A Young Couple

Their door was always open, many of their guests were coming in and out of their home passing through almost constantly. Their guests having prying eyes, praying hands, all dried up, most of them, they’re all steely eyed now, ready to join in for a drink. I think they’re looking for a place to hang out.

20170621_193245 (1)

The young couple when they are out and about he looked at the other women.

It’s amazing how people pretend to be nice yet they look at you and upon your things. Ketch Simons, a friend observes:

“So when you see him look upon another woman please ask him, “Do you want that woman to come sit here, and her lovely face admiring you?”

Don’t get him wrong:
-don’t misunderstand him.
-don’t get him mad.

Marissa replies, “You should hear his sweet lies!”

The couple who lives together should have became better affiliated with their surroundings where they’re currently living. Now, in a certain area of their neighborhood there stands a church but they’re moving and relocating, always moving from one place to another.

Here on this day the weather was gorgeous but their refrigerator has broken and their food is beginning to spoil, it’s such a beautiful day outside. This was on a Sunday.

“We fell into a pattern of life, she wore her pants tight. As I often do, I’m following her down into the basement area of the church’s annex,” Brad admits reassuringly.

He eventually is trying to humble himself, he knows however in this brief instance to keep his hands off of Marissa.

He sees the gathering inside of the church annex and hears someone speaking.

“You May Love One Another What Through These Voices We Raise, We Love These Gatherings, We Lift Up Our Voices, We Raise Our Songs Unto Thee.. Love, For It Is Love, What Through These Gatherings Of Blessings Of Cordial Invites, Of Fellowship, These Are Our Songs Of Praises And Our Welcoming To You And Of Our Desires, Our Kisses And Our Kind Reliable Fellowship And Gentle Caresses And With This Food This Is Our Gift To You. You Are Welcome.”

“OKAAAY!” So, he thought


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