If I Sit Silent and Be Perfectly Still

What is it that reminds me of you. It is not the measured sequence of events, the passages of time. No, there are missing years, the missing years I have of you, some passages of time which are not there. I have missed them, meaning I have no recollection of you, no memories at all.

I mean you’re not someone else are you? You are who you are, aren’t you? That’s you isn’t it? I just have met you and have been reintroduced to you. But then I realized you’re not in any way or form a part of my everyday life, obviously not. So, that’s not you is it, standing there nearby, “Are You Who I Think You Are?”


What would you look like now? What would your appearance be?  Would you appear to be old and grumpy? Please take a picture of yourself or if you have taken any pictures of yourself through all of the years, this then would be pivotal, this would qualify as a measured time sequence, the missing years and a way of knowing, for me at least, an understanding as for myself as to what has been lost. Yes, I have missed all of those years but I hope I don’t miss the current years.

If you would please, can you scan those old photographs digitizing them and eventually you’ll post them online, I hope. Next, hopefully you’ll take a few more pictures with your camera and place them online until we’re all caught up. I don’t know you anymore.

I’ll listen to their voices to see if it’s yours, to see if that’s you, but this isn’t your voice that I know of, and that isn’t you. Hey, I just remembered, I can’t remember either you or your voice. If I can think clearly, if I try to concentrate using my insights or what’s left of my memory then maybe I can remember your voice and you as well. These are my insights and we all have them. Often I sit and I think and if I sit and be real silent and perfectly still long enough while allowing myself to concentrate this then may help me to remember you. And you know what, I think I can remember you and your voice too.


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