Rich Bitch




Rich Text

It seems there is a place called, Cheesy Moments. Because at that place, it is presumed they rely on their own pitiful struggles to gain some sort of attention. Sadly as this is, it’s enough, she was one unopportunistic persons whose sanity had left her. I’m glad to have stayed the ‘Hell’ away from her. She won’t be missed. “Oh, And Then He Took The Pleasurable Moment To Get The Hell Out. [shouting] He’s not a good golfer. [less shouting, that’s better.] “Where are you at.”… But you’re riding a bicycle, in an attempt to get to them…to get to her. “Where are you, where you at?” He phoned her, “I read you like the little thing that you are,” and then, “Thanks,” and she hung up.

His face was all swollen up due to the alcohol he drinks and his salty food intakes. “Are these the responses I get for this? If I love you, and I do, I will feel it, I feel for you. The love I have for you is in my heart, I love you! How can you have misunderstood me?” I think I had a crush on her back then, in fact I know I did. I had fantasies about her, about us being together but I think I was too shy to make any moves on her, especially since all our families were together at the same church attending the services of that Sunday morning and you had to act reverent, especially with her parents watching. I’m sure they were watching us. They knew I liked her. You know, following a thread, chasing someone whom you love is like having a bottle of real good wine with your friends. I would say to her, “You’re Sweet You have changed, I like that! “Hey, You are Charming! You’re Sweet, Can I Give You a Nickname?”

The transportation down to get into the city, it’s not an easy task and there are transfer stations and time constraints, dilemmas and tasks, location spots, drop off spots, waiting periods and there are people all around you, everywhere not listening to you and not listening to anyone, the traffic and the noise, it’s loud! It’s all there, what will you make of this place? And there he goes, off to see another one, one of his lovelies.  He sought her out, he wanted to. He met her once at a public place, it was a park, actually where waves of people gather. “She’s fair game.” His first-time lover. He knows of her potential for business development. “Oh you, how could you having never felt love. You’re like an extremely beautiful glamour model, but you’ve never remembered feeling loved by anyone? Having felt loved, did you not know this person? Yes, perhaps you knew that person but you never knew of such dependency and depending on how much my mind reads this, how to treat them. So, I say treat them with kindness, they love you.”

She explains to him as gentle as she could, “I don’t dislike you, but I don’t love you and yet, I don’t hate you either, so please don’t hate me!” And that’s where he’s at right now, stuck on this!


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