The Watch Tower


The curious ones are interested to know me, to know who I am. Okay, I’ve just been seen and because to say by seeing me, by spotting me, someone has interviewed me, has already identified me, of course by looking at my online profile. There’s a computer up there in that watch tower, this then will sell my story and my passage. Okay, isn’t it fitting for a stranger to come waltzing right through? No, apparently not! Well, it’s kind of like the case for them as journalists -as castle guards, to forward on this information, onto the public, by exploitation, by asking, “Hey, does anybody know this person?” I will still need someone’s approval though, either yes or no. Yes, certainly I have to be identified.

I haven’t been introduced, not properly enough, this is what the person who stands watch says, who stands guard, it is what they say, they say I haven’t been interviewed, not properly identified. I guess up to this point, her friends, her family (her fantasy -really!), the general public and on television, he or she may have seen me before, and now he or she is writing something down already and has already, probably and without a doubt, written a book about me!

Yes, you’ll then know or kind of know, if a book is that good and this book was spotlighted on television then yes, it would be worth the money to purchase the book about me, it’s like saying you kind of know it is probably best you let this person pass through.

All through out my life, now that I have come this far, I have conclusions about certain things, about life, about things in general and that’s just the way it is. Now, I’m thinking that all though your life you will experience to have either been smiled at with approval by some people, and on the flip side, not have been properly exalted and frowned upon by the others.


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