Everyone Is Different and Unique

Everyone is different and unique, they come from different places around the globe as this carries such great diversities. It’s a pleasure to be traveling because then you’ll know and you will have learned something..

But you know there are different fields of endeavor, of work as well as entertainment. Some may be interested others not so much.

“And anyone can use any one of the social media platforms they may want and what they prefer.”

You may remember me for introducing this post. And to comment here if I may, I’ve just seen something, this was a Rhinoceros running freely down a residential street in front of a house!


Their efforts were nowhere near where such standards supposedly are, by keeping this beastly animal inside of a well secured structure, a fence or kept perhaps in a zoo, yeah, a zoo. Although here this was in Nepal.

And this sort of reminds me of what is reality and what could happen. People ignore this sort of thing, it’s this sort of place in the world.

A source of fiction is making the unbelievable, actual events which are accurate in nature or that could naturally occur and that would occur, occur. Of course, this is just of the writer’s own imagination.

Thank you.


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