Rural Remote

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There are people you never knew who have never said anything and you have witnessed this, they’ve never commented on whatever frivolities you’ve stated and because of this I think it makes sense because this person who never has spoken, this person has said many things.

Then often there are those whom you do not know and you have received much information from them or have viewed their posts of what they’ve commented on, they speak quite frequently. Quite often though because of their posts, each item, you must embrace yourself. I truly believe this person has said absolutely nothing.

We have heard their cry, we have heard their outburst and their shouting. They usually get what they want. But the silent ones, their silence speaks volumes.

..”For The Child’s Sob In The Silence Curses Deeper Than A Strong Man In His Wrath.
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I remember being sick and broke finically and I was unable to do anything about this (for the sake of this blog). There was this isolationism, the fear of never being able to do whatever it was that I was doing before. The fearsome bunch of friends always a gathering momentum, in another town, places where you’ve been. There’s no evidence this kind of hustling, this great excitement of friends gathering meant everything and there she was so close to you. Where are her friends?

“So, from a fortnight’s camp, pitched and in the darkness the evidence had been set on fire and no one was ever seen again.”

If I could help her I would. I will try to help her!

You know words will chew you up. Being the type of person who will try to help her, I’ll fight for her and will try to see the intended results until the end until it is all cleaned up. This is the unkempt and the squalor where she lives. You will have changed it for the better. You’ll see the intended kindness in her words yet still the distances she puts in-between you and herself and wherein this reality lies, it is the emptiness in her soul!

Now we can see the intended results from the kindness shown. These efforts to help her directed towards her, the tasks from the beginning, have been gut wrenching to watch.  She evidently hasn’t been cleaning her house. Their efforts, her and her family’s where they all live are nowhere near where your standards supposedly are. But I’m trying not to think about what I have learned or have just learned. Of course, she needs a little help in order to keep her place up and to a standard, to a level of cleanliness and to keep her home clean.

Lately though I have seen and learned of such a pattern of life about her and this is breaking my heart. She has been real lacking and probably hasn’t been able to do anything about this. It has changed her. This is her pattern of life.

Now I’m thinking of a similar pattern of life where this life makes you drink and dance away the night to forget about your problems. You go there and you see where they live and their squalor, it is horrible and despicable.

..”You’ll see the intended kindness in her words yet still, the distance she puts in-between you and her wherein this reality lies, it is the emptiness in her soul!”..



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