Grand Cathedrals


Monuments and frescos are adaptations they are relics, sculpted and painted from a few centuries ago. Of course, they are what we see and what we visualize, exactly when entering into a Grand Cathedral of such magnitude scale or one like it. It’s okay to identify with the place, of it’s relevance and the décor, the splendid fine artifacts help to aid in our release. To pray for our own peace. That inner and utmost peace, a relationship between you and that Divine Being.

Hands trembling and they must be because of the uproar outside. If you lust and have greed and are not contented, sin will have led you down a pathway to Hell. This is what we are told.

This Labyrinth journey represents a journey, our solvency which is crucial as we all know. We must allow ourselves to enter inside one of these Grand Cathedrals, even if to hear music playing. Yes, we must know and allow ourselves to enter inside or one like it, to affix our views up at the God Head, to gaze up at the painted figurines, their likeness to the Sanctity of God’s Holy Word, of it’s illustrations. To look upon the Angels and stand in their presence inside of the church. To stand in the presence with another and so on and so forth, to worship Him. “Do not be afraid, for you be calm, for I am with you even until the ends of the Earth.”


Music by a Russian Orthodox Choir.

*Here is one particular comment that I find very interesting at the tail end of a YouTube video, and this was one lovely piece, a YouTube video, music by a Russian Orthodox Church Choir. Here is one comment from one of the various posters.

“Gabriel, this music was not created in communist Russia, but prior to the advent of communism (arriving and being sponsored from foreign sources), when Russia was the most devout Christian society on earth. Russia began in the year 1,000 as a religious tribe called the ‘Russ’, in Kiev (land later stolen from Russia by Germany and given to the ‘Ukrainians’, an amalgam of peoples including Poles and Russians) and kept as a sort of colony that would produce agricultural products for the Germans. The Russ ‘founding myth’ was Christianity. The communists were not even Russian – the monster Stalin was not Russian, and anti-Russian in spirit and culture. Russian people suffered most from communism. Every Russian composer created religious music. Go to the album ‘Tranquility’ to hear more of the Russian soul. Also: ‘Russian Orthodox Singers’. Today Russians are recovering to their lost soul.”
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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