His Story

“It’s as if I’ve silenced her, by my own insincere pettiness, by my jealousy, because she stood out as a very young and pretty woman, and…she eventually became my wife, a rather special delightful warm feeling.” He had to move on.

He Truly Loved Her Yet There He Sat


His story:

So I truly believe, now since I have the time, to take a certain path, plus I have a home and a place to fall back to, returning to my home whenever I want. I may move onward, go places, travel, moving from place to place. Now in the beginning, as you know this will be uncertain, although it looks most appealing. Here, I will not say goodbye, not so much, because without a doubt I will return and be back soon, once again resuming my path, because I have nothing but time, so I shall be starting again at my original starting place. Although it is here that I wish to leave, wanting to get away from here rather badly.

What a nice day for changing or challenging ourselves..myself, to take a look around me.

The landscape and the mechanical aspects of it all have been forgotten. Flowers fade as do dreams then one season the flowers, they suddenly appear yet he is ruined. The flowers are beautiful as before yet nothing awaits him because of a stillness.

They were afraid yet they had alternatives plans throughout this whole ordeal, of her illness and this is how they felt about their impact on togetherness, their life together for many years.

“I had a dream come to me today and I wasn’t sleeping. I remembered where we were and what we did, we had a good talk, we always had good talks. What a way to start the day!”

“What I gave to you can hardly be noticed now. What I did give you, if anything hopefully, this gets noticed, if not technically because I was kind to you and also very generous.” Yes, he hoped so.

They lived their lives that way, she however has gone on.


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