A Girl I Met Before

It was only a provisional conjecture and herself and her boyfriend both had to agree, she was a friendly person not withstanding of certain issues. She has been on most days a licentiousness person battling with illusion because two people as you know don’t talk this way to highlight one’s lust. She felt this touching and she acted it out daily.

If you were trying to give her chocolate for breakfast then maybe she would calm down. She makes a fuss about how bad she likes different things which is odd and at times unnatural to most. If I could get her attention I would ask her, “Would you like a cocktail this morning?” Then maybe this would calm her down. I have been over to her boarding room. She is on strong prescribed medications and after her morning walk she can begin to relate. I try to help her out when I can, I want to, it’s the right thing to do.

I go to the public library in town to the computer area and this is where she can be found most of the time. This is the part of town at the library where there are many computers and there’s always many people waiting on them. These people don’t appear to be professional college students either, quite the opposite if you ask me.

Sometimes it works better for me to ride my motorcycle part of the way and I park it downtown then I catch a taxi over to meet her. I do this so I don’t disturb her.

Micki would go out of her room and just be wearing a coat and that’s it. Often when I confront her and when I meet her I wear a coat also. She is a sexual person and has a sinister mannerism but that’s just in her nature. “We could just lay down in a booth at the back of the bar and have sex, this wouldn’t take long because she hasn’t worn any clothes underneath her coat and I hardly have either. It wouldn’t take us long to figure this creativity out as she now is begging for my thickness.” She was practically soaking wet and him with a raging hard-on.

“You’ve got to do something for me,” was all she said. This was all it took for him. He recognized the smells of her oils she had on and she gave a glowing romantic look to him and from her body her coat had split open to reveal her nakedness.

“I try to help her out when I can, I want to, it’s the right thing to do”..

Of course he needed someone to stop him. He needed the help from his male counterparts in particular his best friend. This was pure fantasy that he desires and it will destroy him.

She was wanting someone anyone or a better way to put it, ‘Sex’ and for someone to put something inside her butt and in a public place for God’s sakes although she’s had psychological problems and was also piss poor morally.  She would probably come up on that dick real quick and in a heartbeat. A toxic person who was liable to get caught in the very act of having sex and then be taken by ambulance off to a hospital and into a psych ward somewhere. It was because she’s gotten sloppy and she was a miserable mess, lethargy had set in attributed to her daughter Stacy. She was deeply effected by the birth of her child long ago, now her daughter’s attractiveness to the opposite sex has her worried.

Now Micki walks through the town alone most all of the time and people have began to noticed that she acts kind of strange. She has been diagnosed with a mental disorder and labeled as having manic-depression by her Family Prac she’s on meds too and on the state’s welfare system;

“I’m not lost a loser or anything like that with me trying to chase her.  I wasn’t aware of her illness or I guess I was in denial.  Now, since I am aware of it I stand to lose a lot, that is if I continue to deal with her because she is a very sick person that I can see.”


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