The Brewery

Could one be like, irreverent, that they love physical contact, much more -physical touching, the improper moments, not of correctness, nor of being correct, not fitting of politeness, attributed to their style?

You should be and I see the impropriety especially since after showing off. I had to ask her to move albeit politely, or else I would have brushed up against her.

To think that a handsome man only shows off more so than to show up, mixing up others feelings. I’m sorry, it just so happens that I ran into her in the local grocery store, we were grabbing at food off the shelf.

I mean, what do you do, she had already invaded my space.

“I think you would love to have coffee with me and chat about this, that or the other,”  I told her.

“I’m not opposed to a place or a setting or a particular neighborhood, well, yes, I am, really actually, I would prefer an upscale place,” she replies.

Oh, it would be nothing of a ghetto place, but a simple place, a delightful place where we could communicate on neutral ground and be with ordinary people just like ourselves.

“OK-A-A-A-Y How About The Watch Tower,” she asked me.

“The watchtower..The Watchtower!”

“Okay, now the curious ones will be interested to know who I am right?”

“They’re up there watching?”

So we begin our journey to the WatchTower.

“Come on, come in please! So how about eating a piece of cheese then?”

“Okay,” we said.


Such rough ass talking that, I might add.

Now in the Watchtower nowhere can we go.

Having mentioned in his sermon, this person who stands guard in the Watchtower, his speech was about articles of clothing, he’s demonstrating and showing us without any remorseful sorrow rather out of pure meanness and wailing. This was about sexy attire, “Let’s don’t misappropriate articles of clothing,” clinching with his fist hand, “Was this the Renaissance Act with their makeup and fancy clothing?”

I think so.

So we went inside for a drink.



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