Third Person


It’s a sin of you to think I’m speaking about you this way.

It’s such a beautiful day, and we had, they, this young couple, including me, apparently all went out and about, not all together, it just happened that we met and everyone had a wonderful time together seemly, even though, they are not like me and we are all not alike, of course not. I’ve just migrated here, just like a snow bird and because I’ve just came here to this place, I’m an outsider.

I liked the sequences of events though, episodes I think are fitting and how I like all of them, if you can believe that.

Those coincidences about our little outings, I’ve decided to invite them all over, them, her, him, his mother, all over for pizza and a party.

Now, to make my pizza, I have to use coconut as mozzarella, because I don’t have shredded mozzarella. I have to use ketchup as tomato paste, because I don’t have tomato paste. I do have flour and salt. I hope everyone will understand, you know, them, her, him and his mother too.

I wasn’t talking about you..silly!


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