The Brew Master


I’m Johonas Component. I’m in the process of starting my own brewery. I’m searching for select choice ingredients to brew my own special beer.

I will have to try out the many different types of beers, because my research includes learning and tasting all the best beers, the many different kinds of pale ales, pilsners and lagers and learning as much as I can of their ingredients, and how each are made of the different methods during the brewing process.

I will go far reaching to create my own fabricated recipes for beers of the varying degrees of course, with herbs and spices, all of my choosing because this is what I do.

I must find and allocate the resources for such manufacturing and the brewing of beer, where to find and locate supply and support of the barley, hops and rice and other source ingredients. Eventually I may wish to continue to procure from these suppliers on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m using local farmers in order to obtain my ingredients, other times traveling to different parts unknown where those ingredients typically are not found around locally.

“When you think of me, think of brewing hops and barley, the smell you pick up while visiting a brewery.”

-Johonas Component



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