A Letter To A Friend

Did you know this person, his name was Thinning d’Ous De Beer. He was a cool hipster dude back in the day.

I met in growing up, and he was I think, living in the same neighborhood where I lived, we were kids together and we all attended the same schools as well. Eventually we attended high school together and I would see him in a hippy group hanging out with the other five hippies of my class. We were all about the same age.

I probably never really knew him that well, as such, just seeing him at school as with the other participants / students. But far as things go, we were all growing up at home and well, I don’t remember too much.

It was after school hours and the Spartans sports and the extracurricular activities we participated in, you know, after school, the track teams, the girls and of course the games. His game maybe; Cat and Mouse, Dog and Pony and Formal Dating. My how that we were little squirts.


And if I had seen you, I would run towards you as if something exciting was going on. And then again, if I saw you another time, I’d run away from you a little while. Later, I didn’t know that I would possibly drift away from you for good. And dating was just a stupid game of ‘Acceptance’.

Squirts we were, yes, quitting girls and giving up on them at an early age. We needed guidance from the adults.

How that we did all those senseless things back then, like crank up the school’s stereo in the band room after school. I happened to pass right by there and I started to leave but that’s when I learned there was a party going on just right outside the band room. I met a girl there, her name was Jenny. Thinning was there as well. Well, then we all went back inside the band room where the music was blasting out through the big speakers. Smoking pot and listening to rock and roll music being played on the reel to reel tape player. This was after school, wow, how cool was that, damn it was!


This has occurred to me that I still like beer. Do you like beer?

I will do some research into locating and finding Ole Thinning d’Ous De Beer. I’m going to ask around, we have to recover from all of those years lost you know. He was our friend, and he’s cool. You knew him right? If I remembered correctly, because of all the things I’ve missed, he is the one dude to fall back on. Heck, when I find him we are all going to have to have that beer together you know, a great chance to talk, having more beers, more than just one beer, two beers, heck several beers. Recovering all those years lost my friend, that’s the ticket.

And I would ask Ole Thinning, after so many years apart, “So what do you do now for a living, are you a Beach Bum, a Stickler, a Disciplinarian, an Enforcer, a Fanatic, a Nitpicker, a Taskmaster, a Butler, a Lord, a Bread Winner-that’s right, shall I just call you My Lord.” Did I leave anything out.


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