Masquerade Party



I walk straight in under the veil of secrecy wearing a mask, that’s when I return there, I mean these people have to pair off eventually, it’s couples night right, being invited back to their cordial invites. “Why is this one clinging on to me?”

I will have to ask who she is. She is clinging on to me but what does this mean and also, what does want. I must be polite. Oh I do admire this one.

I will have to ask, was this her last vestige of hope, as if herself a rose, the parts of a rose I must learn, the petals have all fallen off.

If a rose has lost all of its relevance, the petals have all fallen off.

I stop to look at her, it’s a look of vulgarity, something is amiss. I continue to stare at her, it’s the look. There is  shyness I can see but a slight politeness of course, one of happiness. On the other hand, someone was talking.

There was a discussion which followed, a decision to hasten I might add. The dinner was a conference made for the invited guests, all who were present. Here a man was constantly declining my approval of my submissions, this was my politeness. Her husband who was our host, which I understood, although I added my full compliment of my attention to that of our other host, his wife. She was our host and our welcome retreat.

This was our habit, one of maturity of course, of the places we assemble, where our swinger episodes took place, up there in that mountainous retreat.

Since when must I learn all the parts of a rose, their technical names, also a flower, but go on please, and neither am I a Botanist but if I may, why is this one clinging on to me the way petals cling on to their part in the center of a rose?

Here I must learn something else before going on and that is to learn more about a rose, all of their technical names and then proceed to call her out, oh this will sounds so precious. “You are so Sweet My Darling.” She smells nice too! A woman who is probably worn from all her years of a rugged life. Well, she’s just as charming. “I’ve got to keep my eye on you Honey. I like you!”



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