I’m Just a Tourist Here

This has taken me by surprise for God’s sakes that she had on these playtex gloves wearing them in the kitchen and she had a butcher’s knife in her hands. I bet she could have thrown that knife with the accuracy that she needed and too with so much dexterity, it was the choice gloves she was wearing, she was doing the dishes.

Of course she was cutting up meat too, into pieces, a cook’s helper. She was cutting up something original, like a piece of meat, or what? A butcher whose hands where covered in blood, because the blood would run all over her and onto her clothes she had worn. Oh maybe not, then again, gosh no, she had on an apron for this.

Now I’m imaging, what would have happened if they had thrown the knife, back there in that kitchen, customers would have perhaps seen this as you know. But anyway, it’s working so much easier now than I thought, I mean, who would have known, right? I hope they know what they’re doing back there in that room, in that kitchen. I’m just a tourist here. May the angels be encamped around me, to help me.




Then there was this shouting, an order given as if by force, and it went out beyond what cants there are, heard melodies and rhythms of rhymes, this was through the store’s intercom speakers, messages….who has quoted, relayed messages at the retail anchor chain store.

The extremely egotistical and eccentric store director/manager had said, “Oh this, oh that, now you, turn this way. Now, DO IT! Stop it!”


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