His Telephone

Some Years Ago

His apartment complex has a telephone booth outside and on the property grounds, this is inside the apartment complex where he lives. He claimes this telephone is his personal telephone. The telephone has a number assigned to the phone, it is on the phone itself. So he gives out this number as his personal phone number. If the telephone would ring and if he was around he would answer the phone.

Some days the telephone would ring and ring and ring. Then one day the telephone did ring and he heard it so he answered it. It was his work calling and he was asked if he could come to work and to contact his boss as soon as possible.

He would have called his boss if he had some coins to put into the pay phone but he didn’t or couldn’t without any coins. That’s when he discovered he should always keep some coins as back-up. This phone wasn’t his but he claimed it as his telephone, the others didn’t know this.



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