Staring Wide The Clock



It seems a bit odd to be staring wide at the clock in the wee hours of the morning. The second hand seems to tick away, a sound that feels as though it continues on into infinity any number of times.

I think I will turn away from facing the clock and do something different. I will probably and no doubt, continue to hear those chimes go ringing every hour, banging all throughout my home sometimes clattering loudly.

However the time it flies as you know, it waits for no one. What brings me here just to look at the clock? I’m impatient to say the least.

I’m waiting for my day to begin I guess, I have a lot on my mind, now only to find myself sitting idly by. I am waiting for something -time, for that moment the sun will appear. I should redefine my priorities. Where’s my thick wool sweater? I should rethink this. You’re always kinda curious you know?

Staring at the sky the sun has already come out. Okay, it’s noon now, I lost part of the day, still with no results. I often wonder if I’ve wasted my precious time? I know I have.

It’s winter and the streets are covered with snow and ice. The ground outside is covered completely in snow. I’m thinking somewhere there is warmth and sunshine but it’s not here and also, that someone could be staring wide the clock as I am in the dead of winter, it’s very cold outside. I think I’ll go back to bed now.


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