I have use of the word ‘Setting’ as in place setting.

“They’re just sitting there.” Awhile, and people who do ‘Sit Down’, as in the case of them ‘Sitting Down’ being the captive audience.


It’s alluring because I think they’re captivated or ‘Tuned-In’ while their backs have never even touched the backs of their chairs.

To whomever so often is not present, maybe that of our son, he will be slacking and tired and letting his posture slump way down low, deep into that chair.

And then why when he is working, that you do pick the one, to pique quibbling stares of lust.

This is an affair for one, having fun with another, and then another when perhaps you are never returning there to him when he is present and at home.

It’s because my ‘Darling’ that he does not ‘Dive’ into his own personal things and into himself, not like ‘Pretty’ does.


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