Florence of Flora


Once upon a time there was a young peasant girl who had attracted the Lord of Flora, this was his title, ‘Lord of Flora’. He was otherwise known as Sir Flora. Her name was Florence. She was a pretty young maid. She had great big eyes, her eye sockets were rather large and bigger than normal. This may have been because of a hard life and she looked very worried.

Those of her co-workers, those who worked with her, they were jealous. They definitely noticed her in the presence with Lord Flora, when he arrived at her factory, this was when they got caught up in her love affair to the Lord of Flora.

Her co-coworkers would go about working when they saw the two of them together, the workers were afraid that an encounter with her would prove to be shown as spiteful and show jealousy towards the Lord himself and to his Misses. They didn’t want to show disappointment or something else.

Now she has become ‘Florence di Flora’. In the days that followed, Florence had set aside a look-alike mistress to folly with the Lord Flora. This was to look after him, it was only due to her perpetual absenteeism brought on by her many wanderings, she stressed out so soon after their marriage because of the differences between her and that of the Lord’s. She was but a peasant girl.

So ‘Firenze di Florence’ had her mistress and this young woman’s name was Sonya. She lived in a home with Harry and depending upon how you look at it, Harry was the housekeeper and caretaker to the dependency to the Lord’s property. Sonya lived mostly in this house off by herself. The Lord would send Harry away to journey through the pastures to herd the Lord’s cattle.

Tonight though Florence is making this night special, “Oh yes, all you amazing lovelys!” She’s quite happy as she calls out to the many guests in attendance.

And in her speech she explains, “You are very special, all of you and since then, since my marriage to the Lord Flora, and there have been many many years yet still, I’m alive!” she laughs and the audience cheers!

She has turned into a terrifying creature of the night! What has happened to her, to the Florence di Flora, now that she has become the consort to the Lord of Flora?

So very sterile, so very clean as if she smells a clean fragrance, it is Sangue/ Blood. She capitalizes on this, at dusk she smells their blood, and the smell of it, drives her wild she, categorizes this as odd as she announces her entrance, it’s as strange for her, because of the different brands, the different types of blood, which are now ever present.

There she was going about her way thru the night, towards her audience, a strategy of hers, these were her quick bursts, ‘Quickies,’ energy for the hunt. She hurries along as if their blood, each one person’s calls out to her.

How they turn around so readily, they cannot communicate, not after seeing her, then and now, not thoroughly enough, the sight of her in her full height of glory as the night approaches, it was such a shock.

I cannot think straight. I smell you, it’s your blood!

You see my Darlings, all of you! You are like every mountain top, the same as before, but never reachable or doable, for you see, others have enjoyed these pleasures. Now you’re mine! Hahahaha!

She wants to suck their blood!

She has succumbed to all of this and turned herself into a pretty woman and has successfully shown to be worthy and wonderfully popular with the town’s people.

Yes, finally she has made the Lord of Flora a beautiful wife.


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