Mr. Wright

He doesn’t know too much about this traveling although he has began to change his perspectives on traveling .

He explains, “Usually traveling makes one feel gullible, to feel frantic and vulnerable where you feel like you are wandering around.”

He further explains, “I will have to make myself comfortable along the way. I don’t know, this is just my perspectives on things. I feel relieved though that I am vacationing again. This is a giant step forward. Now where are all my chosen pleasures.”

Mr. Wright’s three piece suit was made from ancient wool or rather, the wool that came from a place where there are ancient ruins and a place where there are shepherds whose sheep roam from town to town.

Mr. Wright has lined his suit pockets with such necessities that are of importance to him, those things that he will be needing on his trip.

It is necessary to assume of the wardrobe which he wore his suit, his shoes and his hat all made him seem to be very decent and well-respected, “You have to demand respect from the others.” So he dressed in this way, it was one of his greatest pleasures also to be traveling by way of the public transportation system. This was a plus because now he didn’t have to worry about the traffic he could travel carefree.

Mr. Wright clarifies, “I had a walk outside today in need of some fresh air and the moment was right. The weather has been mild and the days are very pleasant. I think I will be alright to travel by train to a large city.”




He further explains, “This was my thoughtful interpretation to resolve this matter. I have felt all of the frustrations, the heft and the restraint of my everyday life. This idea to get away feels good. Look what it has done for me, it has strengthen me, just the thought of it for whatever it’s worth.”

This is not uncommon and only a person such as he would know this.

He dreams to survey what he concludes is an easy life. Here’s where a man of his caliber ruefully departs from his normal daily life, his chores and his job, of the place where he calls his home and he goes out for a look because he has to.




He calls home, “Susan, I’ve taken this on by myself, people have dreams and they have to survey the commonalities purposefully.”

What do you do when you want to do something and you must and you realize you have no other choices but to go on alone.

Now he is remembering Sandra her tumultuous affairs about her living arrangements, her new boyfriend plus all the other friends she has. How this all interferes with the friendships she’s had and with her parents and her live-in boyfriend, she’s living with him on occasions while often being in-between homes returning to her parents’ house to live with them on occasions again.

“Maybe I should just go to visit Miss Sandra. Yes, I think that would be a good idea.”

… “He surveys the commonalities purposefully”…


“I hate it when there is nothing to do and then all of a sudden the commitments are coming down upon me, being thrown at me in layers on the same day!” She thinks, “That’s because they are jealous.”

Well, perhaps you shall see young lady that they love you but not in a luscious way, but in the way of their hearts. They’re not mad at you, they love you and wish to spend time with you, to take the time to admire you.

The young couple, Sandra and her boyfriend wish to spend more time together but he’s not there always, he’s working to make a living.

“I’m not going back there are you,” she asks her friend. She also stated, “I’d rather stay here in this house, this is where I live now. I live with him. I guess this is his home and all, he’s older than me but still..”

“I used to ‘Live’ in the nightclubs practically, it’s where everyone you meet or everyone I’ve ever met with had the same level of energy as me, they always had a drink in their hands!”

Night Clubs? Now she explains her past life.

“Yes, it only serves to make you realize how the commitments go, only after everyone else has made their commitments and that is being on the same say, aaaaaaaah damn!”

Now because she has taken on a new role she has been left alone.

Mr.Wright says to Sandra, “Oh Sandra My Darling, when will you ever learn, Susan and I love you!”











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