His Sexy Friend

A Sexy Friend He Knows Gets Herself Engaged. She was such a person he thinks, “Just like a breeze,” this girl was. A particularly strong woman, strong in her ways.

She goes out and about in this big city. This is her business her daily affairs where everyday she rides the subway train. And she has the right to, she lives there and she has insight on where she’s going. She uses her time wisely these days in this city where she lives and she lives in that very large city where she goes about her daily life riding on that train in this very large city, it is filled with many millions of people. She takes the subway citywide traveling to various parts of the city places where she likes to stop.


Today she stops to meet and greet someone very special. On this morning and on this particular day Wednesday, she is preparing for her first stop. And if you could be her and you know you would want to be her, she’s pretty and she’s very well versed on her directions of travel her in transit on this ‘Linea Gialla’ Yellow Line in a single direction. Although today as her schedule allows her, she’s in route to have coffee. Now she’s heading towards the coffee shop her first stop of the day. Her soul mate should meet her there. He should be there.

However they are called; soul mates or friends or acquaintances, she’s diving into a dream. This is the moment and the time is now she thinks because Caterina knows her soul mate should be out there for her, this person whom she is about to meet and that’s okay! There are several coffee shops nearby. He’ll be at one or the other.

It’s neither an upscale or a ghetto type of place but a simple place and is just the right kind of place, a delightful place where she could communicate with ordinary people just like herself, original and not fake or not too suspicious.

“You’ll have more than one soul mate in life, for there are different ones for different things. There are musical soul mates, let’s-get-coffee-together-everyday soul mates, artists soul-mates, etc., etc. The romantic soul mate is only one aspect of this notion, never forget that.”

This was her way, a strategy of hers these quick bursts, ‘Quickies’, energy for the hunt to hurry along as if in demand as if they are calling out to her.

Underground at the subway station at the stop, she comes forth calling, emerging out from that train stop and then suddenly rushing upstairs towards the streets, she’s obviously in a hurry to get to the coffee shop, to be on schedule overran by her overwhelming urge to meet again and to have coffee with him and chat, to meet and greet her new Coffee Soul Mate.

This is her first stop for the day. A quickie stop in the retail store district. She has already met with him on several occasions. Now she looks forward to seeing him again at that corner café and to have the pleasure to get herself reacquainted with him, this her new Coffee Soul Mate.

“Mmm, maybe we’ll just have a quickie in-between shopping, I don’t care where!  He’ll decide where.”

“I held her undies in my hands so they wouldn’t fall down on to that dirty street below.”


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