The Three Wise Men

So we begin our journey and we will prevail here on this our journey because the weather is mild or milder than most. And the waters, the rivers and the warm springs are where we will cleanse ourselves and we shall sleep in the weather shelters scattered abroad.

Far off in such a place, if it exists and it does from what we witness because the gravitational pool of the Earth has taken hold, the heavens have opened up and above us there is stellar movement being offered as light, it is quality enough for us to do so, to begin our journey even in the darkness.

If this is true that a king has been born then we wish to know him and if such a place exist and we have witnessed him, if we see him, we will be indivisible. We have willingly taken risks ourselves to make this journey as our counsel suggests, to know the truth.

Refutation observed amongst us but the constellation of stars prove otherwise and forcibly so.

So we begin our journey from an easterly direction and as we have traveled towards our destination it now appears this location that we seek is the same original location where the first inseparable human being was formed, this man who was inseparable from his creator. This is a man who came out of the ground in a location near there, a sacred place that has plenty of rain and calm temperatures. A place where rivers flow, land is fertile and where life is abundant.

We continue on our journey.


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