Are My Messages Getting Through


•I’m working hard trying to make a living, sweating and tolling very hard daily, as this is strenuous work. A labor I enjoy, also I’m using my talents and experiences to do this work and while I think I’m okay, still it’s painful, it is rewarding but it’s not easy.

•No, I didn’t hurt you for never having loved you, although I think you’re over this now. Don’t you see, It’s the other way around. If you loved me, you didn’t show your love to me, you didn’t prove this love to me. You were my first love, but then, even though you hurt me, I mean in a way, I have come back to you. You were my first!

•I wonder if this could be getting through to you to us!

•Now Your Plain Lips were soft when we did this. You parted your lips and with your tongue meeting mine, giving way to deep kisses.

•Your plain lips used not to have lip gloss on them, only when I first met you, not at the beginning. We were first-time lovers and we made out with deep kisses. You liked for me to introduce this kissing as you kissed me deeply and ever so passionately with your tongue, sometimes urgently.

•When we made out, there was no one looking at us. You would usually invite me over for a visit at your home. These were our plain kisses.

•I think I remember you driving a Ford as your family’s car. We had lovely conversations in that car and something else too.

What’s Up? Wanna go out?


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