Young People Are Always Busy

Young people are always busy. They are the adventurous types who when they are amongst their friends,they’re carefree. They don’t care too much about stuff because it’s the attraction of a friend, of friends, a particular person of interest, it’s that way, they’re unmovable.


And it’s in the suburbs, the proper part of town where they’ll go and meet up and be with their friends. This is usually the local subway station, the one above ground. This is in Chicago.

This particular station is convenient, the station is providing a brief shelter, a waiting area made available to the public. This is were they’ll get their tickets and decide which direction of travel they want to go. However most of them have student passes of multiple uses.

The seasons do change and every now and then a storm approaches them, these young people are unlikely to be aware or are unable to see any real harm from the storm that may come their way and to themselves, for mother nature hasn’t unleashed her fury in full yet, her banner advertisements are but a few gusts of wind and a changing sky.

It’s as if someone, one friend is calling out to them, “Come, I’ll hold your hand like a coming out. The storm, the storm is coming, get inside all of you now!”

This young fellow describes it so well:

“So we did go inside of the train with a bunch of us climbing aboard that train bound for somewhere. I didn’t know where. Yes, this train was going to the next train station, that of the state’s province capitol, the main terminal.”

“We’re sitting in the last car of the train facing backwards towards the rear riding backwards in the direction of travel and we’re secluded. This was in the summertime, it was hot and warm and we’re busy. Yes, busy and we’re not wearing too many clothes. There are grown-ups and other people back further than us.”


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