Summer A Kid What Was I Thinking

Rundel McLantrenth needed to clarify something. “I certainly don’t know what they want as a gift.”

The grown-ups talk of such uncertainty, of the frivolities involved. I just don’t understand.

I have done this at one time. Maybe I can remember being in that situation as this returns to me being one of my favorite things. My new character’s name is Joyce Needles. I can also remember being this young and hearing grown-ups talk of such uncertainty.

You know me, I write stuff and this is crazy. This is a bit away and aside from what the facts are. That’s just it, it’s fiction. And it’s the attraction. The attraction of another. The attraction when we were young, oh man, but we didn’t know anything then, how could we? Well yes, being genius did exist back then even at our age of 10 years old. Have you ever said, “I wish I knew back then what I know now?” Oh wow, look out because then here we’d come, and there we’d go! I guess you could say that we would be unstoppable and immovable. And we would be!



I have awaken early this morning and its about time. I’m trying to wake up, to arrive at some level of consciousness, so I’ll be having my morning coffee now with cream and sugar. But I didn’t drink coffee back then when I was 10 years old, come on!

No, we didn’t do this when we were young. There was no heavy sediments of food stuff still in our guts, why do we do this to ourselves. We need not have gone to bed the night before so early, this wasn’t because we were so tired, it was because we were told to by the grown-ups.

Now here is Miss Needles, this person who is along the way, who I liked, who I had a crush on and she comes along with me as a friend, who seeks me, although my resistance is low, and this is all my imagination and you shall be the one tempted by another, so-to-speak, along the way. Okay, so we were weak at times and back then, you get the attraction of another and it was about the shy party and what she means to you. She’s cute! She’s gorgeous! It’s just like it’s summer all over again and too, we were young, and she lives in the neighborhood or the one nearby, it wouldn’t be too hard for us to reach each other, I think I’ll call her first!  Wait a minute! I didn’t have a school crush back then did I?

And we didn’t have school crushes continuing on during the summer break periods back then either did we? I know we didn’t, at the ages of 10 years old, come on! This was summer time, time to run rampant, this was the time to ride our bicycles and play in the dirt. It was time to play hide and seek. This was the time to go to church camp, a summer camp somewhere for a week or two weeks. It was when our family would drive to great distances in a car now an antique. I have to ask myself, how did we all fit into that car, and make trips far away to wherever we would go. This traveling was in those old cars. Those cars are probably now eligible to be registered as historic vehicles. Yes, I know they would be and I’m thinking of a 1960 Dodge Polara that we had.


It’s the sun, the wind, and the rain. It is summer and the weather is good in fact, it is gorgeous. With it nice outside and it’s like this, the weather and the sun, it sparkles outside. The temperatures are so warm now and we’re finally waiting on the rain, a day to cool us off, to snuggle up and be indoors and finally get some real sleep, because then in the afternoons, this will be cozy. It will certainly cool us off, because we didn’t have central air conditioning back then. I just remembered that the lower temperatures outside after the rain, this would cool our house down a little bit, to where we could shut off the window A/C unit and open up the windows and let in some fresh air.

Oh, this was back before the rock group, “Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog”, the song, “Black Dog.” Now that song didn’t come out until 1971.



There was the one girl who I liked but then we noticed that there was no longer a physical attraction, the attraction that had intertwined the two of us. This took years of absenteeism to forget her. No one’s to blame here, so why bother blaming one or the other. We were kids, dammit!

Oh, so now we’ll talk and add that soft low music, and at a low volumes, the sounds of the music softly blending in with the ambiance. Our coffees. My stereo, a Bose Wave Radio. Now, I can taste it and I can feel it. It feels good, I’m alive! Well, that never did happen! This was absolutely beyond the scope of this kid’s imagination. This was unimaginable and unfathomable.

Later as we grow older hopefully, we’ll have coffee together. This time her chasing me, I’m on the floor lying in front of the fireplace. Now that could happen.

But I’m thinking this pushes an unimaginative person to quell and to stop from her activities. I did stop seeing her. Well, yeah, that’s because we were kids for Christ’s sakes!


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