The Young and Married Couple

Now you study this type of geographical setting these specific types of architectural buildings. This is a place. Truth is, it’s alluring, actually its eroticism or excuses thereof to be erotic amended truly by love at first sight of all things. It’s whatever you call it, this helps to bind the two of them, a man and a woman together also through the difficult times. A work in progress. “This is it, this is the place,” he had said.  A place inviting to your senses where you visualize something someone perhaps, her or she or them. They’re all alike, he told himself.

“Well, what I would like to do is extract these findings and then secretly whisper them to you,” he told her.

“Who, them,” she says.

“That’s a good question,” he said.

“You’re probably an expert or something like that..Hell, its midnight for God’s sakes, can’t you do it.”

“This is wanting something,” she utters and also she asks, “Do you want something?”

“That’s sexy as Hell,” he thought.

“Do you want something from me,” he was speaking with his emotions. Of course, he’s not happy! He’s trying to find her in the pillow fort she put herself into.

“Bed so soon,” she asks.

Revolting is just what that’s referred to as.

“This place a vacation resort an inviting place to your senses where you visualize something or someone perhaps, her or she or them”…

The Bedroom.

“Soooo, how much credence to you put in all this?”

“What,” she asks.

*they begin to passionately kiss seemly all all night long.

“That’s a good question,” he thought…

Non stop. Immovable.


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