Hello Everyone

Hi, I’m John I live in Western Kentucky. I ride motorcycles and this blog is about riding motorcycles. My first bike was a 1971 HONDA SL175. It was a used bike when I acquired it. I think it was in 1974.  I was 17 yrs old. There are some good curvy roads around here in KY. I’m a long distance rider. It’s nothing for me to get up and ride north to St. Louis, MO in one day and back the same day. Sometimes I like going east staying in KY taking the back roads. I like Hwy 100 out of Russellville, KY to Franklin, KY. I’ll then loop around on the I-65 south towards Nashville, TN. Sometimes on a day’s ride I’ll tag/ride through 4 states; KY, TN, MO and IL. But I have done 5 states to include AR. I was in the US NAVY and I am now retired. I have ridden in the New England States and New York to include NYC. I have lived in AZ and once rode from Tucson, AZ through Los Angeles, CA stopping at Fresno, CA. I rode on further the next day to Sonoma County, CA. I then rode to Seattle, WA.

I also have ridden in Europe, mostly Italy, what has been some 30,000 miles and more. Once while there, once upon a time, I had taken a trip. I started out from Genoa, Italy going towards the Southern borders of France. Then I proceeded to cross the country of France, stopping in Paris, France for a weekend. The next thing I did was to take a ferry across and into the UK riding my motorcycle into London England. Then I departed UK going to Brussels, Belgium. I crossed into Germany from the Northern part of Germany riding South to Munich, Germany. I then passed through Innsbruck, Austria. It was all beautiful!


Now, and on a clear and sunny morning, in the month of February I can’t wait to get riding again. I’m making an adjustment for the haul in the back of my pickup truck with wood. How I love the smell of sawn lumber, that piney smell. Now, I remember or realize, that in the mornings I often think of things, like how, and you’ve heard some experienced person say, “Wood should be stored up there.” They meant, it should be stored up in a loft.

Oh, but I’ll never have time to do that chore, until I see the termites have evaded my garage, I’ll just leave it that way.

Okay, our neighbors are asking and saying, “What does he do all the time over there. Doesn’t he work somewhere or something?”

Quite possibly, more to the point, what does a person do with their time since they’ve retired? Okay, you work for quite a long time and then up and die. No, some do retire at an early age.

All I’m saying is, I couldn’t just hop onto the bike and take off. Oh, there are days that I will, all I’m saying here is, there needs to be some careful planning on my part. So, I’ll need some boards in the back of my pickup truck to section off my toys; golf clubs, suitcases, more luggage for riding gear, picnic chairs, coolers and other accommodating things.

Just ask yourself:  What Are Ten Great Things To Do Outside. The answer as shown is, whatever fits into the back of my pickup truck. And also what I’m hauling.

*now I’m thinking at looking for a couple of lawn chairs or One Kermit Chair to put back there.


Nowadays, I’m towing my motorcycle with my trailer, that was the ideal at least, that is to the left coast..

The ride of my life however has to be my return trip from Seattle, WA mentioned above. I departed Moscow, ID to Lewiston, ID which wasn’t but 15 miles or so. However that’s when the adventure all started. I took off from Lewiston, ID riding south to Mountain Home, ID.  That ride is still my most remembered and treacherous ride to date. This was in September when the weather changes. It was the most challenging and most exhilarating ride I’ve ever been on. It was raining sideways on that day and it was very windy. The next day I rode from Mountain Home, ID to Las Vegas, NV. This ride was a long stretch but a beautiful ride. The third day’s ride was Las Vegas to Tucson, AZ. And to my surprise I don’t remember too much of the third day’s ride, that humors me, I don’t know why, because I know the route, Tucson to Las Vegas, I drive it often enough with my truck.

It’s kind of ironic that I do remember riding through Surprise, AZ on that third leg of this trip. And I remember viewing all the roses in bloom. There were hugh crops of roses out lying in the fields. I’m sure you’ve seen this or should see it.

What’s the ideal retirement like? If I could, I would travel for three weeks out of the month. However, the more realistic way and more affordable way would be to take a couple of short trips a month. Ride safe!



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