, she’s a high class prostitute, a middle class one, it didn’t matter or to who she finds. Little do the clients know that she is a wealthy business owner. She owns a multifaceted construction company, doing enormous jobs that a construction company does and this has been her family’s business for many years, she is now the sole owner.

Yes, perhaps her potential clients, they don’t know the real person that she is, she doesn’t need do these tricks for the money either, this is her out-and-out vulgar bad habit.

This is very strange because she belongs to no one, she’s unmarried and never has been, she gets sex from anyone she wants, as she sees fit, she finds this sexual experience very fulfilling.

She’s very fortunate to never have been caught. Yes, of course her way of doing this is strange, she always has a backup plan of action where she has deep cover inside her little circle of loyal employees and also some politicians to help her, a few discreet people, those who will come to her aid as need be.

She takes their money as vice, to make them believe that she is who she says she is, a prostitute. It’s just that the sex from a common man, a married man or whomever, a brute of a guy, a big and heavy set man is what she wants. Some are ugly men, they are just men from the everyday walks of life, that’s who she’s after.

“The sex is so good, they just don’t even know how much I enjoy it,” she says, “I love it.”

This person who frequently texts her, he’s very interested in her, but she hides her true identity and her feelings about herself. She enjoys these vulgar messages from him though and begins to send them back.

She begins falling for him as well, but she doesn’t want to just yet because she enjoys her dirty little job and knows it wouldn’t work with him around, not now.

“Mmmm, maybe there’s another way to approach this person who desires me, desires me for who I really am. It’s just that having sex with a common man, married or whatever, a brute of a guy, a big and heavy set man, an ugly man and men from the everyday walks of life, that’s what I’m after.”

“The sex is so good, they just don’t even know how much I love it.” This is carnality at it’s finest, and who knew right?

She’s weary of her little man, this person who texts her, whom she thinks maybe is impotent, while she thinks most men are, that’s why she has unlimited amounts of sex, selling herself to any real man and many men. She often goes out at night walking on the streets in her sexy outfits, to be bought and sold, this is just her sexual addiction.