The Daughter

The Daughter

I keep thinking about these private parts, my thoughts and while I love her, particularly her, what a real nice intimate evening we all had together. This is beyond what my imaginations are, but when I return there, I go by her room and we greet one another, “Hello, let’s talk,” and that’s when I run upon her wearing her boy shorts. “I’m sorry,” I said.

But she has her mother’s figure. I mean her mother, they’re two alike, what a perfect figure she has and those boy shorts!


Boy Shorts from Tumblr

..” I wish I was with my boyfriend, to be holding his hand and making out all day.”.. She was heard as saying, as if she was quoting her manuscript, her part.  She’s into theater I know, it’s down in town, she’s rehearsing a play there.

Oh, I remember being that young once.

So, on those days when I come over, she peers into the ole glass ball of what her activities usually are but today, she’s on her day off and in her room.

Q: I looked there, were those fuck bruises? And those boy shorts, skin tight, “Those ripples foretold all that were imagined.”

Is there a chance I haven’t expected any of this, this explanation from her daughter, her mother is my best friend.  She had said, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you would be coming over so soon,” and also, “I haven’t properly told you something yet!”

“I’m also sorry, honestly! Well, I didn’t expect to see you like this, in the privacy of your own room. Who knew right? I’m human, so so sorry! I’m serious!”

I’m learning all the parts of her body, her appearance and wow, her legs. She really has taken off and she is growing, it’s about that bodybuilding that she’s doing. Now she’s growing into a pattern of life just like that of a grown woman, like a flower blooming, filling out those areas very nicely. Too often she welcomes me into their home, her arms wide open….

Oh so, this was all of my imaginations, my thoughts and my feelings….


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