Castle Guard


A cavalier man, a mounted soldier.

“You’re poisoning your peers and others!”  A commoner argued.

“I don’t care for your political remarks.”

“Whoa! I’m glad someone has the fortitude to say it!” There was one concerned passersby.

“Hey, The Renaissance is over!” Again shouted the passerby.

“Awe nah!”

“Hey, that’s a nice motorcycle you ride,” some kid spoke up to the Knight, complimenting him.

“What I didn’t like are the advancements they make towards  you,” the mounted soldier said. He’s speaking to nobody in particular.

“Listen Dude, it’s where you smell the earth, you have a sense that it is good to be outdoors. You be floating, rocking rolling, moving right along, adding up the miles, riding!”

“Now you flowing into the curves, over the hills, down into the valleys and into the straightaways, you finally accessing the flat terrain, you gotta go man!”

“When I get home, I’m going to go outside onto my patio. Those corresponding areas of my patio, they protect me against anyone, possibly the flinging of debris at me from the nearby village people, the ‘Village Idiots’. This covered patio protects me against the rain and the weather too..obviously.”

“I’m have protection by the Queen’s Guild and other helpers,” said this very strange street walker.”

“Who are you?” The castle guard asks the strange street walker who she was.

“Aren’t you like to be a busybody, with that steel horse you ride!” The strange street walker is really an associate at the local church, who volunteers her time at the local church functionary meetings.

“That’s Sir to you ma’am.  Where do you live, where do you come from?”

“Sir, sorry do I know you?”

“Well no, probably not. Nothing then. Sorry!”

“What a flake!”


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