I’m Putting You Into Position

I’m Putting You Into Position..
He wrote her several messages:
“It’s like I’m putting you into position,” he says to her, and, “If your car is new or is it the old one?” He’s never formerly met her but he comments in one message, “I have seen you in public today. I know our hands are tied but still again it’s like I’m putting you into position.” She corresponds with a message, “Putting me in position for what, to do something.” Well, there was no denying that. Later he writes her in postscript.
p.s. If you wish to communicate on a more professional level, a better more formal way please send me your email address in one of your messages otherwise leave it the way it is. She sends her speedy reply soon after as she’s so surprised or rather disappointed that he may discontinue texting her as he has done before. She quickly makes her decision. “No, It’s okay I would rather get your quick, nasty spurts, your messages that you’re already doing, it’s okay!”Then here another subsequent message by him, a message to her and this was done rather quickly: “Oh you’re fucking pretty, pretty indeed!”
•What does he write her about.
•How can they continue to be interested in one another.
•The fallout is there, meaning he can see through her many different disguises, he can and does this but why we don’t know, he knew her from church growing up. He had a crush on her.
•The fallout due partly because this wasn’t emancipated, unreal or unhealthy. He knew her as a young teenager they grew up together he adored her then and he still wants her.
•Where is This Tuscany Boutique she likes to shop at where the girls there are furious of her good looks. She buys expensive clothing, special attire that makes her look very interesting, that she orders very special costumes that captures the attention of men of all walks of life.
•How the Frick does she seem to live in a very nice house, very nice indeed.
•Who is she really.
•What dark secrets does she carry.
•Did he hear about her online which was an easier way to find her since he narrowed down her whereabouts of the place where she’s from. These are some of his frequent messages to her:

1.  “I’m Putting You Into Position” a texts by him in a message.

2.  “It’s like I’m putting you into position” he texts her so many times  repeatedly the same messages.

3.   “Hey, is that your new car, is that new or do you still have the old car?” He knows what kind of automobile she drives.

4.   “I think I saw you in public today but our hands were tied.” Yes, his hands are sure as hell tied alright.

5.   “Are you pretty?” He texts her frequently.



Although she rarely answers him. He speaks to her through these messages and about her:

“There was always a fancy menace to her, to her eyes, it was that way the whole time I have ever known her, this is the way I pictured her. It was so slight the tiniest of whatever. There was an erotic look about her. The women and the kindness in her, she invites you, as these were her frivolities. I guess in a way, her expression, she is an erotic woman, and this was her way of showing herself no doubt.”She replies to him one time, “Who is putting me into position. Are you putting me into position Ha Ha Ha You Are?”

The first thing she always does in the mornings is to go outside to her balcony to get a view of her immediate surroundings, the full ensemble of noise, the ratcheting of hammers and the voices heard where the people the crew, men at work are making a bunch of noise. Yes, it was for that reason that she was awake. But for some reason she was interested to know all this because now she is on center stage.

You may paint this woman as a young badass type. She seems out of his league, really, but he doesn’t want to walk away from her. She’s gorgeous!

Maybe her dark secrets should be revealed as there seems to something about her… walking down the streets and being out late at night.

A woman who is financially successful, but with a job like that, it doesn’t make sense that she’s selling herself on the streets at night . She chooses to entertain men of,all kinds. She owns a construction company, where there  are enormous types of jobs and engagements goings on.

…”He knew her as a young teenager, they attended the same schools and the same churchiness’ functions together.”…



But he doesn’t know too much about her personal life and very wealthy! Will he be surprised to find out? It’s curious to know as to why she likes his quick and terse little nasty messages and that she wants these messages to continue, she’s a big business tycoon, always sending relevant emails. Why the aside to this…?…Yes, and she’s on a ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ a middle class one. Yet, little do the clients know that she is a wealthy business owner.

She owns a multifaceted construction company doing enormous jobs a construction company that’s been in her family for many years and now she is the sole owner. Yes, perhaps he doesn’t know her, she certainly doesn’t need do these tricks for the money, this is just her out-and-out vulgar bad habits. This is very strange because she belongs to no one, she’s unmarried and never has been, she gets her sex from anyone she wants to, as she sees fit, she finds these sexual experiences very fulfilling. She’s very fortunate to have never been caught. Yes, of course her way of doing this is strange. There’s always has a backup plan where inside her little circle of loyal employees, they will come to aid her as if need be.

2016-04-22 15.38.14

She takes their money as vice, to make them believe who she says she is.  It’s just that the sex from a common man, a married man or whomever, a brute of a guy, a big and heavy set man, this is what she wants. Some men are ugly men and these are just men from her everyday walks of life, that’s who she’s after. “The sex is so good, they just don’t even know how much I enjoy it,” she also says, “I love it.”He’s interested in her but she hides a lot of herself.  She enjoys reading his vulgar messages,  the ones sent to her, and has begun sending them back. She begins falling for him but doesn’t want to just yet because she still enjoys her dirty little job and knows it wouldn’t work out, not now.

“Mmmm, maybe there’s another way to approach this person who desires me, who desires me for who I really am.”


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