Dark Places


The dark places to hide are around this city, some are the surrounding areas and places from past employments, those job sites, he knows where the hiding places are. This city is where he once worked, he knows his way around, the routes, he knows the many buildings and the hiding places, the dark places in the parks and all throughout the city.  There are the city parking garages, then there are the nooks and crannies. Yes, he could imagine a homeless person lying around and hanging out for the moment in one of those places. There was a time he had lived and worked in this city by the bay.


Now that he has retired, working little, he’s planning a trip somewhere. He is talking about driving his vehicle, his pickup truck and going on a road trip. Here he has a conversation with a colleague and friend about a trip out west:

“Hey Paul would you want to go out West to San Francisco.”  He agreed that he would. So, with nothing else to do, Paul decided to go along for the ride.

Here’s a guy who lately has been really agitated. Ole Paul, “Hey Paul, let go of the reigns man.” I learned a lot from Ole Paul.

“Paul, I’ll take you out there, you can ride with me. I was going on a road trip out there anyway. I know the area, you’ll like it.”

Paul digs San Francisco, the city, the street scenes and especially the Union Square area and the Wild Parakeets.

“I saw him grinning from ear to ear and chatting with the street people on the scene. Soon though, Paul would be on his own and left on the streets and homeless.”

“Okay Paul, I’ll come back for you in a couple of months,” he told his friend.

“That’s alright, I’ll be alright here and on the streets and homeless,” he says.

I have visited San Francisco, CA. I wanted to explore the area, and view the sights, there are many people here. I wanted to get some real good pictures, develope my talents. Here I was outdoors and it was a beautiful day. If you have a talent for writing or with photography or both, this is the place were you’ll get many nice pictures and come up with some really good ideas.


Street photography that’s where it’s at. Oh, and girls, two girls camping and traveling. Oh yeah, whatever. And can’t we ever please them, to give her notice or something without her screaming, pouting and ever posing as a terrific mess?

Well, you’ll need to unravel that mess and where the girls are, there will be many people also. So take some pictures. Take your camera with you to the streets and captures those images. Become like they are, become a street person. Truth is, this will be a wonderful experience. But still know, that you will have a plan. Just give a friend a call to come pick you up when you’re ready to come back home.


This is the daily habit of commuting, working and going into the city, dating and being with friends, hanging out on the streets and seeing people everywhere. That’s what big cities are all about, having a good time and enjoying the sights and sounds. It’ll be around-the-clock and you’ll be moving around all the time, staying here staying there, seeing women, people, and the Christians who are the good Samaritans, but whatever your normal daily activities are, your habits, those that you know you have, can you try something different. Can you try to live on the streets, in those homeless shelters and be homeless for an extended period of time.



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