Old Hippy

IMG_20170212_062059 (1)

I am an older man, a gentleman of course, but an older man, and I don’t care what anyone says about me or my snort.

I’m playing this game of life, playing it legitimately as they say, playing the juju, (that’s the djinn). There’s a new endeavor, is skinny what you think?

Eventually taking her into my lap shouting incoherent sentences and for their namesake, words which I cannot pronounce but were the phonetic sounding of the words, shouting absurdities.

Now here I sit, I am legit. I’m reading a book, a hardback book. Yes, I bought this book in a book store, Books-A-Million. So yes, a published book, suffice to say, ‘refinement’ because it was edited and thus printed and distributed to the many people who would read it. What am I reading you may ask? Thanks.

I’m doing the many assorted tasks; listening to Ozzy Osbourne ‘Dreamer’ and checking out the weather on television, also on the TV, I’m waiting for my reoccurring recording to switch on, it’s live racing action in Europe.

So yes, I’m legit, watching television or glancing at the screen, a sports broadcast that programs live as it actually happens in ‘Real Time’. I don’t wish to read of the results while scrolling through my news feed.

That’s right, reading a book that was published, copyrighted material, there’s no infringements here or plagiarism. I’m sure the money I spent will go into the rightful hands.

Also, this is worth mentioning;  I’m in my own home. Sometimes I go outside for a walk and there’s a stench that I smell, it comes of the morning, I begin to smell this from the light of day when the sun begins to rise, a smell from the humidity in the air, the dampness, of the dank boiling air.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be reading this stuff in my study while sitting in my chair. It comes from those who welcome you across the internet, yet in our parting ways and for strange reasons, for blamed circumstances of theory, particularly those of the free world, myself could never figure out.

Yeah, and there’s the radio station I’m listening to.  A local female DJ is talking about maple glazed bacon donuts. She entices me to eat that pretty and tasty maple glazed donut. Yeah, I’d eat that. Her voice sounds so appealing and she can sell you and does!

First thing in the morning is my coffee, now later, I’ll want a Bloody Mary, bacon w/eggs yellow running, a newspaper and a cigar. Now Get The Hell Out Of Here!


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