Sitting Beside One Another

Sitting alongside one another protecting their fears, married but not to each other yet protecting themselves, the fear the years of their smudged results, their failures. A collaboration has been set, an attempt by their own efforts, their way of doing things. These are not failures, and they have said, “We are not as outsiders.” They’ll say this. You’ll never benefit or qualify on anyone’s terms.


They have perhaps forgotten what has brought them together, what it was like, his wife, her husband, to be a happy couple so to speak. Maybe it was their loneliness certainly it was an attraction. They have been trying up to a point, and they were both married but not to each other. There were certain disciplined measures untimely though as this concerns the two individuals sitting there along side one another’s fears.

Those young couples who are not a part of and who are separated from their spouses, what has become of the two? Nobody has taught them how. They played their prudish little games. His maybe, hers too. He cannot ever grow up. They just didn’t know.

A Couple Of Old Friends Met Here.


..”When I saw you, I caught my breath.”..

He had an encounter with a person he knew when he was a young man. He wasn’t looking for her yet it just so happened that he saw her sitting there, she was all alone.

He sends her a message.

“I can’t believe that I saw you that day, that I had found you. Lindsey, I wasn’t even looking for you, not that I’m even looking for you. Really! You know, I thought this was all a dream.”

Later he met her formerly. This was the occasion to reintroduce themselves. He invites her to have coffee with him at the same place where he first noticed her sitting there all alone.

They talked a little while and then she began talking about her husband.
“He Didn’t Like Place. But Hey, He Enjoyed The Privilege To Get His Vehicle Tags and Registration All Updated And Then He Took The Pleasurable Moment To Get The Hell Out.”

Brandon then asks her, “Who, your husband?”

“Yeah, and that’s when he left me.”

“Oh, how sad!” Brandon was listening very closely to her.

She continues speaking,
“You know..

[ she pauses ] time I told him to move far away from me, I didn’t think I liked him or loved him or anything like that or that I wanted anything to do with him. And then someone asked me..”

..”She’s so sweet,”.. he thinks.

Brandon quickly asks, “Do you still love him, I mean you do don’t you. You’ll have to decide you know?”

“Yeah, it’s only fair that I do that, I mean to decide.” Lindsey assures herself up to a point. “And it’s good to be openly honest, because then you will get over him and soon.”

“I wonder if her lips taste like cherry?” Brandon’s spoken words were hardly spoken loud enough.


“Let’s not go there, not yet Lindsey. I have noticed that you are still a young and pretty woman and everything,” Brandon explains trying to find wiggle room.

..”And if I should partake in these little episodes not one but two, with a woman, to strangers to be impoverished by them, but still not yet be caught up in this so much, not yet anyways”..

Lindsey went on to explain what happened to her former spouse.

“But you know he didn’t like place yet he enjoyed the privileges he encountered, and the pleasure to get the hell out!”

This wasn’t what has hurt her ‘ex-husband’ to do this and he knows Lindsey has been sadden by this. This has hurt her so much. He knew there was just too much to strive in his life with her not wanting to travel and to take risks. Her ex-husband has now separated himself with her because their marriage was just not working. There was too much neglect on what the other’s ambitions were and to target their own ambitions and to have adventures together, it just wasn’t happening. Lately there wasn’t enough love between the two, it was because of the deep valley between them and of their differences. She didn’t have any dreams, not any that he could see.

No, Lindsey’s ex-husband could not stay with her any longer taken in to account that she never does want to adventure anywhere. He could not even embrace her, to hold her or even touch her not physically and /or emotionally not like the two had once held one another.

Her ex-husband wrote her a letter:


We started off talking and when we introduced ourselves you see, you and I, we hit it off perfectly. We really should have been long gone by now, exploring. There’s a great big world outside”

She didn’t see it that way. Cold are the nights and lonely are the days.

Buckingham, her ex-husband continues:


Honestly times are difficult, how that by not using words to explain our ideas because words are all we have?”

Why do we resort into revolting with one another of our own selfish ways?

Brandon brakes his silence,

…”I wonder if her lips taste like cherry?” Brandon’s spoken words were hardly spoken loud enough.

“What?” Lindsey ask.

Revolting is just what these young people do. Him too, it’s their pattern, a way of life.

Brandon begins to speak, “Ooh, You’re the Funk in My Life.” And with that he pulls her in and holds Lindsey’s hand and kisses her lightly on the lips.


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