Sweet As Honey

We arrive early and stay late. Some showing up fashionably late. There were violins heard, a nice place a low roar. We all gathered where we enjoyed many conversations, and those who love incidental physical contact, touching the ones, the intimate moments we share, they’re not necessarily anyone’s fault we had to do it, we just love to. We had a few drinks and then when we started to get up to leave I accidentally fell down on top of her. We laughed.


Every night I get tired, so I let it go. It’s warm outside it’s definitely summer time, the weather is hot and sultry. After a good night’s rest though I will be out there of first light in the early mornings to have a walk, there is a park nearby.

There is a place where the populace like to go, where people often like the multitudes share the sidewalks via the neighborhoods and this is a park, they share the outdoors via the residential streets going to the park. There’s more streets and freeways, yet what’s left behind is an awful sight of trash and garbage. It is near the expressway projects, the highway infrastructures and lying beside of the road. There exists a terrible filth, a smell of such disgusting nature, there’s a strong stench present and I can smell it.

There standing out there in the fields I can see they’ve got beehives all around and that’s all I know. It looks like they’ve got new help, new hired hands. Here looms trouble, I think so no doubt. There’s more to be reckoned or learned about than to just be standing around yet still, they’ll never know, they’re too young.

Now here’s an instance of caring, as definitively as one could also as determined. So I have come here this morning, to this job site to ask the up and coming, the one who works with the bees and you know I’m concerned about her because I should be and we eventually all will want to help. I ask her, “Where is your house sitter, also what is this BuzzFeed? Did you know this person, his name was Thinning d’Ous De Beer, he was a cool hipster dude back in the day? Take care of yourself my Darling!” There was small talk. She’s rather young.

Where will I find the strength and the fortitude to forgive, to love, to live and let live after all of these years? You love the ones and hate the others, those you love will turn against you, those you hate will forgive you. I forgive you, now all I ask is will you forgive me? It’s amazing that I want her to succeed!

I spoke with her mother. “Thank you for your clemency and for forgiving me. I get the all clear to speak to our daughter and you’re not delineating astuteness of my ways. We are strengthened by forgiving others, for this I thank you!”

I knew her mother, we grew up together and this was around the neighborhood where we both lived. There were many of us as well.  That was a short bicycle ride I remember to get to her home.  We rode our bicycles everywhere, riding them on the streets and in our neighbor’s yard on their lawn. It was here in this community where we attended the same schools and many of the churchiness functions together. I knew her and I liked her, I was quite attracted to her. I would see her in the same group hanging out with the others, many who were my friends. We were all about the same age.

I probably never really knew her that well after that as such, not after those years that we were together. But as time goes by we change, we’re all growing up of course and at home, obviously together with our families. Now because of this I don’t remember too much. Well, maybe I do remember those of my best friends and the times we have spent together, yet I was never held accountable for anything, not like an adult. I would have been a no show every now and then.

Spartans sports and the extracurricular activities like this after school, the track teams, the girls and of course the intramural sports games. Maybe for me and with her, a cat and mouse game, flirting with her when her boyfriend wasn’t around and I have to tell you that showing off in front of her was intoxicating. Now there’s another one of formal dating.

And if I had seen anyone of my friends or her, I would run towards them as if something exciting was going to happen. And then on other occasions, if I had seen them another time, I’d run away from them for a little while. Later, I didn’t know that I would drift away from my friends from school for good. And dating was just a stupid game of ‘Acceptance’.

Quirks as we were, quitting at an early age. We needed guidance from the adults.

Now this one is for her daughter. This one’s for you my Sweet Darling!




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