The Oceans, The Rivers and The Streams


Call me, Please! Thank you! Len, do you want to join Facebook Groups. I am a member of this one group, which is a secret group. The group is called, “Sins In Writing.”

She’s gorgeous and she really is thinking about joining my group. Well, it’s not my group, but I have joined such a group and for the first time it appears that Facebook has let it’s hair down. There’s some erotic writing going on in that group.

“Len, you may write about me, that is, subliminally. You may use my full name or you can change it too; Joseph, Joey, Jackie, like that.”

“Len, I hope you have X-ray vision eyes.”

“Len, will you let me taste your fingers?”

“Bye now!”



We wander around riding our motorcycles looking for gasoline.
We use are paddles to move along the creek in a Jon boat exploring the creek. She didn’t do that.

He took a vacation to someplace different intertwining with the great people and where they lived. She was okay with this, so she would go along with him on such adventures. I wish she would come over here and Debbie size me. (deputize)

That’s what her name is. That’s Debbie.



“Susan, Happy Birthday, You’re a Gift to the World.”

“Ah, Really? Dunno bout that, but thanks!”

That’s Susan. She’s a Gemini and she really is a ‘Gift To The World’.



She’s a character I have made up. This is the part about her stockings of the frivolities dug up, a character whom I have created, a provisional conjecture. Conjectures she’s made for herself, to be with her friend, and both had to agreed, she was generally a friendly person not withstanding certain issues. She has been on most days a licentiousness person battling with illusion, because how can two people talk in a way to highlight one’s lust. She felt it touching and she acted it out almost daily.
What do you do when you want to do something and you realize you have no of the other choice but to address something head on. Here there are two real people who are real and two are fictional characters.

“Oh, You Haven’t Got Your Story Straight Darling!” He told her quite pointedly.

First, she asks him, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

She Was Set Free Now She Wants To Give or Is It Receive.



“There are many fish in the sea,” said the old sailor.

“Ah, really,” said the young boy sitting there beside the old man.

“Yes, that’s right and many in the rivers too, and in the streams.”

“Really, even in the streams, Man!  That’d be fun!”

“Watch it son! Be careful what to you wish for!”


“Thank God, the kid heard me!”


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